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Sms Passcode Product Info
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Sms Passcode Product Info


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SMS passcode product info

SMS passcode product info

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  • 2. SMS PASSCODE® makes user authentication easier than ever, and more secure. Its extensive range and flexibility empowers organizations in their critical efforts to improve the agility and dynamics of the enterprise environment, while maintaining the highest level of corporate asset security. SMS PASSCODE ADVANCED TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION
  • 3. COMPREHENSIVE RANgE OF PROTECTION "Protect your assets with a single solution for all your systems.” Citrix Web Interface Protection Citrix Access RADIUS Gateway AE 4.5 Protection Protection ∏ SMS PASSCODE two-factor authentication Windows Web Site Logon Protection Protection ≥ Protect Citrix Web Interface servers ≥ Protect Logon Points of Citrix Access Gateway Advanced ≥ Protect RADIUS/VPN clients Access Control (CAg AAC) servers SUPPORTS AMONg OTHERS: ≥ Protect web sites using the all new ≥ Checkpoint Web Site Protection module ≥ Cisco SUPPORTS AMONg OTHERS: ≥ Citrix Access gateway ≥ Juniper ≥ MS Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2003 ≥ MS Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 ≥ Protect Windows Logon ≥ IIS web sites* ≥ Terminal Service (RDP connections) * Sites using IIS Integrated Windows Authentication ≥ Windows Servers ≥ Windows XP Workstations 3
  • 4. OUTSTANDINg SECURITy LEVEL "In contrast to traditional token-based solutions, SMS PASSCODE® generates session-specific one-time passcodes, which significantly improves protection against identity theft” TECHNICAL ASPECTS ≥ greater protection against Phishing- ≥ Configurable passcode lifetime attacks, since passcodes are: ≥ Strong encryption: ≥ Session-specific ≥ Challenge-based Build-in 256bit AES encryption of all ≥ Time-constrained network communication ≥ Cryptographically strong random ≥ Brute force attack protection auto- passcodes are generated using matically locks out users on consecu- FIPS-140 validated crypto modules tive incorrect passcode entries ≥ Configurable passcode complexity ≥ Denial-of-service attack detection USER ASPECTS High user awareness of stolen or lost mobile phone means shorter period before counter-actions are taken. This implies increased security compared with traditional token-based solutions High user awareness that SIM card of stolen phone should be locked for misuse. Which implies lock down of access using SMS PASSCODE® Users can lock their stolen cell phone (SIM card) themselves - meaning faster reaction and shorter period of security breach 4 SMS PASSCODE ADVANCED TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION
  • 5. UNMATCHED EASE OF ADMINISTRATION "Tired of administrating hardware-tokens ? With SMS PASSCODE® hardware distribution is an element of the past!” INSTALLATION / DEPLOyMENT ≥ Out of the box installation: ≥ Component architecture offers maximum flexibility of installation: Connect modem(s), run installation of the SMS PASSCODE® software, and the system Distribute SMS PASSCODE® components is ready for use. according to your specific needs ≥ Simple Enterprise deployment: ≥ No distribution of hardware-tokens: Plug-and-play integration to Active get thousands of users up and running within Directory, without the need for AD schema minutes. Extract all cell phone numbers from changes or extensions. your Active Directory, or import them from a comma-separated file ≥ All necessary SMS gateway hardware included OPERATION / ADMINISTRATION No administration of hardware-tokens No need to involve IT personnel in the event of a lost cell phone. Users will quickly recognize the loss, and act on own impulse to block the SIM-card. Active Directory integration: ≥ Supports both LDAP and global Catalog lookups ≥ No schema extension of your AD! Just add users to a group of your AD ≥ Even nested groups, child domains and trusted domains are supported! 5
  • 6. BROAD ENTERPRISE ENVIRONMENT SUPPORT "Failover and scalability has been thought into SMS PASSCODE® from the very beginning”, CTO, Claus Rosendal SCALABILITy AND LOAD BALANCINg SMS PASSCODE® offers failover on all levels. Each transmitter caches all data locally, which in turn means total independence of backend database. The solution supports an unlimited number of gSM modems, using modem pools. And it supports any number of Transmitter- and Load Balancing Services. you can add or remove Load Balancing Services, Transmitter Services and gSM modems on-the-fly without any downtime. And SMS PASSCODE® supports an unlimited number of users as well as international deployment of modem pools. bi R bi R bi R bi R 2- E 4- E 2- E 4- E t) t) t) t) (6 V (3 V (6 V (3 V 4 SER 6 SER 4 SER 6 SER X6 S X8 S X6 S X8 S OW 03 OW 03 OW 08 OW 20 D 20 IND 20 IND 20 IND 08 IN COMPONENT W W W W DATABASE SERVICE TRANSMITTER SERVICE LOAD BALANCING SERVICE WEB ADMIN. INTERFACE 1 2 3 3 CITRIX WEB INTERFACE PROTECTION RADIUS PROTECTION WEB SITE PROTECTION WINDOWS LOGON PROTECTION CAGAE PROTECTION 1 Citrix Web Interface 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.6 and 5.0 are supported. 2 Citrix Web Interface 4.5, 4.6 and 5.0 are supported. 3 Citrix Web Interface 5.0 is supported. 6 SMS PASSCODE ADVANCED TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION
  • 7. EXCELLENT USER COMPLIANCE "SMS PASSCODE® - The world's leading authentication technology reduces off-grid hours, letting you stay in business." SEAMLESS SMS PASSCODE® is fully integrated with all supported INTEgRATION authentication clients No extra user actions required to receive a passcode. The passcode is automatically generated and send during authentication No user training necessary STATUS SMS PASSCODE® provides an unrivaled status feed-back FEEDBACk feature during login on all supported clients Status feedback inspires user confidence - the user can visually follow the accurate login progress Reduces support calls to your IT personnel FLASH SMS Passcodes are by default sent as Flash SMS Flash SMS’ automatically pop up on the user’s cell phone without any user action Flash SMS’ are not stored on the cell phone ALWAyS As opposed to tokens, users rarely forget their cell phone, CONNECTED which in turn means more productive hours 7
  • 8. © Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. UK 01-2-2008 SMS PASSCODE A/S Park Allé 350 D Dk 2605 Brøndby PHONE: +45 7022 5533