The Internet Village goes on the cloud!
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The Internet Village goes on the cloud!



This presentation analyses the isses of Cloud Computing on the Internet Society.

This presentation analyses the isses of Cloud Computing on the Internet Society.



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The Internet Village goes on the cloud! The Internet Village goes on the cloud! Presentation Transcript

  • From W orld W ide W eb to C loud C omputing C onnections Jean Louis LEQUEUX V 2.1 – May 17 th , 2011 Le Village Internet va sur le N uage N umérique
  • Summary
    • ../…
    • … //
  • What is eSociety
    • History has definitely entered in the era of the eSociety!
    • But, how to precisely define what eSociety is?
    • - A Society where all services are available on the Web?
    • - A Society made of “Electronic Social Networks” (@SN)?
    • Both answers are correct and there are different points of views…
  • Technological point of view
    • The www is extended to
    • - Professional & private life
    • - Social life:
      • everyday buys & sales,
      • administration,
      • etc.
  • Economical point of view
    • In less than a quarter of a century, the Internet became the optimized media for:
    • - Commerce
    • - Learning
    • - Finance, etc.
    • Any market segment of all economic sectors has its own Web-based activities..
  • The Y Generation’s point of view
    • Born with the Internet, raised with the Web,
    • the Y Generation integrates these mere communication media as a part of their ecosystem!
    • Internet is a part of their life
  • Three steps to heaven
    • Since its creation, there where three technical generations:
    • Internet
    • Web 2.0
    • Cloud Computing
  • Eco system or Ego system?
    • With the Web 2.0 users have the possiblity to be also actors with:
    • - Blogs
    • - Wikis
    • - Forums, etc.
    • Ubiquity of the cloud
    • By allowing loose coupling between numerous nodes, Cloud Computing has leveraged and boosted Internet ubiquity.Any user may build his own Sites Ecosystem, customize it and make it an "Egosystem".
  • Social Networks
    • Today eSociety also means Social Networks or more precisely
    • Electronic Social Networks (@SN)
    • because there have always been
    • Physical Social Networks (  )
  • History of Social Networks… in short!
    • most  have Internet mirrors, which are just simple Web Sites
    • - Then appear:
      • BBS Rings
      • Chat Rooms
      • Thematic Social Networks for alumnis & co-workers
      • Generic Web or electronic Social Network, noted @SN
  • Just another communication media?
    • @SN are not just another way to connect, replacing the email and Instant Messaging because individuals interact in terms of: ideas, ideals, actions and projects...
  • … /… More on: