Contents analysis, page 1.   Images ‘ Mixmag’s’ contents page consists of images as well as text; balancing the page to be...
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Mixmag contents page1 analysis


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Mixmag contents page1 analysis

  1. 1. Contents analysis, page 1. Images ‘ Mixmag’s’ contents page consists of images as well as text; balancing the page to be picture and text led. The main image on the page is a long-shot of the well-known pop artist, Lady Gaga. There is a WOB (white on black) layout of the contents page, where the usual arrangement of black type on a white background is reversed so that white words appear on black, this is also known as reversed out type. Both images are only female artists which could be seen as a disadvantage as male readers may be discouraged to read more. Moreover it is likely these images have been chosen to present the artist’s personality as picked from a variety of photographs taken on a shoot. The weight of the page numbers appear more thicker and bolder to suit the images. Cover Mount The ‘free gift’ included in the magazine is a ‘Duck Sauce’ CD; the CD includes 15 tracks not just a couple which many cover mounts only offer. This freebie will encourage readers to purchase the magazine ‘Mixmag’ as they may be getting ‘value for money’. There is also a preview of the front cover of the CD assuring the audience and a brief description of the artist’s music background, which may influence readers to listen to the CD if they are interested in the genre of music or other artists ‘Duck Sauce’ have collaborated with. This special feature could be seen as an advertisement feature as ‘Mixmag’ is promoting the artist and CD, as well as connecting the magazine to youth and music culture. Sub-Headings Features of ‘Mixmag’ include Annie Mac, Summer 09 rewind, Motor city soul, Ibiza style, Closing parties and Sankeys. Each have a sub-heading of a brief description of what the feature is about. Annie Mac is the artist featured on the front cover as the main image, the target audience may be more attracted to this feature as a main reason to why they purchased the magazine may have been because of Annie Mac. ‘Can the Irish lovely fill big daddy Tong’s boots?’ involves the audience as well as the artist; readers may want to find out current affairs involving Annie Mac. Numbers are used to navigate the reader to each page of the magazine, this suggests that these pages are expected to be the most popular. In addition these features consist of the highest priority of the content page to clarify and inform the readers what the magazine contains.