Jazzit survey results 2011


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Jazzit (http://www.jazzit.pro) contracted an independant research firm* to reach out to our customers and help us understand what you think of Jazzit, how we can improve and how Jazzit has impacted your own organization.

Founded in 2000, Jazzit is Canada's leading supplier of premium CaseWare templates for accountants. Our products include Jazzit Fundamentals, Jazzit Checklists and Jazzit Score, creating a powerful suite of automated solutions for SME practioners. Jazzit Fundamentals, the flagship product, is an integrated suite of over 100 templates and letters that assist public accountants in completing year-end engagements with their corporate clients. With offices in Calgary, Alberta, and Kelowna, B.C., Jazzit's software serves over 5,000 accounting professionals across Canada.

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Jazzit survey results 2011

  1. 1. Jazzit Customer Survey Results We contracted an independant research rm* to Jazzit Client Jazzit Product reach out to our customers and help us understand what you think of Jazzit, how we can improve and Satisfaction Quality 98% 97% how Jazzit has impacted your own organization. Your feedback is invaluable and the response overhwhelming; over 30% of our customers across 98% of Jazzit clients 97% of Jazzit clients say Canada responded to the survey, giving us insight recommend Jazzit to they are satis ed with into what your needs are, and how we can best their peers and intend overall product quality to renew their service. help you succeed for years to come. We also asked the question: “If someone you knew was consider- “I have always and will continue to support jazzit. Many ing Jazzit, what would other colleagues I have spoken to about reporting you say to them?” Here changes seem overwhelmed by the extra work it creates. are some of the results. I always explain how easy it is within jazzit.” Thanks for being our Jim VanTassel, customer! Thornton VanTassel “ Jazzit was one of the best investments in “This product took the complexity out of building a set of technology our rm has made.” statements and brought a level of simplicity that the average Susan McIsaac, user could understand. Just knowing the complexity of doing McIsaac Darragh Chartered Accountants on my own what Jazzit does, was a huge time savings.” Colin Leschert, Leschert & Associates Employee MaintenanceSatisfaction Time saved 66% “Our sta nds Jazzit to be a time saver in preparing nancial 71% On average, rms On average, Jazzit rms statements. We like knowing that the notes are up to date, and there is much more uniformity in our nancial statement presentation now. Statements also look very professional.”using Jazzit saw a 71% save 66% annually Joanne Haagsman, increase in employee vs. time spent updating Haagsman, DeVries satisfaction. their own templates Increase in Time saved Your Clients’ per client Satisfaction engagement “Jazzit is a great product, more slick than some big- rm in house templates that Ive used, and makes le preparation easier which leads to e ciencies and savings. Jazzit assists us in producing consistent f/s and 54% Firms using Jazzit 60% Firms using Jazzit are letters from one client to another.” increase their own 60% MORE e cient per Joanne Maxwell, clients’ satisifaction by client engagement vs. 54% vs. prior methods their previous solution Robert Gore and Associates w w w. j a z z i t. p ro * Survey research by BusinessOverBroadway.com, Seattle WA, Dr. Bob Hayes, Ph.D.; sample n=377, survey duration Sept 12 through Sep 23, 2011. Web based survey of all existing clients across Canada with email invitation and one reminder.
  2. 2. Jazzit Customer Survey Results “Its a great product that can streamline many of the “I nd that Jazz-It is a user friendly program, increases processes in le prep. In particular, the capital asset, accuracy, reduces mistakes, and is great tool to increase prepaid, and long term debt working papers are e ciency in a small size accounting rm like ours.” fantastic.” Joseph Greilach, Brandon Kroeger, Je ery T. Toivonen PC Fossen Kroeger Joyce CAs “jazzit increases productivity, is user friendly and is an “The support at Jazzit is very good. Calls and questions are extremely economical product; being in public practice dealt with very quickly.” without jazzit is ine cient and costly ” Heather Whalen, Jennifer Gilbert, Chase|Sekulich Garrett Gray Chartered Accountants “I would absolutely recommend Jazzit for generating “I appreciate the ease of use, the reliablilty of the prgram, nancial statements and letters. Very much user friendly and the quick and friendly response of the support team.and the support is excellent - take personal interest on our Having quality and timely support from Jazzit makes a big issues.” di erence in my satisfaction with the program. I also C.K. Wong, appreciate how quick Jazzit is to keep current with the Mendlowitz Janelle Simone LLP latest releases and transitions.” Lori Dick, Avisar Chartered Accountants“It has made my life in our o ce so much easier and it has “Support sta genuinely help and are likely to take input been a huge money and time saver. ” from users into making their product better all the time.” Carla Cadieux, Colin Leschert, G. Buck & Co. Ltd Leschert & Associates “Jazzit deals with matters immediately and in a “Jazzit simpli es your administration work and allows you professional manner-with a depth of knowledge with to focus on generating revenue by bringing more clients to 100% resolution of issue.” the rm.” David Hoehne, Varun Kumar Weppler Chartered Accountants Inc.Founded in 2000, Jazzit is Canadas leading supplier ofpremium CaseWare templates for accountants. Ourproducts include Jazzit Fundamentals, Jazzit Checklistsand Jazzit Score, creating a powerful suite of auto-mated solutions for SME practioners. Jazzit Fundamen-tals, the agship product, is an integrated suite of over100 templates and letters that assist public accountantsin completing year-end engagements with theircorporate clients. With o ces in Calgary, Alberta, andKelowna, B.C., Jazzits software serves over 5,000accounting professionals across Canada. w w w. j a z z i t. p ro Jazzit, Accountants Templates 229, 2116 - 27 Avenue NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 7A6 Info: 1-877-420-5930 Support: 1-866-584-2537 info@jazzit.pro sales@jazzit.pro support@jazzit.pro