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  • 03/03/11 IMPORTANT: READ ALL the notes available. If you have not read the file on this CD named READ ME FIRST Manual for Purchaser read it now. The Narrative and Slides file in WORD for each presentation makes it easy to read these notes. It is a large file and takes a while to load and even longer to print out! OPTIONAL SLIDES: There are MANY OPTIONAL slides on the file marked OPTIONAL slides. Pick and chose to add to this presentation if you like. Also check out the narrative and slides of the Alterative Workshop. It is an outline of key ways I lead a workshop. Reference: It will help you greatly if you review The Manual 5 th edition. A copy of The Manual is found in the Resource Info – EFT file. Pages 20-32 an 47 to 56 are particularly relevant to the concepts taught in Level 1. Often I have put in page numbers from The Manual or articles on his web site to go back and review to help you describe a certain concept. GARY REMINDS YOU TO RE READ “THE LEGAL STUFF” in The Manual Page 8 and 9. An outline of the concepts taught on his first Basic Course videos is also included on this CD to aid in your review. The tutorials on Gary’s web site are also VERY helpful to review. Gary also recommends you review how he taught the beginner’s workshop on the first 5 tapes of the Palace of Possibilities video set.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Add or modify any of these to fit your group. There are a lot of ways to bridge EFT to your audience. This is a generic explanation. My personal favorite for professional groups is: EFT is a new relaxation and calming technique that modifies the anxiety response, fosters body awareness and enables positive cognitive shifts. Some other “bridges” used by Gary Craig are EFT is like hypnotherapy but adds extra power to the process because it integrates the body's subtle energies. EFT is like talk therapy with the advantage that it allows us to get to the issues faster and resolve them more thoroughly. EFT enhances massage therapy by adding an important emotional relaxation process. EFT blends perfectly with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy because it helps bring up the issues faster and creates more (and deeper) Cognitive Shifts behind the scenes. EFT integrates beautifully with hypnotherapy because it allows us to take the process even deeper. EFT is like Systematic Desensitization except that it is much more gentle and often faster. EFT enhances our Chiropractic work because it allows us to include important emotional issues and to integrate the body's subtle energies.
  • 03/03/11 IMPORTANT: Slides such as this one are meant to be changed to reflect your own experiences and stories. Other slides are slides that I personally use to help the presentation flow. Those slides are my own and NOT purely guidelines information. To help you identify which slides are pure guidelines I have marked them with a STAR in the LEFT BOTTOM CORNER above the copy right notice. However, according to Gary’s guidelines as long as you teach the concepts identified by the ‘star’ you may still change the ‘star’ slides to reflect your own style. The most important part of any workshop is that you come across competent and congruent. You can only do that in your own way. This PPT is to help you in that goal. The guidelines do NOT mandate any particular slide or this particular order. NOTE: Change this slide to reflect your story of how you became involved in EFT. The story of how you became involved and your own skepticism at first is useful. On this slide I tell the audience that that in my 30 years experience in mental health I have always been puzzled as to why someone can be traumatized in the blink of an eye but the trauma seems to last forever. Why can’t someone become UN-traumatized as quickly as it happened or at least in some reasonable length of time similar to healing from a broken leg. If what I was being told about EFT is true there IS a way to resolve trauma and almost as quickly as when it happened. I was so fascinated I had to learn more. I hope to generate your interest today to learn more about these amazing techniques. Or as Gary said: Put yourself in the spot where they are now and talk about your doubts when you first heard about EFT. Then tell them about how you became convinced, your first successes, etc.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: It is always helpful to know the reasons your attendees signed up for your workshop. Some of your attendees may already have positive results with EFT.  If so, ask them to share their experiences.  This adds credibility as well as a bridge.  Those with authentic experiences tend to add believability -- especially if they are right there in the workshop. If you have a large group it will not be possible to ask each person but picking a few may still be helpful and help in building bridges. The following order of presentation follows Gary Craig’s SUGGESTED guidelines for Level 1 training classes. See his workshop guidelines on his web site. HOWEVER, he is NOT dictating that the workshop be taught in this SPECIFIC manner. You MUST address the needs and level of your audience. Every workshop I ever taught was different. I modify the slides every time I teach EFT to a different group. It is MUCH more important that you honor to your audience’s needs and learning styles than that you rigidly adhere to any order of presentation. Gary’s intent of his guidelines was to assure that anyone having an EFT class had access to the same concept as taught in someone else’s class. Not to dictate your training style.
  • 03/03/11 Be sure you identify any concepts about energy work that you add in that are NOT EFT as your own ideas/biases etc. NOTE: Don’t spend much time on this slide. Just read it and move on. If you are only going to do generic tapping with the audience and not have a person come up front to work with you delete the demonstration option of the slide. If you do not chose to play a segment from Gary’s videos just delete the video option. You should already have his Palace of Possibilities tape set. This 13 minute segment from his Palace of Possibilities video set can be found at 9 minutes and 30 seconds into the first video. If you don’t you can order it from Gary’s site or mine: www.eft4powerpoint.com I do have a few of the video tape format of his 1999 ‘EFT-An Introduction’ video tapes. Cost would be $25 S/H.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Unless you are a scientist don’t get carried away with the technicalities of this slide. I have included notes below that may help but you can just mention this concept and move on. This process should not be considered unusual because Albert Einstein, through his famous discoveries, told us in the 1920's that everything is composed of energy.  Unfortunately, the healing sciences have ignored this obvious avenue ... at least until now.  EFT is a pioneer in this "new" field and you are on the ground floor of a new Healing High Rise. High School Chemistry teaches that the building blocks of all matter are ATOMS. This is hardly new. No one disputes that atoms are basic building blocks of matter. Nor do they dispute that atoms are made of ENERGY in the form of positive and negative electrical charges. Einstein emphasized this point with the Theory of Relativity formula: Energy+Mass X speed of light squared. In simple terms this means that ALL physical matter, including our bodies is MADE OF ENERGY. This simple fact is one of the most universally agreed upon findings in the scientific world. It is accepted as well as the law of gravity. But Western conventional healing science have ignored it. They treat the body as a bag filled with body parts and chemicals. So, the medical methods used involve repair and replacement of body parts (surgery) and the “correction” of body chemistry by other chemicals (drugs.) We can appreciate the invaluable contribution made by conventional medicine. If you have a burst appendix you will be grateful for the surgeon. But for current medical practice to ignore the well established fact that the body, at its core, is made up of energy is very short sighted. Hopefully, EFT can broaden their sight. But there are those among us having experienced the benefits of EFT that can not go back to our former short sightedness. NOTE: Notes are from article on Gary’s web site: EFT is obvious! So why wasn’t it discovered many decades ago? Additional info about the Theory of Relativity is below from a web site about a class on the subject. Building from the fact that light has momentum, Einstein showed that light energy has the characteristics of mass also. In other words, energy has inertia. It turns out that all energy has this feature. That's because one form of energy can be transformed into another. So, if one kind of energy has this characteristic, all forms of energy do. Einstein himself explains the meaning of E=mc 2 saying: “It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both, but different, manifestations of the same thing -- a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind. Furthermore, the equation E is equal to m c-squared, in which energy is put equal to mass, multiplied by the square of the velocity of light, showed that very small amounts of mass may be converted into a very large amount of energy and vice versa. The mass and energy were in fact equivalent, according to the formula mentioned before. This was demonstrated by Cockcroft and Walton in 1932, experimentally.” From web site: http://www.drphysics.com/syllabus/energy/energy.html
  • 03/03/11 After learning about EFT many people ask: Where’s the research? It takes a long time to get any new concept introduced into society. NOTE: There are several additional bridge slides in the optional slides file. I encourage you to take a look and add any that fit you and your audience It takes money and time to create and publish research. It takes even longer to have new concepts taught in schools. EFT is proud to announce the first published research on EFT. This study showed the results using a control group for fear of small animals. One group used EFT the other was only taught deep breathing while thinking about the animal. While both were effective EFT was MORE effective. An even earlier Volume of the Journal of Clinical Psychology was dedicated to NON peer reviewed articles about Thought Field Therapy the original and much more complicated version of EFT. For more info go to the The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology web site: www.energypsych.org . They have a section for the listing of research. They also have a committee of dedicated people working on other research on energy therapies and are putting some funding into such projects. The web site currently lists 10 research projects in various stages. For those of you who are familiar with EMDR know it has years of published research showing it is an effective treatment. It is STILL not generally accepted. The unfortunate reality is that until there are more studies, a LOT more studies, EFT will also not become accepted by the medical and psychiatric field. Fortunately, or unfortunately given your mind set, many people are becoming disenchanted with mainstream medicine. At least a billion dollars is spent each year on alternative medicine. Most people don’t read research!! They are interested in effectiveness.
  • 03/03/11 So what acupuncture points do we use? Let’s talk first about how we use touches as a part of our daily life. We all have “comfort spots” on our body we use to help calm ourselves. It appears to be a way that we ‘ground’ or calm ourselves. NOTE: Model the use of these touches. Do it with emphasis and a bit of drama. ASK: Can you think of other touches that we commonly use?
  • 03/03/11 The genius is not that common touches calm us. We use touch to calm ourselves frequently. The genius is that you can do it on purpose. You can pick what emotional upset or fear or phobia or anxiety, focus on it and use EFT to resolve it. When I was first told that tapping on parts of my body while thinking about a problem could resolve my negative emotions my reaction was like yours may be: Gosh, you’ve got to be kidding! That’s pretty silly! But I always try to be open minded. My teacher seemed like a credible person. I had always been looking for a trauma off switch and I thought: if this energy stuff works there is an off switch. The memory of the event is still there. The negative emotion, however, can be eliminated. We are using comfort spots that are receptive, sensitive spots on body. These techniques have been shown on the TV Show Animal Planet with the use of energy therapies to control Fears. One show had Harvey Baker from Queen’s College working with a phobia of rats. Another has Judith Swack - Fear of dark spaces. Gary Craig has also been taped – snake phobia. There have been other demonstrations on multiple local TV and radio shows in the US and UK by many practitioners of EFT. NOTE: My comments here are about my first reaction. This is to help build a bridge and preempt objections. Again use your own experience and reactions.
  • 03/03/11 "An emotional version of acupuncture except that we don't use needles.  Instead, we stimulate certain release points by tapping on them with our fingertips."  NOTE: This is particularly good slide for those having favorable experience with acupuncture.  It plugs right into their receptive beliefs. Modify this slide to fit your audience. Unless you have an audience knowledgeable of acupuncture don’t spend much time on this slide. You might want to talk a bit about the “lines” running through our body and the points used by EFT are some of the acupuncture points closest to the surface of the body. But often I just read the slide and move on. This is a good place to give a brief explanation of what meridians are. The end points of the main meridians used in EFT are supposedly close to the surface and are easily assessable. There are about 70 meridians so you probably can’t tap in a ‘wrong’ point. Some of the meridian points (called acupuncture or acupressure points) on the skin have actually been measured with very sensitive instruments. One popular theory is that the meridians are like rivers along which the electricity in our body flows. This flow has been called many other names such as, chi, prana, life force, electromagnetic, electrical or just energy. NOTE: Thanks to Steve Reed who developed an interesting EFT cousin [REMAP] utilizing pathways and treatment points of the entire acupressure system to relieve emotional distress. For more information on this fascinating technique go to: www.psychotherapy-center.com This slide could easily be deleted as the goal of teaching EFT is not to teach about meridians. However, for some groups it is great to give them more background. Helps in building the ‘bridge’ to acceptance. But repeat – this slide is not critical to the teaching of EFT.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: It is important to help your participants build bridges from a familiar concept to a lead into EFT. Building a bridge to acceptance can be as simple as “Let’s try a new relaxation technique” to getting into very technical attempt at explanation. I prefer to keep it simple as the truth is we really don’t know why these techniques work!! This – like many of the slides – is an optional slide. Therapists often want to know how to introduce these techniques to their clients. Use your OWN bridge comments. There are many other bridge slides in the OPTIONAL SLIDES folder. Keep it simple. Try to tie it to something already in their experience or knowledge base. It may be helpful to tell your client that touches are a common part of our day to day life. Modify my favorite explanation for counselors using all the professional words: EFT is a new relaxation and calming technique that modifies the anxiety response, fosters body awareness and enables positive cognitive shifts. Remember Piaget’s concepts of Assimilation and Accommodation. Do you think people will more easily modify new information to fit their existing schema or will they accommodate their beliefs to fit the new information??
  • 03/03/11 What you are going to learn today is Emotional Freedom Techniques, one form of what has been loosely called energy therapy. These techniques started over 20 years ago with a psychologist who was dissatisfied with the results of traditional talk therapy. Dr. Roger Callahan combined western ideas with eastern methods and put together a unique but rather involved and complex therapy using acupuncture points – but without the needles. Gary Craig was one of his early students. Gary was trained as an engineer at Stanford University. He never practiced as an engineer but says he has an overdeveloped left brain. And that he kind of tilts to the left sometimes because of it! NOTE: This is a joke and usually gets a laugh! Gary is a very successful business man who became interested in personal performance coaching because people approached him asking why they were not as successful as he. He spent 30 years looking for ways to help people and for ways that would help them very quickly. He took Neuro-linguistic programming and became quite adept at it. (I recommend all therapists take NLP.) If you are familiar with NLP you will be able to see its influence on him as you study his tapes. He studied under Roger Callahan, the California psychologist, who pulled together from many fields the idea that you could tap points on the body to relieve emotional problems. However, Roger’s methods use muscle testing and then assesses which exact points to use and in what assumed order. Gary Craig felt that was burdensome and unnecessary. He felt the process could be simplified and developed a method that used all the recommended points in a repetitive manner. This was a simplification that could turn the technique to a self help method - and EFT was born!
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Here is where you could show Gary’s 13 minute promotional video.  This tape provides an excellent bridge because it explains some of the theory and, more importantly, demonstrates EFT in action on 4 different issues.  This can be found at 9 minutes and 30 seconds into the first video on our video set entitled "From EFT to the Palace of Possibilities."  If you have this video on DVD you can play it on a large TV screen and, if you have the right equipment, you can project it onto a large projection screen.  Just cue it up to the right spot and play it.  The video set can be purchased from my web site: www.emofree.com. [I still have a few copies of this 1999 13 minute demo in VIDEO TAPE format. If showing it on a TV VCR format is best for you contact me at ann@eft4powerpoint.com if you would like one for $25 S/H.]
  • 03/03/11 Gary Craig’s explanation of this is very simple. All negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body’s energy system. Let’s see how this works. REFERENCE: See The Manual Pages 17-19
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: See The Manual Pages 17-19 Review the three step process: Negative thought creates energetic imbalance which then produces a negative feeling or emotion. This is one of the most revolutionary concepts about EFT. Gary Craig’s theory is that there is only ONE CAUSE to negative emotions EFT treats all issues – whatever the issue is – with the same method to resolve the negative emotion. Traditional therapy takes the client back to the experience or thought and deals with it directly to diffuse, change, modify or reduce it (i.e. change the thought and change the response.) EFT balances the energy around the thought and by doing so changes the emotional response.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 Just like baking a cake there is a recipe to follow to complete EFT. Let’s take this step by step.
  • 03/03/11 One of the ways to measure success using EFT is to ask for a number between 0 and 10 as to how much the issue bothers them. It always amazes me the people, even young children can give you a number. That is a good thing as you want to be able to assess your progress. Remember you want the intensity for how they feel about it NOW - not how they felt about it when it happened. It is the current impact of the problem that counts even though it may have happened years ago. NOTE: Professional counselors call such measures SUDS – Subjective Unit of Distress. Use that term with that group. Sometimes your person will tell you that it is a 12 or 15 or some other higher number. With younger children you could use the outstretched hands vs. the prayer position to measure level of upset. You could even use classifications like: a LOT, a little bit, or just about none. Another suggestion is to say “ talk about the biggest of …”
  • 03/03/11 See The Manual p 20 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 NOTE: Explain concept of batteries being reversed. Mention that today you will learn 2 of the 3 ways to deal with the reversal. The Expert level will teach them one more (Collarbone breathing). Remember through out the day to mention benefits of taking more training and studying Gary’s video sets. Negative beliefs or other stoppage of the process could indicate what are called reversals of energy or neurological disorganization. However, it is not necessary to explain this concept in any depth to your class or client. You can just talk about being “stuck”. I personally spend VERY little time on this concept. I just talk about being STUCK. But, as always, it depends on your orientation and your group. You could also use the analogy of the set up being like setting up bowling pins. Intuitive setup phrases can help you get to the heart of the problem faster. However, don’t confuse the Setup phrase with an opportunity to inject your own advice or direction into the session. The difference lies in always being aware of how your intuitive phrases are landing with your client. Keep in mind that EFT is not designed to steer people in particular directions, but rather to clear the obstacles so that they can see their own options. (from the Beyond the Basics study guide)
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 The set up is designed to correct PR but the set up correction only lasts a short time. That is why it should often be repeated. Apparently our energy gets reversed or ‘stuck’ often in the course of getting on with our life. This is an intro slide to the next 2 slides.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Ask the participants to turn to their neighbor and shake hands. Ask them to notice where their fingers are touching at the side of the hand. When we shake hands we are showing we do not have a weapon, we are showing friendship and acceptance. The karate chop spot serves the same purpose. Acceptance of the issue is critical to the process.
  • 03/03/11 We just practiced the Karate Chop Point with our set ups. Another procedure that works to resolve psychological reversal or ‘unstick’ EFT is the rubbing the sore spot instead of tapping the side of the hand. This is one of many spots on the body where there is lymphatic congestion. This may be a bit more long lasting spot for set ups than the side of your hand but it is harder for the person to find. Over time Gary Craig – and I – have found it is rarely critical to use the sore spot instead of the Karate spot. NOTE: I will use the sore spot sometimes just to add variety to the process.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 As we go through the EFT process we will use a reminder phrase. EFT is not about distraction. You want the person focused on their issue. This reminder phrase is the default phrase. There is infinite wording for an acceptance statement – in level 2 you will learn more about how the proper wording in difficult cases can increase your success. Results seem to be good most of the time without a reminder. Most people are already focused on their issue and are not reversed. The set up is needed only 40% of the time. But when it is needed it is critical.
  • 03/03/11 The set up statements are about acceptance. A set up is simply stating your problem then stating an opposite positive statement, sort of like an affirmation. Change begins with self acceptance of where you are NOW. Use the person’s own words. If they can’t give a clear definition of the feeling or situation just have them identify the feeling they are having in their body. You cannot have an emotion without a corresponding feeling in your body. Many people get hung up about use of the set up statements. There are infinite possibilities of the wording. Remember it is about acceptance – pair the negative feeling or thought with a positive WHILE you are tapping the karate spot. NOTE: I always teach Choices (see slides in OPTIONAL SLIDES file) usually in Level 2 if you do as well you could say something like: In Level 2 you will learn about how to vary the positive with the negative to reinforce new learnings faster and deeper.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 As we go through the EFT process we will use a reminder phrase. EFT is not about distraction. You want the person focused on their issue. NOTE: Results seem to be good most of the time without a reminder.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 NOTE: Remember that when the little exercising girl appears she is a cue to you and your attendees that this is an audience participation slide. However, decide for yourself where would be good points to stop and try an exercise on the concept you just taught. On this particular exercise you will demonstrate the points and have them follow you. Let’s review the EFT points. Usually the BN spot is generally not utilized because of the difficulty in using it for women especially in public. The ring finger is not tapped because that meridian (the triple warmer) is covered by the gamut spot on the back of the hand. EFT is a forgiving process. It will often still work when you forget a point or do it in a different order. Just do it. Just do it again and again. Persistence is important in EFT. NOTE: Lead through tapping sequence using all points I also recommend that you review the first part of Borrowing Benefits to see Gary teaching the points. You will see that he adds in the TOP OF THE HEAD as the first point. He reviews the other points as alternative points and even adds in the ring finger and the wrist both front and back. I personally always teach the top of the head spot as a part of Level 1. I talk about it as an alternative spot that was added after Gary began teaching the points of EFT.
  • 03/03/11 Happy Birthday is a good tune to hum. You may even want to change the slide part about Hum a tune to Happy Birthday. You can actually hum any tune. NOTE: Explain a bit about this being a “brain balancing” exercise that is frequently left out of the process but at times is useful to ‘cement’ changes. EXERCISE: Lead group through the steps.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 NOTE: See the little exercise gal again. Remember that YOU decide at what points to stop and conduct an exercise or demonstrations. EFT reminders. Usually the BN spot is not utilized because of the difficulty in using it for women especially in public. The ring finger is not tapped because that meridian (the triple warmer) is covered by the gamut spot on the back of the hand. EFT is a forgiving process. It will often still work when you forget a point or do it in a different order. Just do it. Just do it again and again. Persistence is important in EFT. NOTE: Lead through tapping sequence using all points
  • 03/03/11 Sometimes our subconscious thinks it is OK to resolve part of the issue but something still makes it hold on to ‘some part’ of the issue. That “part” is not addressed in the first round of set up. Therefore, subsequent rounds have slightly different verbiage. NOTE: This is a good place to begin introducing aspects. Another reason for Set ups is to help assure the person is in touch with the original specific feeling/scene/event. At times the person will report that their intensity/SUDS is NOT decreased when what happened is that they went to a different piece of the problem that is NOT exactly the same as what they started with. The person still has a high number for the next aspect and since the entire event is not relieved he or she still reports a high number. It is important to help the person clarify the piece or aspect of the problem and stick with THAT aspect through the exercise until it is resolved and THEN go on to another aspect.
  • 03/03/11 You say it three times because the repetition is important and you want to give the body time to respond to the tapping or rubbing. Also if not making progress you may need to modify the self acceptance statement. If person has a hard time saying I love and accept myself t ry using the qualifier I WANT to accept myself . Or even – I accept that I cannot accept myself . Or I will THINK about accepting and loving myself. Often people have a hard time saying that they love and accept self. Modify it to any positive statement. My favorite generic alternative is I chose to be calm and confident. Pretty much everyone can go along with that! NOTE: THESE ARE actually LEVEL 2 CONCEPTS but helpful here. Another good place you can encourage additional learning thru attending your Level 2 class. You could just delete this slide. This is another place to reinforce further learning about EFT concepts. That the wording of set ups is an art that takes some practice. However, you need to stress to your group that while a well placed set up statement is powerful at least 40% of the time the set up step is not even needed. Urge them to learn more for the other 60% of the time.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 The basic recipe is more like making a sandwich than baking a cake. Gary’s full EFT process is a ‘sandwich’ of the sequence: tapping - then the 9 Gamut in the middle - tapping the points again. Check for intensity and repeat as necessary. EXERCISE: Lead participants through the entire process again.
  • 03/03/11 Review the “shortcut” points. REFERENCE: The Manual pages 55 , 56 Explain that the full sequence of EFT is rarely necessary. Here is the short cut most often used. Gary has modified and shortened the process now where he just uses the SH for set up and the body points and usually skips the BN, the fingers and the 9 gamut. But this short cut is just that – a short cut. Sometimes the entire process including the 9 gamut is needed. Let’s try the short cut. Rarely is the full basic recipe necessary. As with learning any new subject a through grounding in the basic foundational information in that subject is necessary to master it. Let’s talk about a basic short cut frequently used in place of the full EFT sequence. In watching the tapes with Gary Craig you will note that he uses the full recipe only occasionally. The full recipe is generally more than needed in most situations. But it is important to know for those times when MORE is better. Having a sense of when to use what creates mastery in use of these techniques. These two days will give you an opportunity to use these techniques in many situations. For even more mastery you can go onto further study of the techniques. NOTE: Here is an opportunity to talk about any advanced workshops you offer. AND I actually always teach the top of the head point as a part of the short cut as that is what Gary now uses as the short cut.
  • 03/03/11 People generally tap with the index finger and middle finger but you can use any combination of fingers. You could just keep tapping one spot until you feel a “shift”. Some people say they feel the energy draining. Others know when the negative feeling is gone. Others can’t tell right away. Some people feel the alternative taps method is even faster – tap a point on one side of the body and then tap the corresponding point on the other side of the body. There are lots of modifications. For instance, children can be taught to tap under their arms like a hug in alternative taps as a self soothing technique. NOTE: Some ask about using this with the chronically mentally ill. I have used it many times to relax an unreasonable response to a situation. With this population especially care should be taken when introducing this, or any technique, that may bring up an issue with an attached strong emotional response. Start very small. Use first just to calm. Chronic issues like long term depression and chronic anxiety are usually MUCH harder to resolve. Remind your audience to not go where they do not belong. Review those legal pages in Gary’s Manual.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: If any of these questions are not relevant to your group just delete them or change the question to ones you are more often asked. If only some of audience is familiar with EMDR explain it briefly as an alternative stimulation method using eye movements to resolve issues. If the audience is totally unfamiliar with EMDR just erase that question. Slide and questions are modified from a presentation by Dr. Gale Joslin, a excellent psychologist. (Contact: Gale Joslin, Ph.D., 1508 W. Fairmont, Suite C, Longview, Texas 75604, phone: 903-757-8161 )
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: This is an introductory slide to the following concepts.
  • 03/03/11 This is a mantra we will repeat often through out the day. It is important to deal with a specific issue. I can not stress often enough – and will throughout the day - how important being specific is in dealing with your issue. The more you can utilize EFT on a specific event or feeling, the higher level of success. EFT is a type of relaxation and can relax you in general. But for the highest level of success be as specific as you can. There are indeed many ways to tap for what you want your life to be – and it can be effective. But to have noticeable changes right away you have to be specific. Help the person visualize the issue in as much detail as possible. Generally the more clear the visualization the more effective the results. Except in cases where the issue would have the person become very upset. In that case do generalized tapping all around the issue BEFORE getting specific. Tap for relaxation, tap for anxiety about going there or even thinking about thinking about going there and other such related comments. Wait until THEY are comfortable with going directly to the issue. THEN be specific.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: The Manual p 30 Pick a specific piece of your issue Being too general is MOST COMMON newcomers error. I can not overemphasize the importance of being specific. Many people ask about using a “negative” statement. Keep in mind that the subconscious has no real sense of time. If it happened it is if it is still happening. You are pairing a negative with a positive statement. It also helps to put some clarification to the subconscious. “This happened when I was young, now I am an adult.” Sort of a ‘that was then, this is now’ concept. Phobias or fears are great issues to try out these techniques. Anyone here have a fear of snakes, heights, public speaking etc? NOTE: Another way to help the person make the issue specific is to have the person role play. Here I ask the client to teach me how to be his or her mother/father/uncle/etc. so I can re-enact the scene as accurately as possible.  I ask for important things such as tone of voice, posture, gestures, a look in the eyes, etc.  This helps bring up aspects and allows us to be more thorough.  I usually do this after I think we have previously reduced the intensity of the scene to a manageable level ... OR ... if I think a client is repressing and needs to get more in touch with the issue.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual page 48 Your person will often change from one ‘aspect’ or piece of the puzzle. These shifts are either to a related memory or to a new emotion or scene of the same event.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: This slide is self explanatory. But depending on the time you have you can elicit audience participation to discuss their “spot.” REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32, 48 – 56. Using EFT as a full sequence or any short cut like “your point” is using EFT on the anxiety behind the issue. MY EXAMPLE: Chris was 10 and in a surprise lightening storm. He was cold and wet and very scared. I tapped under his eye and he immediately calmed down and said he wasn’t afraid anymore. Sometimes all it takes is just one point. You could tell the Callahan story of his first TFT person, Mary here.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual page 29. When using EFT on a more complex, general or chronic problem much persistence is necessary. You won’t necessarily even feel anything at the time. Over time you will notice you become calmer, less triggered. You are working toward emotional peace or emotional freedom as Gary Craig calls it. It is important to check where your person is when resolving the issues as there are often many aspects that arise. Be sure to challenge the results by asking the person to rerun the “movie” and stop at any level of upset to redo the tapping sequence. If they say they are over it challenge them to try to get upset about it and again to stop at the first sign of upset. You are trying for a painless resolution of their problem.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual page 30. Some of this list is more specific than others. Hopefully, you can now identify that all these issue will have aspects to tap for. Some will be simple some will be very complex. Some issues will be hooked on to other issues, some will be straight forward and very simple. Many people use EFT on one thing but don’t try it for others. We are conditioned to believe each problem needs a different solutions. There are many specialists in medicine and other fields to reinforce this view. But EFT is truly a one size fits all technique.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual page You are also watching for immediate physical non verbal signs of relaxation and resolution. Facial muscles, yawns, sighs etc, which could show the person has gained some relief on the problem. You only start serious checking of the results if you think your person has largely collapsed the problem. You want to see if there are other aspects. There are multiple ways to do this but they usually fall into one of these three categories. One of the best is to re enact the scene. This is not always possible but you want to work with them to role play the situation as much as you can. E.g re create the tone of voice or look on face or physical placement. You want to assess if all the aspects to the issue are resolved. Stop immediately at the least sign of upset and tap again. If you can’t re enact it help the person vividly imagine the situation. It is helpful to go through the 5 senses: see, hear, feel, smell, taste and help them make it bigger, larger, brighter, etc. As always stop and tap if you find any sign of upset. On Gary’s tapes you will see him at times ask VERY pointed questions designed, as he says, to make the persons emotional knees buckle. However, EFT is designed to be as gentle as possible and you would not use this method to check for aspects unless you believe the person has resolved most if not all of the problem.
  • 03/03/11 On very rare occasions a person may tune into a situation and become very upset. At that point stop any further pursuing of the presented problem and JUST deal with the immediate upset. Tap the EFT FULL sequence OVER AND OVER until the person is calm.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 30 and 71-73. Each tree that is removed thins out the forest of damaged trees. So person can ‘walk thorough his forest without always bumping into another rejection tree. NOTE: A great metaphor for the generalization effect of EFT. The concept of puzzle pieces is another metaphor for the generalization effect.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: http://www.emofree.com/tutorial/tutorcthree.htm The concept of a movie helps in visualization. One EFT concept is called: The Movie Technique. Ask: "If it was a movie, how long would it last?" If more than a couple of minutes it is too general help them narrow it down. Give the movie a title to force specificity. E.g. "Fight in the Kitchen" or "My accident in Mom's car." Always check out how specific they are being. Then go thru steps 1-5 On intensity remember the ‘gentle techniques and just get a GUESS for IF vividly imagined. Guesses are reasonably accurate AND tends to save the clients some emotional pain. Do several GENERAL rounds of EFT on "this movie" to take the edge off. If will have narrate the movie to you, starting with an easy-to-discuss part. Emphasize the importance of stopping. Many people think they must be brave and feel the pain. Repeat EFT as often as ANY intensity comes up. Repeat EFT/view movie/stop at intensity cycle until the movie no longer has a charge on it. Ask questions such as: age when occurred, who else in the movie, how many ‘crescendos’ (if more than one break movie into smaller parts), what’s happening (get details), as you say that what is the feeling it brings up? Remember to start general and work to specific. You do not need to know what the ‘movie’ actually is. You can also “work in the dark” (see slide 26 in Optional slides) and just walk them through the movie without knowing what the details are. EXERCISE: Have the audience vividly visualize the problem they first started with to assess if there are any remaining issues or aspects to work on. Remember that the clearer the picture of the issue the higher chance of effectiveness. If the issue is too painful tap all around the issue before actually going directly there. If it is all gone ask them to go to their next issue and visualize it in this way. Tap several times for “this movie”. This is a good place to ask for volunteers to demonstrate. NOTE: The Movie Technique looks a lot like the Tell the Story Technique, and you may remember that the EFT Course mentions that they are interchangeable terms. The main difference between them is that while the Tell the Story Technique has the client say the story out loud, the Movie Technique has them go through it in their head. It offers more privacy for the client and will be most effective when addressing an issue the client prefers not to discuss. They both provide a fantastic framework for addressing specific events and being thorough with testing and aspects, and they can both minimize emotional pain by “sneaking up” on the issue.
  • 03/03/11 Side effects are calmness. Less easily triggered. NOTE: There is a handout – in Publisher format – in your packet on the Personal Peace Procedure. This would be a good ‘newsletter’ to modify for your audience and give them as homework. It is also in WORD but not as ‘pretty’.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual p 52-54 Often the food we eat affects how we feel! So it is not a stretch to see how at times what we eat also affects our energy system. Sometimes just staying away from these items will make us feel better. Sometimes the toxin is actually the CAUSE of our emotional problem (e.g. depression or hyperactivity) and staying away from the substance to which you are sensitive relieves your problem. Toxins to the energy system are not allergies as such. The toxin may not irritate our internal chemistry and therefore not fit the classic definition of an allergy. But it can irritate our energy system and affect whether EFT works on someone or not. When you are making no progress it is a good thing to check out. Are there toxins in the environment? It can be complex detective work to find the toxin affecting you.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual p 52-54 Sometimes the problem is not ON you but INSIDE of you. If you wait a couple of days for that particular toxin to be out of your system EFT may be more effective. Sometimes you can even tap for the sensitivity: Even though I am sensitive to wheat… my cat…
  • 03/03/11 EFT causes the person to think more clearly and logically about the problem Cognitive shifts are sometimes seen immediately but certainly over time as a person uses EFT. Watching an immediate cognitive shift is one of the most fun parts of using EFT. Sometimes though the cognitive shifts – the changing of the writing on our walls happens gradually. As the person continues tapping away their issues over time become calmer, less easily triggered. To me watching the person shift the cognitions after the negative emotional is resolved is the most gratifying part of EFT. It is truly the ultimate test of the results of work with EFT.
  • 03/03/11 These are some comments people have made after a session. NOTE: Put your own person’s comments in the spaces, just click on the balloon and delete text and type your own comment. This is a good place to talk more about your own experiences.
  • 03/03/11 OK you have reviewed the concepts behind EFT. Before we start let’s see how much you believe this simple process can actually help resolve any issue. Let’s set a sort of reality check here. NOTE: You can delete this slide with no loss of content. This is where you get an estimate from the audience as to What degree of success they believe would show that these techniques actually worked.
  • 03/03/11 Let’s go back over the full EFT process NOTE: Have them tap the points and use this slide as a review for the process. REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Demonstrations are good opportunity to check out the knowledge level of your audience and ask them at various places questions like what question should I ask him/her? What point should I tap next? What would make a good set up statement here? Can you see the body relax? Do you hear any cognitive shifts? Etc. Generally at least one participant is willing to come up front to work some more on the issue. Actually I demonstrate through out the day but very briefly. If you want to demonstrate more often just do it! You can either copy this slide to other spots where you want to demonstrate or just delete the slide entirely as you are just working demos in as it seems appropriate to do it. If this is not a good time for a demonstration just say “Let’s hold the demo and do one later.” Someone inevitably asks a question that will make for a good demo.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Help the audience identify their pain and then lead them through several tapping sequences. Most people have some level of physical pain they carry around. Some level of physical discomfort. What is yours? Pay attention to your body and identify a physical issue. Exactly WHERE does it hurt? How would you describe the pain? Make a specific reminder phrase: this sharp burning pain just behind my shoulder. OR this tight burning muscle.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Review this slide and conduct another few rounds of tapping. Most people have some level of physical pain they carry around. Some level of physical discomfort. What is yours? Pay attention to your body and identify a physical issue.
  • 03/03/11 These slides are cues to stop and assess the audience and discuss what is happening. These slides can be copied or moved or deleted if you want more flexibility in when you stop for assessment. NOTE: These number slides appear after each exercise and are a reminder to stop and take a number. It may be that you want to delete the remaining slides like this as you will take their number when it seems logical to do so. FOR OVERHEADS I WOULD NOT PRINT ANY OF THE NUMBER SLIDES. JUST ASK YOUR AUDIENCE WHEN IT SEEMS APPROPRIATE. Thanks to Reto Wyss, a Switzerland coach, for modifying the clip art to include a 10!
  • 03/03/11 Another potential demo spot. Demonstrations are good opportunity to check out the knowledge level of your audience and ask them at various places questions like what question should I ask him/her? What point should I tap next? What would make a good set up statement here? Can you see the body relax? Do you hear any cognitive shifts? Etc.
  • 03/03/11 Like the Nike commercial, JUST DO IT!!, we are going get right into it and demonstrate the technique using a chocolate kiss. Most people like chocolate. Many simply can not resist the lure of a brownie or piece of chocolate cake or even something as simple as a chocolate kiss. If you are not a chocoholic think of some item you would like to have right in front of you right now. Often we tend to blame ourselves for our food cravings (e.g. I have no will power!). Pairing an acceptance statement with the craving tends to negate or balance the craving. NOTE: Using EFT lead the group through the exercise with multiple variations of: Even though I REALLY want this piece of chocolate… ACTIVITY: Hand each participant a chocolate kiss or small bar of chocolate with no instructions. Generally someone will eat the chocolate before you get it all handed out! Joke that you know they are already at a 10 and give them another piece with the instructions that they can have all they want at break! Go around the room asking on a scale of 0-10 how much they want the chocolate. Ask to write down their #. Do demonstration using EFT. Tell them that even though this has a high success rate it rarely eliminates the craving FOREVER – so not to worry about giving up forever their favorite thing. Partly because we HAVE to eat. But also because the habit is so ingrained it takes many repetitions to totally to reroute the habit. But now you have a choice! Feel compelled to eat the chocolate, smoke the cigarette OR tap the craving away. Credit: I personally took this picture of a Hershey Kiss outside of their store in Niagara Falls, Canada in 2002.
  • 03/03/11
  • 03/03/11 Another potential demo spot
  • 03/03/11 These techniques are a wonderful addition to the counseling skills you have. You do not toss out your hard earned skills. This is a new tool for your therapeutic bag. One nice feature is that you do NOT have to know what the person is working on to give them some relief. While with these techniques it is important that the person be specific the person does not have to actually TELL you the issue. Granted it is easier if you have a clue but your job is primarily to help him or her be as specific as possible in their head while using the techniques. How handy would that be with your more resistant persons who don’t want to talk. You lead them through the techniques. You are teach them the skill and they practice it on their own. What you will find is that generally once people have experienced some relief on their issue they don’t mind telling you about it. NOTE: This is a good place to discuss some of your own personal experiences on using EFT on yourself and your audience. I talk about how I added EFT to my bag of methods, hence the “bag” clip art. However, you should intersperse your examples through out this presentation and certainly as you are asked questions about the use of EFT. It is important to personalize your presentation. The group wants to hear about YOUR successes. Encourage them to pick 3 issues they would like to practice this new technique with today. Have them write down a short ‘name’ for the issue. This is an intro slide to the next slides. If you are using overheads you want to just print the intro slides as changing slides on an overhead too often is awkward and doesn’t flow as well unless you are VERY experienced in training programs with overheads. It is also expensive to print out in color all the available slides.
  • 03/03/11 Problems are like puzzles with many pieces – called aspects. Sometimes you find one piece that is the pivotal piece. When a pivotal piece is found the rest of the puzzle seems to just fall into place. And it doesn’t always matter how ‘big’ the problem is. Sometimes the big puzzles are solved as quickly as smaller ones. And like the TV show as you add each piece (letter) before long you can see the answer to the entire puzzle. It all falls together. And some letters (pieces) are more important in solving the puzzle.. REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 AND 55, 56 NOTE: This is a good slide to talk about more benefits to attending Level 2 to develop more knowledge and awareness of the concepts of aspects and core issues.
  • 03/03/11 Remember, you do not want to open up Pandora’s box today!! Now, if you can’t make a mental movie of the event then the problem is too globally stated. Movies have specific beginning and end. Specific words and actions and generates specific feelings. If person still too vague ask questions.
  • 03/03/11 Now we are going to try EFT on your issue. If you are first showing a person the technique it is helpful for the process to have a simple problem and not get into a complex issue with lots of aspects! Often a phobia responds easily. However, you can not always tell that in advance. Sometimes a long term major specific phobia will fall in three rounds of tapping. At other times a seemingly simple issue turns out to have many angles and aspects! NOTE: You really don’t want them to pick their worse nightmare imaginable. Too complicated and possibly leaves them ‘hanging’ with unfinished business. The small t trauma is from EMDR definition of small t verses big T trauma. If you have an audience totally unfamiliar with EMDR concepts just say a little ‘t’ means a number below 5 or 6.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Help them to get as specific as possible. You can not feel an emotion and not have a corresponding physical reaction in your body. Asking the question: “How do you know you are feeling that emotion?” draws out the physical component and increases body awareness. Questions are powerful tools to guide persons. If it was a movie, how long would it last? What would the title be? If it were a power point presentation what would the slide look like?
  • 03/03/11
  • 03/03/11 Two more suggestions if you are not getting results or results are slow is to make your “Movie” scene much more clear and sharply in focus AND/OR to pick only one slide of the movie or even just one aspect of the one slide that is a key issue. EXERCISE: Lead the group again through the points. Again 2 - 4 times – judge the amount on your audience responses. After 3 rounds ask what the number is again – number slide is next. Remind them to: “See what you saw, feel what you felt, hear what you heard, smell what you smelled, taste what you tasted, where are you feeling it in your body, what are you thinking?” Using sub modalities (contrasts) like sharper-fuzzy; closer-farther away; color-black and white; bigger-smaller, etc to help the person clarify the issue – this are level 2 and Expert concepts.
  • 03/03/11
  • 03/03/11 EFT is often so rapid that a person shifts from issue to issue to issue. Each resolution reminds of another issue that needs resolution. If they don’t bring up another piece or issue you can ask about other times that they had such feelings. Or what does that remind them of. OR WHO does that remind them of. EX: Start with snake phobia, leads to fear of heights, to bicycle accident to rejection in school by teacher to being dumped by a lover. Opportunity to resolve several issues in one session. Until you get down to the CORE ISSUE the chances are you will not be able to totally lower the intensity to 0. Caution here. Sometimes the person may state the intensity went up when in fact that aspect was resolved but the person went on to another aspect. Also there is a temptation to go to next issue before totally resolving the first. As long as the intensity is lowering stay with that aspect. When the intensity stops going down THAT is the time to hunt for a more important CORE ISSUE. Learn more about finding core issues in Level 2 EFT training. NOTE: This is a good place to bring up that complex life situations such as long term depression or anxiety disorder or multiple life problems (lost job, child into drugs, husband abusive, house burned down, etc) are much greater challenges and require professional help and many tapping sessions to get underneath it all. You can give calming relief. EFT is a calming technique. You are calmer so you can think more clearly about your problems. Beginners should not go where they do not belong.
  • 03/03/11 One example of many aspects is the fear of flying. The therapist addresses EACH specific fear and taps through each and every aspect until it is down to ‘0’. You will not have full success until all the aspects are resolved and the core issue is found. Rarely do common therapeutic techniques address this combination of fears - much less resolve them.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual page 48 Following your person as they change aspects can be difficult. It is helpful to ask these questions to clarify they are still on the same aspect or scene. In Level 2 and the Expert level you will learn and practice how to just lead someone through the process and not even know what they are working on.
  • 03/03/11 Questions are powerful tools to get to the core issues. NOTE: Discuss these and add your own examples of how you have used these questions. These are common questions Gary Craig has used many times in his demonstrations. Talk about learning more of how to use questions in Level 2.
  • 03/03/11
  • 03/03/11 Just lead the entire audience through this exercise. Actually I do this exercise FIRST in my classes as EVERYONE relates to breathing and it has such a high level of success that it helps with the bridge. But in Gary’s workshops he does it last – so here it is. Your choice.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Remind audience to write their number down. Lead the group through the exercise when complete go the the next slide and take their number pre and post. You can have the audience sitting or standing. Gary’s example is to have them stand up and lean over and take the breath coming up. However, if you have them stand remind them to NOT bend past what is comfortable for them or if back problems can just lean over while sitting down. Then tell them to: Take a normal breath - whatever you do is perfect. No force whatever breath is there is perfect. Tap for ET I have this constricted breath…
  • 03/03/11
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: THE MANUAL PAGE 29. The next four slides give a great opportunity for demos or borrowing benefits. Depending on the time available in the workshop you can have participants pick another issue or work more on the same one. The next few slides talk about ways to get more improvement when EFT may be working ‘slowly’. This is another slide that is an opportunity to give some encouragement to attend other workshops or learn more about EFT as it can be used for many more issues. Touch on things like Sports Performance and Success and Abundance. [Order Carol Look’s new CD set about Success and Abundance and weight loss from my web site: www.eft4powerpoint.com ] This is an intro slide to the next 4 slides.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: THE MANUAL PAGE 29. These slides will have more meaning if you hook into something the participant can relate to encourage discussion about their own ‘cravings’ This is a beginners workshop. While we are touching on these issues there are many concepts and specifics for another workshop! While the EFT process is the same there are minor variations in how you approach these issues. These techniques are terrific for addictions as not only are the urges reduced using EFT but EFT can also remove the emotional issues that feed the addition. These are a few of the questions to get to the ‘bottom’ of craving and weight loss issues. I recommend you purchase Carol Look’s weight loss Manual. You can order it from my web site: www.eft4powerpoint.com. Carol covers many, many excellent issues involved in weight loss. Remember you need to know MUCH more than your audience to be a credible teacher. Or change to YOUR favorite questions. Thanks to Carol Look for permission to use of the donut clip art from her excellent web site: www.carollook.com
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: THE MANUAL PAGE 29. These are but a few of the many questions you can ask to check out the many possible aspects issues around a phobia. This would be a fun place to do a demo with someone with a phobia. Gary’s Basic tapes say that when a phobia is resolved in a session it has about a 50% chance of getting it permanently. If the phobia is reactivated in the real situation it means that there are other aspects that the person didn’t think about in the session. If the person just uses EFT on these new aspects the phobia should resolve totally.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: THE MANUAL PAGE 29. Has anyone not made much progress with their physical pain? Again these are but a few of the many questions you can ask to check out the issues around the pain. Chasing the pain is an additional technique that will be covered in depth in Level 2
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: THE MANUAL PAGE 29. It is very important to check out all the aspects of the situation to assure all parts and pieces are gone. Help the person make the situation as big and bright and colorful and intense as it is possible to do. Say key words to them that would have made them upset before tapping and check to see if any intensity on the word or scene. Any even SUSPICION of upset you should lead them through another set of tapping. Sometimes in a session there is not time to totally finish a memory. Be sure to give the person “homework” to do should another aspect rear its head.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Review page 33-35 in The Manual for Gary’s responses to these issues. If any of these questions are not relevant to your group just delete them or change the question to ones you are more often asked. OR, as always, if this is not appropriate to your group you can just delete this slide. On # 4: Minimizing emotional pain is criticized by some members of the healing community. In my experience, however, I don't see why pain is at all necessary (but would welcome a debate on this). I say this because I have taken care of a mountain of traumatic incidents (some of them VERY severe) and, after the healing, the clients just have no interest in spending time on insights or the "why" of their past incidents. To the contrary, there is a visible and obvious cognition change that shows up in the way they talk about the once troublesome incident. The client seems done with the issue because the resolution that is so highly valued by the more intense techniques seems to take place within the EFT session with minimal pain.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: This is another good place to ‘sell’ the additional information they will learn in Level 2. This slide should be a summary slide. You will be answering question about problems and calling attention to issues that could be problematic through the day. Presentation HINT: Write down or mark the slides on your slide handout to be able to quickly return to a summary slide to make a point.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: This is another good place to ‘sell’ the additional information they will learn in Level 2.
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: This is another good place to ‘sell’ the additional information they will learn in Level 2.
  • 03/03/11 REFERENCE: The Manual pages 20-32 EXERCISE: Review the steps and lead participants through the entire process again. Gary’s full EFT process is a ‘sandwich’ of the sequence of tapping: SH, EB, SE, UE, UN, UL, CB, UA, the finger points, SH and Gamut spot He then put the 9 Gamut in the middle And tapped the points again. He would check for intensity and repeat as necessary. He has modified and shortened the process now where he just uses the SH for set up and the body points and usually skips the 9 gamut. But this short cut is just that – a short cut. Sometimes you will need to go back to the entire process including the 9 gamut. Let’s see how it works. Level 2 teaches 3 new points to use in addition to or in place of these.
  • 03/03/11 We’ve practiced the steps and experienced the process. Now let’s review a diagram of what to do ‘if’. Some of the what-to-do’s if no, or partial, relief you will learn in Level 2 or expert classes. For now let’s just go over the steps. You will spend at least 80% time in the complete or partial relief sections. If getting no results first thing to look at is the set up statement. (Or add one in if not using a set up.) Clearer definition of problem, louder more emphatic statement. May be dealing with other aspects of the situation, rub sore spot harder, keep doing set up and recipe with persistence until relief. Do full basic recipe instead of shortcuts, Collarbone breathing could be helpful – you learn that with additional training or through purchasing the Basic EFT course. Toxins could be in the way. NOTE: In Gary’s Basic Course Part II Video One he goes over this chart at point 49:13:11. It is a good review. Start with identifying problem and being specific. Go down the chart. Since Gary is not requiring the teaching of eye roll or collar bone breathing in either level 1 or 2 I deleted the reference to these techniques. You can refer to them as “Level 3 concepts” and encourage people to attend further training. You can order these videos in CD or DVD from my web site: www.eft4powerpoint.com
  • 03/03/11 Let’s leave the previous slide up while I work with some people [from or] in the audience. Go back to the previous slide to be able to point out the steps you are NOTE: This is the last slide before the final closing slides. Continue demonstrations and practice until the last 15 minutes of class when you will share the last slides, give out evaluations, and answer final questions. Demonstrations are good opportunity to check out the knowledge level of your audience and ask them at various places questions like what question should I ask him/her? What point should I tap next? What would make a good set up statement here? Can you see the body relax? Do you hear any cognitive shifts? Etc. Generally at least one participant is willing to come up front to work some more on the issue. Actually I demonstrate throughout the day but very briefly. If you want to demonstrate more often just do it! You can either copy this slide to other spots where you want to demonstrate or just delete the slide entirely if you are just working demos in as it seems appropriate to do it. If this is not a good time for a demonstration just keep practicing with the audience. Whether you conduct on stage demos or use all the day for practice with the audience in their seats is up to you. Someone inevitably asks a question that will make for a good demo – use that chance or not – your choice.
  • 03/03/11 1. Often even pros don’t understand full potential of EFT. Often someone will use EFT successfully for one problem but not even consider it for another. We may get some relief on an issue with EFT but then stop before we are totally free of the issue. So it builds up again as we experience more of the same type issue in our lives (like rejection) If phobia of birds be sure to cover one bird, flock of birds, still, moving, flying, high, low etc. The mouse’s tail flicking, the spiders furry legs, dropping down, etc. Test out the “It’s gone.” in the real world. Gary calls it “challenging”. If we have reduced the fear to 2 we often make the assumption it is good enough. But if it is at a 2 and something happens that relates to the issue the 2 could rise higher. So we need to be real detectives and track down all aspects to have complete freedom. Test out the change in the real world and tap for any other issues that come up. Sometimes those issues are blocking beliefs. ET I feel I need to keep some of this issue to stay safe... ET I don’t deserve to get completely over this problem… We can tap for issues and beliefs related to our blocks to success. NOTE: I recommend Carol Look’s success and abundance information. To order: www.eft4powerpoint.com
  • 03/03/11 NOTE: Naturally I put in MY web site in the info box.  Change it or add yours. I do not end my workshop with a THE END slide. I end my workshops with information about other events or blurbs to ‘sell’ my own or GARY’s tapes. Use the EFT4PPT order form in the Forms folder to market this training package. You will receive a 20% commission on each sell of EFT4PPT.


  • 1. Emotional Freedom Techniques Presentation Copyrighted by: Ann Adams, LCSW www.EFT4PowerPoint.com ann@eft4powerpoint.com
  • 2. EFT An Emotional Version of Acupuncture WITHOUT the needles A unique exercise that calms you so that you can think more clearly about your problem.  2004 Ann Adams
  • 3. How I Got Involved
    • Sitting incredulous in an EFT Workshop!
    • Traditionally trained and oriented
    • Looking for a trauma ‘off’ switch
    • Cannot over look RESULTS!
    • Ethical to stay up to date
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 4. Your Goals for Today
    • What led you to attend this workshop?
    • What exposure have you had to EFT?
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 5. What We Will Do Today
      • Demonstrations
      • Lecture
      • Discussion
      • Questions and Answers
      • Practice
      • Videos
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 6. Einstein Knew It! Theory of Relativity
    • Albert Einstein - 1920
    • “ All Matter made of energy”
    • Energy = + and - charges
    • Western healing sciences ignored this concept until recently
     2004 Ann Adams E = mc ²
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  • 8. EFT Utilizes Common Spots Demonstrate Common Touches
    • Massage under eyes
    • Massaging temples
    • Palm or fist to chest
    • Palm to forehead
    • Heel of hand to forehead
    • Sign of the cross
    ??WHERE IS YOUR FAVORITE SPOT??  2004 Ann Adams
    • Face in hands
    • Biting on fingers
    • Scratching head, chest, under arm, legs, etc
    • Wringing hands
    • Arms folded
  • 9. The Genius of EFT is:
    • You can pull up what bothers you and turn it off on purpose.
    • You can do it with focus and intention using a series of touches or taps.
    • No secret that touches are comforting; we already knew that.
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 10.
    • EFT
    • Acupuncture for the emotions But NO needles !
     2004 Ann Adams The end points of Meridians are used to help balance the body’s energy system. Used with permission: www.psychotherapy-center.com
  • 11. Introducing EFT or - Building a Bridge
    • Simply say: “Let’s try a new relaxation technique” OR
    • Demonstrate common touches that are used to comfort.
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 12. Emotional Freedom Techniques
    • Gary Craig, trained at Stanford Univ. as an engineer, developed EFT
    • As a personal performance coach he was interested in resolving emotional blocks to success.
    Gary Craig’s web site: www.emofree.com  2004 Ann Adams
  • 13. LET’S WATCH HOW THIS WORKS  2004 Ann Adams
  • 14. Discovery Statement
    • The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system
  • 15. Discovery Statement Response Negative thoughts create a ZZZZT (like static in your TV) in your energy system which causes the physical and/or emotional response. Negative Thought
  • 16. EFT’s Basic Recipe
    • Process
      • Easy to follow
      • Simple to do
      • One minute to complete
     2004 Ann Adams
    • Four Ingredients
      • Setup
      • Sequence
      • 9 Gamut
      • Repeat the Sequence
  • 17. Where Are You Now? Determine an Intensity Level
    • On a scale of 0 to 10
      • 10 = worst ever
      • 0 = no longer a problem
    • How much does this problem bother you NOW?
      • If don’t know – guess
      • Write your # down
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 18. FIRST - Setting Up
    • Setup energy system
      • Subtle Energy Circuits need proper orientation
      • Clear any blockages – Polarity Reversals
     2004 Ann Adams
    • Polarity Reversals
      • Like batteries in ‘sdrawkcab’ or backwards
      • The + and – are switched
      • Can block EFT effects
  • 19. Polarity Reversal OR Psychological Reversal
    • Results in a negative, self-sabotaging state which may appear as resistance
    • Common in cases of depression, addictions and chronic physical ailments
    • Can be caused by historic events, decisions and beliefs, stress, polarity switching, and energy toxins
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 20. Setup Spots Setup designed to correct PR
    • 1. Karate Chop Spot (Side of hand)
    • 2. Sore Spot (left or right side of upper chest)
     2004 Ann Adams Two ways to Resolve Energy Blocks
  • 21. Setup - Karate Chop Spot
    • The “ Friendly” Spot - Side of your hand
    • Where we make friends with our problem.
    • Acceptance of the problem is a key concept.
    • Resolves most ‘blocks’ to success with EFT
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 22. Setup - The ‘Sore Spot’  2004 Ann Adams
    • Called the “ sore spot ” because it is often sensitive to the touch
    • On chest area just above the breast
  • 23. Setup - The Affirmation
    • Generic Setup
    • Even though I have this problem,
        • I deeply and completely love
        • and respect myself.
     2004 Ann Adams State the Problem – THEN an Acceptance Statement
  • 24. Affirmations = Acceptance A Terrific ‘GIFT’
    • I have this problem AND I am a good person
     2004 Ann Adams It is difficult, or impossible,to resolve any issue until you have accepted it. I have this problem AND I am a wonderful child
  • 25. Reminder Phrase Short Name for Your Issue
    • Use this ‘NAME’ as a reminder phrase to keep focused
    • Examples:
    • Father hit me
    • Left me at mall
    • Last one chosen
    • Teacher yelled at me
     2004 Ann Adams Your Movie Title
  • 26. SECOND The Sequence The LONG Form of EFT  2004 Ann Adams
    • EB - eyebrow
    • SE - side eye
    • UE - under eye
    • UN - under nose
    • Ch – just above chin
    • CB - collarbone spot
    • UA - under arm
    • BN - below nipple
    • Th - thumb
    • IF- index finger
    • MF - middle
    • BF - baby finger
    • KC - side of hand
    The points go D O W N the body
  • 27. THIRD - The 9 GAMUT Tap on the back of the hand on the groove between the little and ring fingers. Keep tapping while doing the below exercises.
    • Eyes open
    • Eyes closed
    • Eyes down left
    • Eyes down right
    • Circle eyes clockwise
    • Circle eyes counter-clockwise
    • Hum a tune
    • Count to 5
    • Hum a tune
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 28. FOURTH Repeat The Sequence The LONG Form of EFT  2004 Ann Adams
    • EB - eyebrow
    • SE - side eye
    • UE - under eye
    • UN - under nose
    • Ch – just above chin
    • CB - collarbone spot
    • UA - under arm
    • BN - below nipple
    • Th - thumb
    • IF - index finger
    • MF - middle
    • BF - baby finger
    • KC - side of hand
  • 29. Subsequent Round Adjustments Round Modify after First  2004 Ann Adams REMINDER PHRASE: “This remaining______.” “ Even though I STILL have SOME of this _____ I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Add or adjust the setup based on what person said after first round.
  • 30. Other “Setup” Issues Repeat THREE times
    • Say it with feeling and emphasis
    • Say it out loud rather than mumble
    • It can be helpful to say it REALLY loud
    • OR
    • “ I can accept that I cannot accept myself!” “I want to want to accept myself.” “I chose to be calm and confident.”
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 31. The “HAM” Sandwich
    • The Sequence:
      • KC, EB, SE, UE, UN, Ch, CB, UA, BN, Th, IF, MF, BF
    • 9 Gamut
    • The Sequence:
      • KC, EB, SE, UE, UN, Ch, CB, UA, BN, Th, IF, MF, BF
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 32.  2004 Ann Adams Top of Head Eyebrow Side of Eye Under Eye Under Nose Above Chin Collarbone Under Arm 4” below armpit EFT Short Cut as used in later DVDs
  • 33. Frequently Asked Questions
    • Does it matter which hand? NO
    • Can I switch hands while tapping? YES
    • Can I tap with both hands? YES
    • How many taps on each spot? 7 is most common but sometimes more is better.
    • Is the SETUP essential? Not always, but necessary in cases of “Reversal”.
    • Will EFT take away natural (and healthy) emotional responses to situations? No
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 34.
    • How long do treatment results last? Often forever. Untreated aspects can make it appear like it “comes back.”
    • Does the treatment need to be repeated? Sometimes on a different aspect, but if it worked once, it usually works when repeated.
    • Can you use alternate taps like in EMDR? YES
    • Do I have to believe in the treatment for it to work? NO, NO, and NO!!
    • So I use the same EFT process for every issue? YES, you do modify the set up phrases.
  • 35.
    • Refinements
    • ~~~~~~~
    • Tips on Applying EFT
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 36. FOR RESULTS THAT ARE TERRIFIC IT’S BEST TO BE SPECIFIC  2004 Ann Adams Remember the Mantra!
  • 37. Specific Setups
      • “ I am easily rejected” vs.
    • Even though my 3 rd grade teacher embarrassed me
    • Even though my father missed my HS graduation
      • “ I feel lonely” vs.
    • Even though my sweetheart said, “I want to break up”
    • Even though I spent Thanksgiving in my room at age 8
    • Even though Mom told me I’d never get married
    • because I was fat
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 38. Shifting Aspects Two Types  2004 Ann Adams New Emotion/Scene Same Event Related Scene or Memory
  • 39. ‘ Your Point’
    • Often a person will say: I really felt it when I tapped THIS spot!
    • Notice WHICH spot seems to have the most effect or seems to work faster.
    • Use that point more often.
  • 40. Persistence Check intensity and repeat if necessary  2004 Ann Adams Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Until Intensity is zero!
  • 41. Try it on EVERYTHING One Size Fits All!
    • Anxiety
    • Auto Accident
    • Boredom
    • Claustrophobia
    • Depression
    • Grief
    • Guilt
    • Headache
    • Insomnia
    • Limiting Beliefs
    • Love Pain
    • Physical Pain
    • Panic attack
    • Sadness
    • Shame
    • Stress
    • Self Image
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Sports Issues
    • Trauma
    • War memories
    • Weight Loss
    • Phobias/Fears
      • Public Speaking
      • Dentist
      • Rats
      • Spiders
      • Roaches
      • Needles
      • Driving
      • Snakes
      • Heights
      • Water
  • 42. Testing Your Work Checking for Success
    • Ask pointed questions
    • Re-enact a bothersome memory
    • Vividly imagine the event
  • 43. Excessive Intensity EFT is gentle – People are not always
    • People’s issues can be intense
    • Tuning in may bring up intense emotions
    • Tap over and over until they calm down.
    • Don’t go where you don’t belong!
    Tap Over and Over Over and Over Over and Over Over and Over
  • 44. Generalization Effect
    • EFT cuts diseased trees from the ‘forest’ of problems one by one.
    • Often problems have common themes
    • Sometimes after several ‘trees’ are cut the entire ‘forest’ of related problems falls.
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 45. The Movie Technique "If it were a movie, how long would it last?“ "What would the title be?“  2004 Ann Adams
    • Run the movie in your mind
    • Evaluate the intensity you are having NOW
    • Take edge off: EFT on "this ____ movie“
    • Verbally narrate the movie
    • Stop at ANY upset and use EFT - REPEAT
  • 46. Personal Peace Procedure
    • Make a list of all issues you can remember Most people have well over 100
    • Tap on at least one per day
    • Keep tapping on all aspects of the one issue until it is gone
    • Go on to the next issue
    • In one year you have resolved as many as 365 of your issues!
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 47. Toxins Effecting EFT  2004 Ann Adams FOOD ENVIRONMENTAL
  • 48. Avoiding Energy Toxins Be Persistent!  2004 Ann Adams
    • Change environments
    • Different room
    • Outside
    • 2. Shower without Soap
    • 3. Wait a couple of days
    • 4. Try various times of the day
    Try EFT again after you:
  • 49. Cognitive Shifts Often Behind the Scenes You know you have been successful when there is some statement/behavior indicating:
    • It happened
    • It’s over
    • I’m safe
    • I learned from it and
    • I am ready to move on in my life.
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 50. I was NOT responsible for the tragedy . I was just there. The problem looks distant. I feel pity instead of anger. I THOUGHT OF A SOLUTION I am so calm! I feel more love inside. I CAN’T THINK ABOUT IT ANYMORE! Now I understand how I could do that. I can see it happening but I can’t feel it anymore. The BAD feeling is gone! How did you do that? If I were not experiencing this, I’d never believe it. I feel sooo relaxed .  2004 Ann Adams COOL!! 
  • 51. What Makes For SUCCESS
    • What is a reasonable % of the intensity you believe can be lowered in a few minutes?
    • How many of participants will get _____% of reduction?
    Definition: SUCCESS = __% of participants have __% reduction.  2004 Ann Adams
  • 52. REVIEW The Basic Recipe
      • EB-eyebrow
      • SE-outside eye
      • UE-under eye
      • UN-under nose
      • Ch-just above chin
      • CB-collarbone spot
      • UA-under arm
      • BN-Below nipple
    • SQ Continued:
      • Th - thumb
      • IF - index finger
      • MF - middle
      • BF - baby finger
      • KC - side of hand
     2004 Ann Adams
    • Repeat Sequence:
    • KC, EB, OE, UE,
    • UN,Ch, CB, UA,
    • BN, Th, IF, MF, BF
    • SET UP:
      • KC-side of hand
    • 9 GAMUT
  • 53. PRACTICE and DEMONSTRATING Physical Issue  2004 Ann Adams
  • 54. Physical Issues For results that are terrific, it’s best to be specific  2004 Ann Adams
    • Be specific as to:
    • where the pain is located
    • the type of pain
    • the degree of pain
    • your description
  • 55. Physical Issues  2004 Ann Adams
    • Be specific as to type/location of pain.
    • Did it ‘move’?
    • Work on the associated negative thoughts.
    • Is there a connected emotional issue?
    • How do you feel about having the pain?
    • When did the pain start?
    • What loss is related?
      • Self worth
      • Decreased activities
      • Less independence
  • 56. What is YOUR number??
  • 57. PRACTICE and DEMONSTRATING Cravings  2004 Ann Adams
  • 58. Food Cravings Try it for ANY Craving
    • Identify how much you want to eat the chocolate – 0 to 10.
    • “ Even though I really want this chocolate I deeply and completely accept myself.”
    • Reminder phrase – “this chocolate”
    • Tap the points
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 59. What is YOUR number??
  • 60. PRACTICE and DEMONSTRATING Bothersome Memory  2004 Ann Adams
  • 61. Physical Pain, Bothersome Memory, Phobia, Addictive Craving  2004 Ann Adams PICK YOUR ISSUE Pick 3 issues you would like to work on today
  • 62. Issues are Like Puzzles
    • There are many pieces : BE SPECIFIC
    • Each piece may have several sides : ASPECTS
    • Some are more critical to completing the picture : CORE ISSUES
    • When some parts are put together the rest fall into place: GENERALIZATION
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 63. Picking Your Issue
    • Repetitive traumas are NOT SPECIFIC
    • Pick a specific event
    • Pick a key scene. (e.g. how they looked at you, tone of voice, sick to stomach, smell of burning.)
     2004 Ann Adams Pandora
  • 64. Tune into Your Issue
    • Pick just ONE piece of your ‘puzzle’
    • Tune in to that piece of the issue
     2004 Ann Adams Small t Start with a very specific issue or trauma with a “ small t ”
  • 65. Picking Specific Parts
    • Scene – pick one scene.
    • Feeling – What is the emotion? Where do you feel it now in your body?
    • Thought – Remember what you were thinking at the time?
     2004 Ann Adams Give your ‘ movie’ a NAME
  • 66. What is YOUR Number??
  • 67. And One More Time… Use your REMINDER phrase “ Even though I still have some of this problem I deeply and completely love and accept myself Tap the points  2004 Ann Adams
  • 68. What is YOUR Number??
  • 69. Peeling the Onion Changing Aspects
    • Problem are often in layers
    • Frequently the next piece of the issue is ‘unwrapped’
    • Keep Peeling!
     2004 Ann Adams When it stops ‘peeling’ look for a more critical incident OR core issue.
  • 70. Fear of Flying An issue with many aspects...
    • The fear of turbulence,
    • The fear of loss of control,
    • The fear of tight spaces (claustrophobia),
    • The fear of heights,
    • The fear of the unknown.
    • Then it may shift to a seemingly unrelated issue.
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 71. Changing Aspects  2004 Ann Adams Did You CHANGE the SCENE you SEE? Is it now a different voice, words, sound? Are the SMELLS or TASTE the same? Are you working on the same EMOTION? Are you experiencing the same PHYSICAL FEELING ? Is it a different THOUGHT Or… EVENT ?
  • 72. GOOD QUESTIONS Tips to Finding Core Issues
    • What does this issue/person remind you of?
    • When was the first time you remember feeling this way?
    • If there was a deeper emotion underlying this problem, what might it be?
    • If you could live your life over again, what person or event would you prefer to skip?
    If the answer is: I don’t know. Tell them to just guess !  2004 Ann Adams
  • 73. What is YOUR number??
  • 74. PRACTICE and DEMONSTRATING Constricted Breathing  2004 Ann Adams
  • 75. Constricted Breathing Most people do NOT breathe fully
    • Breathe in slowly as fully as you can (Don’t force it) X3
    • Assess % of full breath [if 100% try to go to a 120%]
    • Practice EFT X3
    • Take another full breath
    • Assess % of full breath
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 76. What is YOUR number??
  • 77.  2004 Ann Adams Phobias Cravings Memories Physical Pain Testing Results Assessing Progress
  • 78.  2004 Ann Adams Cravings Ready to Give It Up? Check the smell and taste How much desire is still there? Can you pass it up? Say no thank you? Imagine turning it down in the future? Now you have a choice – To Do or Not To Do!
  • 79.  2004 Ann Adams Ready for In Vivo? Have you covered ALL the aspects? Moving? Left? Right? Front? Back? Jumping? Running? Different types? More than one? Texture? Color? Different situations? Phobias
  • 80.  2004 Ann Adams % of Relief of Pain Has the pain changed intensity? Has it moved? Is there a related memory? If the pain had a name what would it be? Physical Pain
  • 81.  2004 Ann Adams Checking Memories Make the Scene bigger, brighter Stop at ANY level of distress When ‘0’ TRY to make intense REALLY challenge the results Memories
  • 82.
    • Questions from The EFT Manual
    • How do EFT results differ from a “quick fix?
    • Does it last?
    • What about very intense long term problems?
    • Don’t people NEED to understand their problem?
    • How does EFT deal with stress and anxiety?
    • Can EFT help with Sports Performance?
    • Why does it help with physical problems?
  • 83. Does it Always Work? What Can Get in the Way?  2004 Ann Adams Progress Core Issues ‘ Reversals’ Lack of Specificity Need additional Points Need pristine environment Weak SETUP Infrequent application Toxins
  • 84. When EFT Gets Stuck Ideas to Unblock EFT  2004 Ann Adams Progress Change locations Watch what you eat/use Be more Specific Add more Points Tap while in shower Stronger SETUP Use EFT more often Work on Negative Beliefs
  • 85. When EFT Gets Stuck Good Questions to Ask  2004 Ann Adams What’s in the way here? What have I not yet seen? What core issue have I been unable to find?
  • 86. The Basic Recipe Making a ‘HAM’ Sandwich
    • Identify Specific Issue
    • Identify Intensity
    • Develop Setup Statement
    • Tap points: KC,EB,SE,UE,UN,Ch,CB,UA,BN,Th,IF,MF,BF
    • 9 Gamut
    • Tap points: KC,EB,SE,UE,UN,Ch,CB,UA,BN,Th,IF,MF,BF
    • Check for intensity and other aspects
    • Repeat until ‘0’ with modified reminder
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 87. How to Apply EFT Identify Problem Apply Basic Recipe Apply Adjusted Basic Recipe Complete Relief Partial Relief No Relief Be Specific Where Possible Test & Reapply as Possible
    • 1995 Gary Craig
    • Adrianne Fowlie
  • 88. PRACTICE and DEMONSTRATING  2004 Ann Adams
  • 89. Unlimited Freedom
    • Consider using EFT on everything
    • Persist until ALL intensity is gone All Aspects – All Variations
    • Test out changes in the real world Remember the blocking beliefs!
    • Use to create futures or achieve goals
     2004 Ann Adams
  • 90. Increase Your Knowledge
    • Good Resources
    • www.eft4powerpoint.com
    • www.emofree.com
    • www.eftsupport.com
    • www.AttractingAbundance.com
    • www.allergyantidotes.com
     2004 Ann Adams