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Plone Web Services


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Sally Kleinfeldt's summary of Plone Web services discussions at the Plone Strategic Planning Summit and the 2008 Plone Conference.

Sally Kleinfeldt's summary of Plone Web services discussions at the Plone Strategic Planning Summit and the 2008 Plone Conference.

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  • 1. Plone Web Services 2008 Plone Conference Sally Kleinfeldt, Jazkarta
  • 2. Background • Plone’s current web services story is restricted to XMLRPC and RSS • Becoming a glaring omission • Plone Strategic Planning Summit voted it a focus area • Support an official and complete web services API (REST)
  • 3. Previous Work • CIGNEX implemented SOAP web services on Archetypes for a customer • provides a framework to build REST APIs on top of Zope 3 • Grok provides REST web services support • Vice provides Atom syndication • Boston and Naples sprints on RESTful WS
  • 4. PSPS Project • Ticket (includes link to plone-dev posts): • OpenPlans Page: projects/plone-web-services/project-home
  • 5. Proposed Approaches • Custom XML schemas for serializing content objects (building on GenericSetup) • Microformats • Atom Publishing Protocol possibly with GData extensions for search • OpenSocial for Plone (JavaScript and Atom) • Use OAuth for authentication
  • 6. Recent News • New “draft standard” announced Sept 10 • CMIS - Content Management Interoperability Services • EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Alfresco, Open Text, Oracle, SAP, and others • Draft specification for a web services standard for content management
  • 7. CMIS • Has SOAP and REST bindings • REST binding defined as extension to Atom but tightly coupled to data model with “protocol extensions that tunnel the Web Services interface through fake-Atom and fake-HTTP” (Roy Fielding) • Has hype, buzz and industry support (try a Google search and see EMC, Alfresco ads)
  • 8. CMIS REST: Is It Any Good? • Roy Fielding • “I am getting tired of big companies making idiotic claims about REST and their so-called RESTful architectures. The only similarity between CMIS and REST is that they both have four-letter acronyms” • rest-in-cmis
  • 9. CMIS REST: Is It Any Good? • Roy Fielding con’t • “...unless you expect blogging clients and syndication feeds to be the primary application of CMIS, it would make a lot more sense to define the representations in a microformat of HTML, JSON,YAML, or whatever else best fits the data...”
  • 10. CMIS REST: Is It Any Good? • Sam Ruby • Cautiously optimistic • Feels OASIS TC will address problems • 2008/10/01/CMIS
  • 11. Questions • Should Plone adopt CMIS? or CMIS REST? • No, reconsider when/if a “standard” • Should Plone adopt microformats instead? • Not systematically, just a view so easy to add for specific cases • Should Plone adopt AtomPub? • YES!
  • 12. Technical Approach • Existing Python AtomPub server packages include Amplee and FlatAtomPub • Plone today isn't a good fit for REST style services because the Zope2 publisher ONLY does FTP, HTTP GET/POST (quot;browser webquot;), and WebDAV
  • 13. AtomPub WSGI App? • Idea: Atom Publishing application living in a Repoze ecosystem • Aggregate content from several Plone, Grok, etc. sites • Get around the lack of PUT/DELETE in Plone - act as a middleman • Use zgeo.atom as starting point
  • 14. Atom For Now • Focus on providing read-only Atom representations • Atom browser view that would apply to any folderish object • Start at the root of the Plone site and discover all the Atom publishable objects by following the Atom links
  • 15. Syndication vs. Web Services • Syndication view: content owners would need to explicitly declare folders as feeds • All-inclusive view: all content should provide the AtomPub interface
  • 16. Conclusion • Implementing RESTful web services will be a large and complex project, given the limitations of the Zope2 publisher • Not realistic to expect it to get done in a sprint or even a series of sprints • Most likely scenario: a customer needing support for CMIS (after all!)