Bank and office interiors case studies


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Bank and office interiors case studies

  1. 1. CenturyLink Solutions Featuring:CenturyLink IQ™Private PortCase Study: Bank and Office Interiors
  2. 2. Customer:Bank and Office Interiorswww.bankandoffice.comBusiness Challenge:Five company locations had separatephone systems. Due to the 20-yearage of these systems, it was difficultand time-consuming to administer andmaintain them. Moreover, sourcingphones that worked with the oldersystems was expensive.Solution:The company standardized on a UnifiedCisco phone system for use by allemployees. Call activity is managedwith the Cisco Unified CommunicationsManager. The Cisco Unified MessagingGateway provides a centralized voicemail capability. The CenturyLink IQ™Private Port service provides MPLSservice to all five Washington Statesites.Benefits and Results:*The IP Cisco phone system slashed• maintenance costs by $10,000annuallyThe CenturyLink IQ• ™Private Portservice provides on-net callingbetween offices to cut long-distancefees by thousands of dollars over fiveyearsThe administration of the• standardized, IP phone system ismarkedly easier, requires fewer laborhours and can be done remotelyAcquiring additional Cisco IP phones• is easier and less expensive than theirlegacy counterpartsIP phone system features substantially• improved employee productivityCisco Unified Messaging notifies• employees of messages sothat they may respond faster tocustomersTeleconferencing feature enables• up to six-person calls that legacysystem did not haveBank and Office InteriorsSeattle-based Bank and Office Interiors designs, constructs and installsefficient work spaces for a diverse clientele that includes Fortune 500companies. Its comprehensive workplace solutions effectively integratepeople, business processes, technologies and work spaces.This includes laying out work spaces so that workers who collaboratefrequently are seated near each other. Moreover, Bank and Office usesthe latest in ergonomically-designed furniture and fixtures to provideaesthetically-pleasing and functional work environments.To achieve this end, a number of departments and teams collaborateclosely to create designs and ensure the timely installation of furniture.Additionally, project managers coordinate the smooth transition to newwork spaces by overseeing the relocation of customer employees.Facing the ChallengesBank and Office had five separate phone systems to support eachof its Washington State facilities. The telecommunications systemswere 20 years old and provided basic functionality. However, sourcingphones to work in these systems became a logistics challenge, not tomention the increased costs associated with vintage handsets.Behind the scenes, Danä DeVol, director of Information Technology atBank and Office faced greater challenges than hunting down usablephones. “Administering the phone systems at our five locations witheach one being different made my life a lot harder. Sometimes, wewould have to go onsite to administer phone systems because the dial-in technology didn’t work.”The relocation of one office brought DeVol to a crossroads. He weighedthe costs and benefits of replacing that one office’s phone systemversus deploying a standardized, enterprise-wide solution.*These results are unique to this entity and should notbe considered an indication of the amount of savings orimprovements, if any, that may be realized by any otherentity subscribing to comparable services.
  3. 3. “The Qwest/Cisco solutions have been such a success,and it was such a transparent transition from the old systemto the new system for the users, that it was a really big dealfor my career. We noticeably cut our costs and had a boostin employee productivity.”— Danä DeVol, Director of Information Technology, Bank and Office Interiors“It made more sense to go with a modern phone systemthat would better support our productivity and customerservice objectives,” stated DeVol. “We would alsobe able to offset capital expenditures with significantsavings in maintenance and administration.”Providing a Successful SolutionDeVol’s extensive research led him to chooseCenturyLink.“It was very clear from my reading that Cisco wouldprobably be the best and most stable choice. And I knewthat Qwest had a lot of experience in telecom and thatthey’ve been working with Cisco for some time. Myother vendor didn’t have that kind of relationship withCisco.”DeVol’s team worked with CenturyLink’s Cisco GoldCertified engineers to implement a standardized IP-based phone system at the firm’s five Washington Statelocations. Each site utilizes the CenturyLink IQ™PrivatePort service for data and voice over IP communications.Because the service features on-net calling among thefive offices, long-distance fees do not apply.Additionally, CenturyLink experts installed andconfigured the Cisco Unified Communications Managerto administer and support call traffic. To allow employeesflexible options to access their voice messages, theydeployed the Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway. In orderto keep things simple, DeVol standardized on two CiscoUnified IP Phone models to meet the unique needsof executives, managers and employees across theenterprise.Delivering Results*“Qwest and Cisco worked together to choose theproducts we needed,” stated DeVol. “After that, theproject was all in Qwest’s hands. They did all theplanning, engineering and configuration that wasneeded. Overall, the project was very successful and wehad a very good experience with them.”Cost-Effective Technology and Service“Since putting in the Cisco phone system, ourmaintenance costs have gone down by $10,000,”recalled DeVol. “The cost to acquire new andreplacement Cisco phones is much less than it was forour legacy system.”Additionally, “Now that our offices are connected acrossQwest’s MPLS network, everything is just an intercomcall between two of our offices,” said DeVol. “Overthe next five years that will save us many thousands ofdollars in long-distance fees we used to pay.”Simplified AdministrationThe Cisco IP phone system has proven to besubstantially easier to administrate than DeVol’s previoussolution. “We administer each node from one machinenow and it applies to everyone across the board withouthaving to do anything special for our remote sites. It’smuch easier to deal with and takes less time than ourlegacy solution.”(continued on back cover)*These results are unique to this entity and should not be considered an indication ofthe amount of savings or improvements, if any, that may be realized by any other entitysubscribing to comparable services.
  4. 4. Moreover, the easily configurable IP phones—and plug-and-playcapabilities when moving one—cut the time it used to take DeVolto complete these tasks by 90 percent.PRODUCTIVITY-ENHANCING FEATURES“The Cisco Unified Messaging solution pushes voice mails toemployees’ e-mail boxes,” said DeVol. “If they’re in the field,they can see those messages as they come in and get back toa customer much more quickly than if they waited until they gotback into the office.”1801 California StreetDenver, CO 802021©2011 CenturyLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Not to be distributed or reproduced by anyone other than CenturyLink entities.CR080691 10/08(continued from inside page)