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  • 1. Barcode PrintingBarcode ConceptTypes of BarcodeBarcode ApplicationBarcode Bring BenefitsArtwork Set up NoticesBarcode Card Designs
  • 2. Barcode Printing ConceptYou will see the barcode in the world every day, you see them on shoppingmalls, labels, tags, consumable goods and plastic cards. Barcode can bedescribe as an "optical Morse code." Series of black bars and white spacesof varying widths are printed on cards and tags to uniquely identify itemsand datas.
  • 3. Types of Barcode 1 2Many of barcode symbologies Three types of 1-D barcode havehave been created, However, less been widely used, there arethan two dozen are widely used. Code39, Code128, and EAN13. InEvery symbologies have their addition, QR Code(2-D) is alsoown pattern of bars and spaces been widely used and readed byand their own rules for encoding desktop printers anddata. Generally, There are two smartphones.basic types of bar codes:linear(1-D) and two-dimensional(2-D).
  • 4. Types of Barcode • Code128(1-D) • Code39(1-D) • EAN13(1-D) • QR Code(2-D)
  • 5. Barcode Application 1 2 3Barcodes can be Barcode Printing is Printing QR code onscanned by special widely used on Plastic card, whichoptical scanners called plastic card to store customerbarcode readers, manage member information orscanners and systems, also, can company information,interpretive software be a much more just use smartphoneare available on devices effective and easy as a QR code readerincluding desktop method of tracking to scan.printers and inventory andsmartphones. pricing products.
  • 6. Barcode Application QR Code are readed by mobile phoneQR Codes can be printed on plastic cards, encoded with contact cards, or includedin advertising, to deliver a website address to an interested parties mobile phone.Plus, QR Codes can be delivered digitally, through the internet or television. QRCode reading software is available for various modern mobile phones whichfeature cameras, and comes pre-installed on many newer models.
  • 7. Barcode Bring Benefits• Improve managementRetailers and distributors have used barcode labeling toimprove the management of their inventories. Such a relativelysimple, cost-effective system can provide the latest informationon your inventory status.• Manage membership systemBarcode printing is definitely an easier way to manage yourmembership system. which offer automatic identification,extremely fast recognition and implementation of data.• Save time and costsBarcoding improves the accuracy of data while saving both timeand costs.• Easy to readQR codes huge capacity to store more data makes them moresought after, QR codes can be read anytime, anywhere withmobile phones. To simplify access and without having to typeanything, QR codes become multiple uses.
  • 8. Artwork Set up Notices To print bar codes on plastic cards, the application software must support barcoding or additional programming. Code39 and Code128 can be encoded long symbologies which including spaces. The more symbologies, the longer length be required. Spaces on barcode should be in accordance with those of symbologies printed on barcode. EAN13 have totally 13 digits. the last digit will generate automatically. Code 128 is capable of displaying 2 digits with one set of bars
  • 9. Barcode Card DesignsGift Card Membership Direct Mail Card Envelope Combo Card Long Hanging Card
  • 10. Barcode Card Designs Economy Short Hanging Key TagHanging Card Card Gift Card Garment Hang Holder Tag