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A panel discussion at the Gilbane Conference 2008 about the state of open source content management. There are many open source content management solutions available today, reflecting a wide variety of capabilities and costs, and organizations of all types are more willing than ever to consider them in place of, or along side commercial CMSs.

This session will look at some of the pros and cons of deploying open source content management systems in terms of licensing, costs, maintenance, and functionality to help you determine if they are an appropriate option for your organization.

Moderator: John Eckman, Senior Director, Optaros Labs

Nate Aune, President and Founder, Jazkarta
Michael Wechner, President, Wyona
Elie Auvray, President of the Board, CEO, Jahia

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Open Source Content Management

  1. 1. Open Source Content Management Nate Aune, Jazkarta Panel Discussion at Gilbane Conference December 4, 2008 Boston, MA
  2. 2. Informed customers • Downloadable and point-n-click installers • Many published books • Plethora of online documentation • Mailing lists and IRC to ask pre-RFP questions
  3. 3. Easy to install • Cross-platform installers • Point-n-click install • No dependencies
  4. 4. Books and online docs
  5. 5. Greater adoption of OSS • More mature, more stable, better supported • The 'political and cultural' shift • often much cheaper • it enables doing things systematically
  6. 6. Participation is key • code that isn't contributed gets bitrot • contributed code builds momentum • attendance at OSS conferences and sprints • being active in IRC and mailing lists
  7. 7. Socialized innovation • OSS developers like to quot;scratch an itchquot; • Motivated by recognition = meritocracy • quot;Coolnessquot; factor > market demands • Individuals innovate without the constraints of company budgets or product managers
  8. 8. Plone innovations • supports 35+ languages incl. right-to-left • link integrity checker • drag-n-drop adding of content • built-in wiki
  9. 9. Plone is standards compliant • Section 508 / WAI-AA • XHTML/CSS • pervasive RSS feed support • microformats • iCal / vCal • OpenID
  10. 10. OSS is cost effective • Perception that OSS is free needs to die • Do not incur costly licensing fees • Still must pay for consulting, support, hosting
  11. 11. Enterprise CMS Cost Comparison Custom Theme, Content Licenses Server License + 100 Client Licenses Annual License Fees No License Fees 7 November 2008 21
  12. 12. Don't underestimate Community
  13. 13. Questions? natea (at) jazkarta (dot) com
  14. 14. More info about Plone • (official site of Plone) • (vendors, case studies) • (free eBook) • (screencasts, podcasts)
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