CenturyLink - Life Lock Call Center Case Study

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Hyper growth stretched the company’s …

Hyper growth stretched the company’s
existing communications infrastructure
to its scalability limits. Managers
needed to find a tier-one vendor
who could provide a comprehensive,
expandable service portfolio to securely
connect multiple locations and support
a busy call center.

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  • 1. CenturyLink Solutions Featuring:CenturyLink™Metro Ethernet Service, CenturyLink™EZRoute Service, CenturyLink™Hosted IVR Service,CenturyLink™Domestic Toll Free ServiceCase Study: LifeLock, Inc.
  • 2. Customer:LifeLock, Inc.www.lifelock.comBusiness Challenge:Hyper growth stretched the company’sexisting communications infrastructureto its scalability limits. Managersneeded to find a tier-one vendorwho could provide a comprehensive,expandable service portfolio to securelyconnect multiple locations and supporta busy call center.Solution:Managers implemented theCenturyLink™Hosted IVR Service to linkthree Phoenix-area facilities. They alsodeployed the CenturyLink™DomesticToll Free Service along with three callcenter solutions: the CenturyLink™EZRoute Service, the CenturyLink™HostedIVR Service and the CenturyLink™Notifyservice.Benefits and Results:*Economical, scalable and reliable data• bandwidth to three metro sitesQMOE serves as backbone for voiceooover Internet protocol (VoIP) phonesystemToll free service delivered at• competitive rates for 964,000 minutesper month of usageCloud-based, scalable Hosted IVR• services:Were deemed more economicaloothan building support infrastructureinternallyLiberate IT staff from administrativeooduties to focus on critical projectsAre PCI-compliant to satisfyoocustomer data security needsCall center agent efficiency boost• IVR & EZ Route detailed real-timeooand historical statistics contributedto business improvements that haveachieved agent productivity gainsLifeLock, Inc.Identity theft is a continuing concern among consumers given theconsequences they suffer following such an event. For example, anIdentity Theft Resource Center 2008 survey reports that victims spentan average of 58 to 165 hours to repair the damage to their credit.Entrepreneur Todd Davis recognized this trend and founded LifeLockInc. in 2005 to proactively combat identity theft. Since that time, theTempe, Arizona firm has grown quickly, equipping multiple facilities inthe city to service over a million customers across the United States,Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.A cornerstone of identity theft prevention is timely education ofcustomers. In addition to e-mail alerts and newsletters, the firmmaintains a large call center which processes tens of thousands of callsevery month.Facing the ChallengesSoon after welcoming its millionth member, LifeLock’s communicationsinfrastructure reached its scalability limit. “We couldn’t allow that to bea gating factor on how successful the company was going to be,” saidTodd Davis, founder and CEO for LifeLock.Scalability, however, wasn’t Davis’ only consideration. “We dealwith sensitive customer information every day, so it was vital thatany call center solution we considered be ISO 27001 and PCI level 1compliant,” said Davis. “These rigorous security standards apply tohow we contact our members as well as data we collect from them.”Rounding out the IT team’s requirements list was reliability. “LifeLockoperates 24/7 and our employees need constant access to ourcentralized data or our customer service will suffer accordingly,” saidDavis. “We chose Qwest because we felt they could deliver not onlythe speeds and feeds we wanted, but a true partner relationship tohelp our business thrive.”*These results are unique to this entity and should notbe considered an indication of the amount of savings orimprovements, if any, that may be realized by any otherentity subscribing to comparable services.
  • 3. “The Qwest services have given us the scalability, reliabilityand security features that are essential to allow our businessto grow. Their granular call-center service reporting capabilitieswere a key reason we’ve been able to dramatically improvethe efficiency of our call agents.”—Todd Davis, Founder and CEO, LifeLock, Inc.Providing a Successful SolutionThe LifeLock technical team worked with CenturyLinkspecialists to install primary and backup CenturyLink™Metro Ethernet Service circuits (six total) to threePhoenix sites. These included the headquarters building,a call center and a collocation facility hosting backup datacenter infrastructure.The circuits allow employees to access centralizedapplications at the firm’s production data center. As agold-certified Cisco partner, CenturyLink also providedCisco 3700 Series Multiservice Access Routers ateach site. These support QMOE services as well asa 10 Mbps CenturyLink™High-Speed Internet serviceconnection. A Cisco IP telephony solution utilizes theQMOE circuits to support VoIP communications.Additionally, managers implemented the CenturyLink™Domestic Toll Free Service across the enterprise. Theservice supports about 280 LifeLock-owned toll freenumbers that utilize about 964,462 minutes per monthspread across approximately 80,000 calls.LifeLock’s call center deployed the CenturyLink™EZRoute Service, the CenturyLink™Hosted IVR Service andthe CenturyLink™Notify service.Delivering Results*Economical Services That Deliver Business Value“Qwest was very competitive in terms of price andespecially in the level of service they provide,” saidDavis.At the firm’s call center, the CenturyLink Hosted IVR andEZ Route reporting capabilities unearthed a goldmine ofinformation. “Now we have access to incredibly detailedreal-time and historical reports,” said Davis. “We’veused the statistics to improve our call agent efficiency.”Another advantage of the call center hosted servicesis that they are cloud-based and PCI-compliantservices. Hence, LifeLock IT staffers are freed from theadministrative and maintenance burden associated withthe hardware/software of an in-house solution. “Thatallows us to focus on our core competencies whilemeeting our need for the secure handling of customerinformation,” said Davis.Reliability and ScalabilityCenturyLink’s emphasis on redundant architecturesprovides the high level of availability to corporateapplications and customer data that employees need.LifeLock further bolstered redundancy by assigning twoQMOE circuits to each Phoenix facility.As the company grows, managers can scale the QMOEservice up to 1 Gbps capacity. Moreover, because theCenturyLink Hosted IVR service is sold on a per-portbasis, IT planners can ramp up, or down, as business orseasonal conditions require.“The Qwest services replaced a maxed out networkwith one that’s scalable and secure,” said Davis.“Getting there was critically important to ensure thecontinued growth of our company.”*These results are unique to this entity and should not be considered an indication ofthe amount of savings or improvements, if any, that may be realized by any other entitysubscribing to comparable services.
  • 4. 1801 California StreetDenver, CO 802021 800-860-1020www.centurylink.com©2011 CenturyLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Not to be distributed or reproduced by anyone other than CenturyLink entities.CR090998 9/09