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erocci is a new erlang frameowrk for building OCCI compliant REST APIs.

erocci is a new erlang frameowrk for building OCCI compliant REST APIs.

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  • 1. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon 1
  • 3. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon CLOUD IS REST... int create_vm(char* name, int cores, int mem); def get_bucket(size) module:erase_stuff/3 GET http://example.com/bucket?size=12 PUT http://example.com/vm { "name": "myvm1", "cores": 4, "mem": 2.5 } DELETE http://example.com/stuff/id1 object oriented relational tables relational tables Resource oriented factory pattern builder iterator observer C(reate) R(ead) U(pdate) D(elete) 3
  • 4. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon ...SO IS EROCCI PUT /myresource/id1 CREATE POST /myresource/id1 UPDATE GET /myresource/id1 READ DELETE /myresource/id1 DELETE 4
  • 5. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon "YET ANOTHER REST FRAMEWORK" ? REST APIs looks similar, but are not interoperable 5
  • 6. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon OCCI IS TYPED Kind: a named list of attributes and actions e.g.: http://schemas.ogf.org/occi/infrastructure#compute Attribute: name, type (string, numeric, etc), mutability, occurrence, default value Resource: an instance of a kind, identified with a URI Action: an invocable operation applicable to a resource e.g.: http://schemas.ogf.org/occi/infrastructure/compute/action#start Kinds are inheritable Inherits attributes and actions 6
  • 7. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon OCCI IS EXTENSIBLE Mixin: a named set of additional attributes and actions e.g.: http://schemas.ogf.org/occi/infrastructure/networkinterface#ipnetworkinterface Resource can be associated with one or several mixin User Mixin: a user can create its own mixin, to tag resources e.g.: http://example.com/occi/mixins#my_group1 7
  • 8. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon OCCI IS RELATIONAL Links are resources with specific attributes: occi.core.source: resource URI occi.core.target: resource URI A collection is a list of resource URIs of the same kind/mixin GET /collections/compute/ GET /collections/os_tpl/ 8
  • 9. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon OCCI IS SELF-DESCRIBED GET /-/ (capabilities) List of supported kinds + description List of supported mixins + description List of supported actions + description Capabilities show collection's URL http://schemas.ogf.org/occi/infrsatructure#compute -> /collections/compute 9
  • 10. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon OCCI IS META-MODEL BASED Category scheme: URI term: String title: String [0..1] Kind Mixin Action Entity id: URI Resource Link Attribute name: String type: String [0..1] mutable: Boolean [0..1] required: Boolean [0..1] default: String [0..1] description: String [0..1] 0..1 * actions 1* actions * mixins * entities 1 kind * entities 1 target 1 source * links 0..1 parent * * depends * 1 * attributes * applies Model consistency checking Rendering independant text/plain, application/json, etc. Transport independant HTTP, others... Automatic model implementation 10
  • 11. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon OCCI IMPLEMENTATIONS rOCCI occi4java Frameworks DoYouSpeakOCCI : test Tools CompatibleOne pyOCNI OpenStack, OpenNebula, etc Specific implementations Models are language extensions/libs Hard to exchange models: what about interoperability ? Limits See http://occi-wg.org/community/implementations/ 11
  • 12. occi_store occi_backend supervisor occi_backend_riak backend occi_backend_mnesia backend / /path/to/resources mount create load update delete occi_hook supervisor call on_save on_load on_update on_delete on_action occi_hook_mgr hook notify occi_renderer_json occi_renderer occi_renderer_occi occi_renderer occi_renderer_xml occi_renderer parse render parse render occi_listener_http occi_listener occi_listener_xmpp occi_listener based on cowboy based on exmpp occi_category_mgr supervisorcategories description <?xml > <occi:extension> <occi:kind> ... </occi:kind> </occi:extension>load APPLICATION MODEL STANDARD OCCI API STORAGE occi_backend_XXX backend PROPRIETARY API /other/path/to/resources © 2014 Jean Parpaillon EROCCI ARCHITECTURE 12
  • 13. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon MULTIPLE REPRESENTATIONS text/plain Write your own rendering: Implements: render, parse text/occi application/json (draft) application/xml (experimental): see XSD: https://github.com/jeanparpaillon/occi-schemas 13
  • 14. / /store/db1 /store/db2 /virt occi_backend_mnesia occi_backend_riak occi_backend_odbc occi_backend_libvirt © 2014 Jean Parpaillon MULTIPLE BACKENDS Backends attached to mountpoints Backends declare a schema Storage backend: user-defined schema API adapter: backend specific schema Simple backend API Implements CRUD operations Shared kinds/mixins Collection requests run in parallel 14
  • 15. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon MULTIPLE TRANSPORTS HTTP(S) Natural REST transport cowboy web server 100% erlang (easy to port) Small, tested, scalable (distributed) XMPP Ideal for M2M, IoT Based on forked exmpp (erim) <iq/> based XML schema available Extensible Simple APIs for: - dispatching requests (occi_store) - parsing/rendering Fault tolerant: - erlang supervisor'ed 15
  • 16. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon EXTENDING EROCCI AS A REST "ORM" Choose a storage backend Load OCCI schema as XML Choose a listener Start it ! AS API ADAPTOR Write your own backend Implements CRUD operations w/ calls to your favourite API NEW TRANSPORT Share your model Just transport it differently -> No erlang needed ! -> Need to write erlang (no harm) -> Enjoy scalability, fault tolerance, transports, etc. 16
  • 17. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon ROADMAP authn/authz x509, HTTP basic etc, XMPP rosters, oauth/openid, etc. POSIX based with file-based backend ? Contributions welcome ! Testing Functional tests: migrate to Common Test Unit tests: use eunit, add tests POSIX based with file-based backend ? Optimize occi_store New storage backends Riak (started...) ODBC (SQL) etc. XMPP listener XMPP component (API proxy) Implements rosters, presence, etc 17
  • 18. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon RESOURCES Website: Source code: Continuous integration: Mailing lists: http://erocci.ow2.org http://github.com/jeanparpaillon/erocci https://travis-ci.org/jeanparpaillon/erocci erocci-dev@ow2.org erocci-info@ow2.org (ongoing work) 18
  • 19. © 2014 Jean Parpaillon THANKS 19