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  • Include screen shots of the comments below the music video and related videos on the right hand side
  • Analysis of emalkay

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Emalkay ‘Fabrication’ is a narrative music video, it tells a story through visual narration. The lyrics are in sync with the images and illustrations played throughout the music video, it begins with a man walking into a building, presumingly his house, with the use of a long shot to establish the setting of the video. Dark colours are heavily used to ensure focus on the character, also strobe lights highlight the features within the video which contribute to the narrative.<br />Joe Gow identified six central genres of music video all of which are defined in terms of their relationship to the display of the performance. He quotes ‘the anti-performance piece-videos which do not contain performance of the song’, this applies to ‘Emalkay-fabrication’ due to its narrative. <br />
    3. 3. Youtube provides video responses which enables viewers to have their own say on every music video. Anyone can comment on the video, however some comments are not objective ; some are subjective due to the lack of reference to the music artist or track. Video responses can be seen as a positive and negative feature of youtube; it is an open forum to personal feelings about the video, however viewers can criticise the music video as much as they want. <br />The comments made about the video create a negative first impression for a viewer, comments such as ‘jesus on marijuana’ suggest that the type of people who listen to Emalkay are of a youth generation and enjoy referencing his videos to drugs. This may devalue the morals of Emalkay, therefore creating the impression that the artist produces music mainly for drug-users to enjoy. <br />However, a positive reason in regard to the video responses of Emalkay ‘Fabrication’ promote his music, ‘if I had to listen to 1 song for the rest of my life it would be a tie between this’. This shows that comments made about the music video range from both extremes. I strongly agree with the idea of a comment box promoting Emalkay’s iconography and the music itself.<br />
    4. 4. This sidebar of each music video uploaded to youtube navigates viewers to other music videos of the same artist of similar genre. <br />All of these music videos are of the same artist ‘Emalkay’ or similar music artists which viewers of youtube have chosen to view next. <br />Each preview of music videos on the sidebar show who the video has been uploaded by and how many viewers have viewed the video. <br />‘Modestep’ is seen to be of a similar artist to ‘Emalkay’ within the dubstep genre of music. <br />