Scope Of It In Indian Healthcare


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The presentation unfolds Information Technology's presence and exposure in the Healthcare Industry.
The technology used in this sector is of large scale and very less Big players/ Vendors are ruling the market.

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Scope Of It In Indian Healthcare

  1. 1. Scope of IT In Indian Healthcare Prepared By : Joydeep Dey
  2. 2. Contents • Objectives. • Terminology. • Facts and Figures. • Healthcare’s Market Potential (Size & Growth). • Primary Software Used in Healthcare. • Importance & Benefits of Healthcare Management Software. • Evolving India- The Cynosure. • Key Opportunity Segment in India - Medical Tourism & Telemedicine • HIS Vendor Survey • Interested Foreign Investors • Indian Policy Initiatives • Conclusion 2
  3. 3. TERMINOLOGY Healthcare is the Information Technology is Prevention, treatment & the study, design, management of illness. development, implementation, support Also preservation of or management of mental & physical computer based wellbeing via services information systems, offered by medical, comprising software & nursing, & allied Health hardware. Professions. ----Defn. by ITAA 3
  4. 4. FACTS & FIGURES AREAS FIGURES Global Healthcare Industry US $ 3.5 Trillion Total Spend India’s GDP 5.7 % now & target - 6.00 % GDP by 2012 Private Sector Rs. 925 Billion Public Sector Rs. 170 Billion Industry Growth 12-15 % Annually Demand Group Middle Income Beds 0.7/1000 People Extra Bed Needed 80,000/Yr for 10 Yrs Extra Spend on Healthcare Rs. 2000 Billion by 2012. Foreign Patient to India 12,000/Year Infrastructure Required to match US $ 30 Billion over 10 Yrs Developing Countries Magnet Destinations Kerala, Gujarat & Mumbai Source -From project ‘ IT in Healthcare’ 4
  5. 5. Healthcare Market Potentials India’s Health Indicators No. of Doctors 5,03,900 Hospitals 15,097 No of Beds 8,70,161 No of Medical Colleges 162 No of Nurses 7,37,000 70 60 US$ bn 60 % of GDP 50 Source : E & Y, Per Capita 50 Economist 40 Intelligence Unit 40 30 30 20 20 10 10 0 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 5
  6. 6. Software In Healthcare Electronic Medical Record Software Electronic Health Records Software: • Comprehensive Report of Medical History. • Patient Demographic Module • Creates treatment plan, writing the • Appointment Schedule Module process for transcription & proof reading • Billing Module correction. • Admin/Security Module • Based on HIPAA compliant. • Messaging Module • Based on experience of Physician, medical • Drug Interaction Module practices, & HL7 integration. Practice Management Software Impact Analysis Software. • Achieves Increased Efficiency. • Checks invalid denials & • Combination of Financial, Admin. Claim processing underpayments by Insurance Billing, appointment, etc…. • Snapshot positioning of Business. • Easy access to different locations with small window • Reviews EOBs for Analysis. in 1 page • Evaluates outsourced • Access to data & system can be restricted. performance • Can update & create option in software too. Generates Reports & Summaries. Claim Processing Software • Provides professional, cost effective & high quality processor. • Improve CSAT, streamline business, Increase ROI & TAT. • Also translate HIPAA coded to generic term. • Made in compliance with Indian Healthcare Federations . 6
  7. 7. Benefits of Healthcare Software I. Anytime and anywhere access II. Easily customizable software. III. User- friendly IV. Easily stored information V. Patient’s history can be monitored. VI. Comparative analysis of performance vs. Cost VII. Turn Around Time under SLA standardization. 7
  8. 8. Evolving India - The Cynosure • One of Largest sector in Revenue & Employment • Evolving Technology. Egs. Heart Disease, Pre-Term Babies-1950 - 1990 (Neonatal ICU), Steroids, artificial pulmonary surfactant, etc….. • Emerging Economy & market maturity of India. • Sound IT infrastructure & skilled manpower. • Established ITES-BPO market. • Talented pool of manpower for R&D. • Competitive Price for foreign patients. 8
  9. 9. Key Opportunity Segment Hospital Services Medical Tourism Tele Medicine Leading Country 80% conc. in Urban, 73% resides Est. USD 1-2 Billion/2012 in rural. Growth-30%/Yr Exponential growth in Info & USA-Saves Cost, Canada-long Telecomm, making India highly appointments, Britain-National competitive. Health Service Wait Govt. & Public Sector Initiatives Leading Players-Wockhardt, Fortis, MaxHealthcare, Asian Heart, Apollo Medical Devices Pathology Services Health Insurance Source- E &Y Research 9
  10. 10. HIS Vendor Surveys Vendor Product Name Year of Product Modules Major Clients Price Range Release Akhil Syst. HIS Vr- F Office, EMR, Inv Apollo (Bnglr On demand 1,’94, & Phrmy Mgmt. Noida), and Vr-4, Moolchand, module ’07 RGCH-Delhi no# BBNISYS eHMS 2007 Blood bank, In Talks Rs 3.5 Technolog Clinical Lac/100bed y Investigation Birla B Xenon 2006 OPD Registration, Kashibai Rs 5-20 lac Medisoft HIM Software Bill charges, Certif.. Navale Inst of ICU Module Med Sc.- Pune, Icon Hospital- Mum Designtech Asclepius- 2002 >25 Modules like Guj Cancer Rs 5L - 1cr syst Hospital HIS, LIS, RIS Research resource Mgmt Inst.- Ahm. & Admin Artificial Limb Systems Source- eHEALTH Magazine Centre- Pune 10
  11. 11. Interested Foreign Investors Parkway Group, Singapore Pacific Healthcare Holding, Columbia Asia, Malaysia Singapore The Company is This is one of Singapore’s This has set up its first 75 aggressively penetrating leading healthcare bed hospital in Hebbal, Indian Market. Its entered provider, is coming up with Bangalore through the FDI JV with Apollo to build Pacific Medical centre in route. The group has two Apollo Gleneagles, a 325- Hyderabad in a JV with more projects in the bed multi specialty hospital Vitae Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.. pipeline, 150 bed tertiary at a cost of US $ 29 Mn & Two more medical care bed hospitals and with Asian Heart Institute facilities, one for women another of 75-100 bed in & Research centre to set and children’s and other Bangalore. up specialized centre for for stem cell bank are also medical excellence in coming up. Mumbai Source- E & Y Research 11
  12. 12. Policy Initiatives • National accreditation board to provide National Commission accreditation to all public & private. Recommendations for Formulation Hospital to ensure “QUALITY” . or reorganization of Institutions • Clinical establishment act by 2006 to make sure quality healthcare services. • Federal Drug Authority • Govt to issue “Medical Visas” within • Indian Medical Devices Regulatory month or less to promote M. T. Authority • 100% FDI through FIPB route • Expanding Public Procurement system of drugs, devices & vaccines. • Amending drug & cosmetic rules to include medical devices • National Institute for Health Information and disease surveillance • National Rural Mission launched in 2005 to provide effective healthcare to • National Commission for Quality Assurance. rural population • National Institute for Health Research. • Govt institutionalizing a mechanism of Public private partnership in healthcare. • Commission for Excellence in Medical & Health Education. 12
  13. 13. Conclusion Ayurveda Medicines Yoga Medications Homeopathy Acupuncture Aromatherapy Naturopathy 13