Masthead The masthead is the main attraction of the magazine as for the colour and font style used. ‘Mixmag’ could be refe...
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Mixmag front cover analysis


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Mixmag front cover analysis

  1. 1. Masthead The masthead is the main attraction of the magazine as for the colour and font style used. ‘Mixmag’ could be referred to as an informal type of magazine, suggesting the house style is aimed at a teenage target audience. Lead Article ‘ Is she ready for the biggest job in dance music?’ this rhetorical question involves the audience, asking them to read the magazine in order to retrieve the answer. Words ‘biggest job’ and ‘dance music’ appear thicker and darker than in the standard version as the editors want them to stand out. This triumph over tragedy tells a real-life story in which the subject overcomes difficult personal circumstances. Cover Price The price paid by the reader who buys a magazine from a retail Main Image Annie Mac features the lead image of the front cover of ‘mixmag’. She is a well-known dj from radio 1 which encapsulates her attitude and representational codes of the artist; she is heavily stylised to appeal to the VALs of the target audience. Readers can relate her work from radio 1 to the magazine which may encourage others into purchasing it. The stylist used to edit Annie Mac’s image for the photo shoot used their own perception on how she is perceived by others and what would be suitable to match her personality trait for the readers. In addition, the lead image is positioned so that other features of the magazine can fit around the photograph. Annie Mac creates the image to be more powerful as there is eye contact between the artist and the readers, this image chosen will have been chosen for a reason; it also links to the lead article; in addition it links to the artist’s star persona and what they have been doing lately. The contrast of colours compliment the font styles and house style of the magazine. Bright colours represent youth which is what the ‘Mixmag’ is targeted at. Skyline The skyline runs across the top of the page and calls out to the readers about some special attraction. For ‘mixmag’ the special attraction is the magazine being ‘the world’s biggest dance music and clubbing magazine’. This statement The Left Third ‘ Mixmag’s’ left third includes the important information such as the articles featured in the magazine; ‘Dizzee tears up Ibiza rocks’ is used by the journalist to give the audience a sense of current affairs from the use of language. This type of language can appeal to the target audience as it is informal. An upper case font is used to attract readers as upper case is used to express a firm statement. ‘Win! An Ibiza closing trip’ represents an advertisement or special feature as readers may be more interested in purchasing the magazine if it is beneficial to them. Cover Lines Words such as ‘plus’ create the magazine to be more fulfilling than others; it creates the idea that ‘Mixmag’ has more to offer than other music magazines. The artists listed have been picked specifically to attract the target audience with.