Dizzee rascal ATM contents analysis


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Dizzee rascal ATM contents analysis

  1. 1. Lead Image the only image on ‘ATM’s’ contents page is the front cover of the magazine; reflecting this to be text led. ATM may have decided to place a smaller version of the front cover of the magazine to remind readers what genre of magazine they are reading, also what it features. The lead image relates to the features, regulars and reviews which the target audience may be used to if they are a regular reader. Various factors determine the design of a list of contents; the main being the character of the magazine itself. Each sub heading from the ‘features’ section in the contents consist of special interest; this changes each week in order to attract more readers and keep up to date. Sub headings under the ‘regulars’ section consist of weekly events in which the magazine features each time the magazine is published. The target audience may be attracted to ATM more by the ‘regulars’ section of the magazine. Sub headings under the ‘reviews’ section consist of current affairs within the music industry, for example Dubstep Reviews. Readers may also be attracted to the house style of the magazine more because of the genres of music included; drum & bass, hip hop, dubstep. The contents page is particularly attractive to advertisers, as most readers will turn to it. For the magazines benefit, ATM have advertised their own magazine on the content page instead of conducting advertising revenue. Sub Headings each contents page depends on the nature or house style of the magazine. For ATM magazine, the contents page includes features, regulars and reviews. The main aim of the content page is to help the reader navigate the magazine; ATM have given each feature, regular and review a sub heading with the page number. ‘Cover CD. Ray Keith’ and ‘cover story Dizzee Rascal’ are both highlighted on the contents page as they relate to the cover mount, the ‘free gift’ attached to the cover of the magazine. The headlines in relation to the cover mount attract the reader to a story because of its larger and more distinctive type. Theoretically the highest priority of the content page should be clarity and ease of use which ATM has achieved. The colours and font styles compliment each other regarding the house style of the magazine. Although compared to other contents pages of a similar magazine genre, ATM’s contents page is kept simple without having too many images or graphics. However, this could be seen as a disadvantage as readers may be discouraged to continue reading the magazine.