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  • I will be presenting about "Soft Dialogue". It is about experiencing data though soft interface.
  • What I mean by "Soft Dialogue" is providing data in a way the users could feel and experience to easily understand and remember. Also it is malleable that the users could play or interpret in their own ways.
  • I find data visualization similar to an artist's paining. Filtering out the world through one's perspective and presenting it to others is data visualization. An artist extracts the essence of what is important and provide it in a more emotional content.
  • By adding personal and emotional values to the data, it is brought as a memorable and interesting experience. And this is what I am aiming for the “Soft Dialogue”. Data visualization is to translating things to be read interesting and remarkable and meaningful. In this painting, by Gogh,s brush strokes and colors, we could empathize and experience on what had been seen through his sensitive mind.Extracting the essence is important  emotional content and memories
  • This way of providing information in a direct way uses abstracted forms and symbols within a system. I would call this a hard interface. It is a conventional way of providing numeric data to people.
  • However, I am going to focus on data that are brought to a more personal and emotional level. What you see here is a a facebook app that visualizes movies liked by your friends. Data visualization integrated with social network becomes a way to provide personal trends and ideas.
  • Today there are so many data that we are almost getting overwhelmed. However, within the new media, there is the opportunity to provide data and information in a more playful way people could interact.As a user, we don’t want toConvince  because of … now there is an opportunity to present in this way palyful // we are getting overwhelmed -- < better filters // Physically and emotionally cnnect help us understand the data beterGive opporunity.
  • To be engaging physically and emotionally helps us connect and understand the data better. This way of data visualization is I call a Soft Dialogue.  Soft Dialogue is interfaced with soft media which is  fluid and versatile to connects softly with humans and their everyday lives.  
  • In this public space there is a lot of energy and movement. By a very simple way of visualizing this energy though putting arrow stickers on the floor of the hallway, this space is stimulated to make people be aware of the space and their activities inside.
  • This could be a very intimate and personal experience since the way arrows are put and used are ambiguous and vague that it could be interpreted in different ways among people. Some people were playing around as they were playing DDR game and some were writing poems out of it.
  • This is what I call as a soft dialogue that is not informative or instructive but rather leaving a space for each ones imaginations and memory. This is how I think we could bring the information into a more personal and an emotional level.
  • We use emoticons or make out our own languages on top of our normal language when talking to intimate friends. Attaching emotional content to information helps the viewers to understand better of the data and to filter it better. It is to keep emotionally attached to each other and to express our ideas better. Attching emotional content to information understand / filter better
  • This is a way that I sketched as a system to express those emotions as part of our face. When using our faces as our personal information, it is more easily remembered and people would be easily feel attached to the information. Mind SalonEmotional ExpressionAttching emotional content to information understand / filter better Types, Expressive
  • This is a prototype design for using reactive antrhomorphic figures to tell the weather data to the users. The users will be interacting and reacting to the data emotionally as they are playing with a toy. AnthromorphicAnthromorphize
  • Have you ever thought of having mobile devices of the future with transformable skins(surface)? By attaching lifelike qualities into the data, and having the users feel the information, the whole experience would be able to be part of our experience and merge well with our memories. Tactile Media lab moter inside shift eh weight / vibrate ambient informtiaonCan
  • This is a project to explore ofsoft interface which would be used to provide information within a soft dialogue. There are soft objects on top of a multi touch table and a virtual creature reacts to the way the users place the objects. I think of a Soft media, it is When providing “Soft Dialogue” it
  • The users can control the data in a playful way. The interface works follows the system of lifelike behavior so that it is easy to be understood. Soft Dialogue is interfaced with soft media such as this which is fluid and versatile to connects softly with humans and their everyday lives.  AureliaPotentive MediaChangeable, Indirect, Both interacting with Physical and Virtul
  • In this project, the visitor’s breath is used as a life force within a virtual world I created. Here, the visitors plays the roll as a creator. The users are feeding in data and becoming part of the interface. When the visitors blow into the sensors, the micro scenes and the virtual world would be showing the result. Iife forceWhere the Wind Blows  Fluid InterfaceEphemeral, Wind, Fluid Wind,Digital as NatureDynamicEphemeralPersonal3D, 4DSenseableAnalogue
  • The micro system in the petris dishes and the macro system projected connects cohesively together with our physical world. I call this relationship among the users, virtual world, physical world a soft interface.
  • The virtual space as a result of visualization comes alive as the users breathes in as live data. I would further imagine of this soft dialogue and soft interface brought into the public city and making the environment reborn as an alive environment.
  • The water walls project by senseable city lab is an example to bring the rather hard data as texts into soft data as flowing water walls that we could feel and play with. Extending this idea, data could become part of our environment in materialized as a fluid form in the city environment that we could interact and feel directly. Ephemeral Data, Brought PhysicalManifestationInterace in the context of cityGreen cluoudarselectronica


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