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  • 1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT! By: Jesus Baeza and Adrian Castillo
  • 2. What does it mean to choose the right? What it means to choose the right is by doing things that are in good will to you and to others. Being honest, nice, kind, respectful, an d responsible.
  • 3. Live the highway!  Living the highway is:  Cooperative  Kind  Honest  Grateful  Friendly
  • 4. Living the low way!  Living the low way is: Cussing Lazy Mean Unkind Disrespectful Hateful dishonest
  • 5. What is an examples of choosing the right? Some examples of choosing the right can be: If see someone's money fall on the floor and you know for sure it’s theirs then the right thing to do is grab and hand it back to them. Another example might be if you did something wrong but you lie about it the right thing to do is come clean and tell the truth (honesty)
  • 6. Why is it important to choose the right? Its important because when choosing the right it makes you feel good and better about yourself and sometimes other people see you as another person specifically a good person, a person with respect and honesty.
  • 7. Honesty Honesty refers to a way someone's moral character is in situations when you can either lie or tell the truth. Its good to be honest because when you tell the truth people can trust you or any other certain person and they know you can be trust worthy and faithful.
  • 8. Respect A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • 9. Choose the right is Trustworthiness! Trustworthiness is when someone is able to be relied on as honest and truthful. Trustworthy is when others can count on you to keep a promise.
  • 10. Choosing the right is fairness! Fairness is when you play the right way by not cheating and playing by the rules. Other ways to be fair is to be a good sportsmanship in any type of sport.
  • 11. What happens when you don’t choose the right? When choosing the wrong it brings dishonesty, rude, unkind, hateful, and cussing to your life. When people choose the wrong consequences come alongside it. Examples: Jail Community service If caught cheating on a test = zero drugs= poor life never achieved any of your dreams/ goals.
  • 12. A video showing choosing the right! 