Case study featuring G4S and the Savvis WAM!NET platform


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Case study featuring G4S and the Savvis WAM!NET platform

  1. 1. Company:G4SIndustry:SecurityLine of Business:Leading international securitysolutions groupTarget Market:A wide range of geographicmarkets, business sectors andgovernmentsDeliverables:WAM!NET Content Studio andSubmission IconsLocations:GlobalSummary:G4S’s corporate marketingdepartment wanted to eliminateunnecessary image and videoreproduction costs and improvecontrol over new contentreview and approval. Their oldsolution of transferring andstoring files on DVDs createddelays in distributing. Locatingmarketing content and potentialFTP-based solutions hadproven problematic with localIT restrictions. Now they havea WAM!NET submission iconon each marketer’s desktop tosubmit new content over theInternet into a centrally hostedWAM!NET storage applicationfor corporate approval anddownload over the Internet toregional offices.G4S Enhances Global Brand Control andReduces Campaign Cycle TimesOverviewG4S is one of the world’s leading international security solutions group withoperations in over 110 countries and over 570,000 employees. They specializein assessing current and future risks and developing secure solutions tominimize their impact. G4S works across a wide range of geographic markets,business sectors and are a major provider of risk management and protectionto governments and major corporate customers around the world.ChallengeG4S deploys many localized marketing campaigns around the world wheredigital content including images and videos created both centrally andregionally could be shared across their international offices. Many of thesebusinesses however would not be aware of what digital content was availablenor how to access this content quickly enough.G4S often incurred unnecessary expenses when offices reproduced contentthat already existed. Additionally, it was unclear what usage rights andrestrictions were relevant to the material. This resulted in some businesses re-using content which was obsolete.The use of DVDs to distribute files between regional offices and headquarterswas slow and created unnecessary delays in the deployment of local marketingcampaigns. Several days were taken to ship files on DVDs from regional filmand photo sessions to the corporate office for approval. Upon arrival at thecorporate office, the photos and videos would remain on DVDs after approvaland placed into storage. Content was extremely hard to locate by corporatestaff, and inaccessible by regional offices for repurposing.Various solutions were investigated, including the use of FTP servers, however,with the FTP protocol marketing contacts were blocked from access due tolocal IT restrictions.Digital contentCase Study
  2. 2. The Savvis WAM!NET SolutionThe Savvis WAM!NET Service was chosen to provide a managed file transferand storage solution for their marketing campaigns. On the hosted andfully managed WAM!NET Content Studio storage application, libraries werecreated and customized to the marketing group’s requirements. A G4Sbranded WAM!NET Submission Icon was then installed on the desktop ofeach marketer across all offices, enabling them to submit new marketingcontent along with title and event information to the appropriate library overthe Internet.The searching and file preview features of Content Studio allowed the corporate marketing staff to quickly reviewand approve new content that had been uploaded. Once a file is approved within Content Studio, it becomesimmediately available for authorized users in their regional offices to search and download directly over the Internetfor use in local campaigns.Content Studio is hosted in Savvis’ own centers providing security and replication of data. The service and all usersare fully supported by Savvis’ global support teams on a 24/7 basis.BenefitsG4S realized benefits of the WAM!NET solution immediately. The G4S marketing department reduced cycle timesfor the deployment of their local marketing campaigns, resulting in increased impact of the campaigns. Awareness ofmaterial availability increased and costs associated with unnecessary reproduction of images and videos reduced.Authorized users in regional offices are able to search and download contentdirectly over the Internet for use in local campaigns, and corporate guidelinesare able to be enforced by the marketing team through centralized control of thecontent review and approval process.Digital Content Case studyG4S“It is great – it’s so much easierand has saved me so much time– and frustration!”- Sarah Woodman,Communications ExecutiveG4S plc© 2008 Savvis, Inc. All rights reserved. Savvis® is the registered trademark of Savvis Communications Corporation.All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. - 1 -For more informationabout Savvis, orcall 1.800.SAVVIS.1(1.800.728.8471).EMEASavvis UK LimitedTel +44 (0)118 322 6000Asia PacificSavvis SingaporeCompany Pte LtdTel +65 6768 8000JapanSavvis Communications K.K.Tel +81.3.5214.0151CorporateMarketingInternet InternetRemoteOfficesWAM!NETStorageFile TransferManagement