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SMC Introduction Presentation

  1. 1. Understanding people. Building Brands.
  2. 2. quot;The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.quot; Peter F. Drucker
  3. 3. Our mission A marketing strategy and communications consultancy that specialises in understanding people, in order to create passionate, profitable and enduring relationships between brands, employees and consumers that transform businesses and our world.
  4. 4. Our aims ENLIGHTEN To give companies greater knowledge and understanding about what matters to consumers, and how they can better leverage their offering. INSPIRE! ! To inspire companies to create brands, products and services that can make a positive difference in the world, and that as a result people love and praise. INNOVATE! ! To grow and differentiate our clients’ businesses through ever innovative marketing strategy and total touch-point communications. UNITE!! To unite companies, their employees and consumers together for mutually beneficial long-term reward. PARTNER To partner our clients with integrity at every level.
  5. 5. Our story 1. Combination client & agency experience. 2. Combination multi-country experience. 3. Local, national and international clients. 4. Growing exponentially each year.
  6. 6. A marketing strategy & communications consultancy
  7. 7. A thorough process from beginning to end 1. Identify the opportunity through analysis and research 2. Define the strategy 3. Create & communicate the brand through the right and relevant consumer touchpoints 4. Measure the results
  8. 8. Tailored to the needs of your brand • Brand creation (introduction) • Brand evolution (growth) • Brand revitalisation (maturity) • Brand transformation (decline)
  9. 9. Full range of brand building services • Research • Strategic planning • Design • Advertising • Media planning • Direct marketing • Loyalty marketing • Staff & channel support • Customer relationship marketing • Experiential • Exhibitions
  10. 10. Brands we’ve worked with Aroma ki Day Spa Bridge of Hope City of Sydney Compassion Australia Conveyancing Solutions Emil Ford & Co Lawyers Evangelism Explosion International Global Experience H20 Audio Insight Action Intelligent Developments Jaques Stanmore Wealth Advisors Manly-Manado (Action Against Poverty) Tax Express UKTV Warringah Home Loans
  11. 11. Some examples of our work focussing on strategy and branding. TV and radio campaigns not included.
  12. 12. Strategic Thinking: Warringah Home Loans 1. Background WHL approached us to help them develop their business identity and write their marketing strategy to improve their brand awareness and create more sales demand. 2. Process Stage 1: Research market, review the brand and proposition vs. the competition. Stage 2: Create brand USP, values and strap-line. Stage 3: Review previous marketing activity, set objectives, target markets, and plan for the forthcoming year. Stage 4: Review existing marketing material and messages by target market. Set marketing strategy to generate awareness, community involvement acceptability, and more business. 3. Result We evaluated their product offering and created a new and unique proposition in the home loans market: When peace of mind matters. We then developed a 12 month marketing plan to build their brand presence, community involvement through “kids in sport” sponsorship, and got the phones ringing for new business.
  13. 13. Strategic Thinking: Aroma Ki Day Spa 1. Background Aroma ki approached us to review their market offering as a new entrant to Sydney’s day spa market and a proposition to be Sydney’s most luxurious day spa, and to write a marketing activity plan for 2006. 2. Process Stage 1: Research market, review the brand and proposition vs. the competition. Stage 2: Create brand proposition, values and strap-line. Stage 3: Review previous marketing plan, target markets, set objectives and plan for forthcoming year. Stage 4: Review existing marketing material and messages by target market. Set marketing activity strategy to gain more business. 3. Result We evaluated their brand, proposition and offering and developed a 12 month activity plan to build their brand presence at a national and local level, and a tactical local plan to encourage new customers to trial the spa.
  14. 14. Strategic Thinking: Compassion Integrated Marketing Strategy 1. Research and develop Compassion’s marketing response to a multi-product, multi-market environment. 2. Determine best fit strategies for linking Compassion programs with target markets re. acquisition and retention. 3. Recommend structural and procedural changes to best deliver on the integrated marketing strategies developed.
  15. 15. Brand Evolution: Intelligent Developments Positioning & Identity
  16. 16. Compassion ‘About Me’ Display - Poverty Room
  17. 17. Compassion ‘About Me’ Display - Holistic Child Development Area
  18. 18. Microsite: UKTV Whodunnit? Competition
  19. 19. Tax Express Branding and Advertising Collateral
  20. 20. Tax Express Branding and Advertising Collateral
  21. 21. Evangelism Explosion - Xee logo, Marketing Strategy, Printed Collateral & 16 unit DVD
  22. 22. Evangelism Explosion - Xee logo, Marketing Strategy, Printed Collateral & 16 unit DVD
  23. 23. Asthma Foundation Press Campaign
  24. 24. LNG From Australia Display
  25. 25. Manly-Manado / Action Against Poverty Logo, Brand and Collateral
  26. 26. Manly-Manado / Action Against Poverty Logo, Brand and Collateral
  27. 27. Mr Bird’s MYO Brand Identity, Packaging and Website
  28. 28. But don’t just take our word for it...
  29. 29. “Its one thing to trust the design of a brochure to an external agency, even the responsibility for an entire campaign, but to place the entire “go to market” strategy of a $50+m organisation in the hands of others takes more than good vibes and a nice folio. Strategic Minds has brought together inspired creativity, sound strategy and utter dependability. Their contribution to the ministry of Compassion extends far beyond that of most commercial partnerships.” Jeff Nagle, COO - Compassion Australia
  30. 30. “Strategic Minds is an absolute pleasure to work with. The work they produce is of the highest quality – comparable with any top agency, however, I believe it’s their service which sets them apart. They make working to tight deadlines and budgets seem all so easy. They are proactive in providing input and advice, but also take direction from the client very well. They always seem to quickly and thoroughly ‘get’ our concept and then throw themselves into the project with such passion. They go above and beyond the call of duty, giving the project everything they possibly can. I would not hesitate to recommend Strategic Minds – they are truly a joy to work with!” Natalie Moses, Marketing Director - Compassion Australia
  31. 31. “Strategic Minds Communications delivered a highly effective media buy for Supernova, our biggest program launch of the year, for the budget given. It was an innovative buy, with good strategy and ideas, and the service received was fabulous. I highly recommend Strategic Minds – they go over and above in their delivery.” Anna Cochrane, Marketing Director - UKTV
  32. 32. Thank you for reading this presentation. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us on 02 8022 8479 or email