Reiki Chakras By Grand Master Dr.Kamal Bhalla
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Reiki Chakras By Grand Master Dr.Kamal Bhalla



Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. It is a Science that teaches Healing Technique to keep our body in Good Health and in balance . Reiki is a Study of Healing method which has no religion but is an ...

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. It is a Science that teaches Healing Technique to keep our body in Good Health and in balance . Reiki is a Study of Healing method which has no religion but is an expression of Love . Reiki is a very Simple yet powerful not only healing Technique but also Sprital growth that can be easily learnt by any one .



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Reiki Chakras By Grand Master Dr.Kamal Bhalla Reiki Chakras By Grand Master Dr.Kamal Bhalla Presentation Transcript

  • Reiki Chakras By : Dr. Kamal Bhalla Reiki Grand Master
  • There are seven major energy centers in our body , known as Chakras .These Chakras have colors similar to rainbow, which clairvoyants can see.(Reiki channels who are attuned to Reiki) can at least sense these chakras.The Upper Three chakras Are responsible for our spiritual growth and lower three chakras are for our material growth. The middle chakra i.e. Heart Chakra connects these two aspects. for a happy and healthy life, balancing of these two aspect is very necessary .one can't grow spiritually , unless one is satisfied materially. except Crown chakra each chakra has duality. One aspect iof duality is responsible for our suffering , and another aspect is responsible for empowering and growth. The supreme high frequency energy of reiki converts suffering to empowering and growth.
  • Crown Chakra (Pineal Gland) (Sahastra Chakra) Crown chakra color is dark violet . It is the opening to the universe- to the highest consciousness and you experience about who you are.Crown chakra connects us with spritual self.And it is connecte with upper brain and right eye. There is no duality in Crown chakra chakra .there is only onness i.e bliss.Reiki attunments are given through this chakra.development of this chakra makes the person to feel being one with universe.Where there is oneness, there is absolutly no worry or fear.
  • Third Eye Chakra (Pituary Gland) (Agya Chakra) Third eye chakra is dark blue in color and it is the intuition center and is for inner wisdom. This chakra is connected with automatic Nerevous System and Hypothalamus. Third eye chakra is called Shiv Netra . Because is is said that God Shiva has his third eye fully opened .Giving Reiki on Third eye chakra increases intutive capability that i.e we start going beyond time. It also increases out tally pathic ability that is we start going beyond distance.So,a complete opened third eye means one is completely beyond time an distance and imbalance of Third eye chakra means that the person is not fully aware he is not in control of him self. It converts aspect of duality Anger to Awareness .
  • Throat Chakra( Thyroid Gland) Throat eye chakra is Light Blue in Color Connected to throat and lungs. Its function is communication and self expression.
  • Heart Chakra (Thymus Gland) (Anahat Chakra) Heart chakra is bright light green in color. Connected to Heart , Lungs Liver and circulatory system. Its function is Love and Comapassion. Giving Reiki on Heart chakra converts fear and hatred into love and compassion . Physical pain have direct connection with this chakra in balancing of air element deserved sufferings related to nervous system , depression , BP and heart problems. One becomes free from all these ailments after taking the reiki treatment on Heart chakra.
  • Solar Plexus (Adrenal Gland)(Manipur Chakra) Solar Plexus is bright yellow in color connected to stomach , liver and gall bladder , its function is power and wisdom. This is the setae of all emotions and feelings. We draw feelings from Solar Plexus and feel at heart ,It convert the aspect of duality i.e jealousy and arrogance into another aspect of power and wisdom. Imbalance in the Fire Elements causes diseases connected with heat such as fevers , infections, vomiting acidity , boils allergy etc. Indigestion , diabetes and weight problems are also connected with Solar Plexus.
  • Hara/Sacral Chakra (Gonads,Testicaland Overies) Hara Chakra or Sacral Chakra is orange in color and connected to reproductive system. This is the center of sexual energy, feelings and emotions. Its function is to protect life center energy , create and protect purpose of life. We can live with our selves in Hara Chakra. Here reiki converts one aspect of duality i.e attachments , lust,greed etc into another aspect i.e security and peace. Imbalance in the water element results sufferings of cough- cold , urinary problems lack of vitality in sex , menstrual problems and conceiving problems. One can get rid off all these ailments by doing reiki on Hara chakra
  • Root Chakra (Suprarenal)(Muladhr Chakra) Root Chakra is red in color and connected to kiddies , bladder and spine. Its function is to protect survival issues ,seat of Kundlini Energy, creative expression and abundance issues. Reiki on rout chakra supports us to achieve our goal. Abundance.Normally,One wants to achieve something in life because one had experienced a scarcity, of the same in the past. One wants to become rich because one had experienced scarcity of money in his childhood. Here giving reiki on Root chakra ,Reiki converts one aspect of duality that is Boredom and Scarcity into another aspect that is Enthusiasm and Abundance .As reiki balances the Earth element in the body, there by one feels very light , active, fresh and energetic.