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Lipad eco surveyx Lipad eco surveyx Document Transcript

  • League of Independent People Aiming for Development Multi-Purpose Cooperative L.I.P.A.D.MPC. Economic Survey LipadMPC was formed by concerned residents of Birmingham Village, Pulo, City of Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines to serve as a vehicle for their savings, retirement and to educate their members about financial matters. This was also for the purpose of providing income through job generation and for their economic and social development as a whole; providing quality goods and services and at the same time improving the member’s capacity to become more productive citizens of the community. The Cooperative aims to strengthen members’ capacity through income generation. It promotes self-sufficiency and provides financial and social education to members and their community and aspires to undertake community development as a whole. I. General Information: LipadMPC is a Multi-purpose Cooperative based on B00 L00, Birmingham Village, Pulo, Cabuyao, Laguna. It’s initial area of operation is within barangay level. It applies a Residential Common bond of membership composed of homeowners of the subdivision where it was formed and their immediate families. It was formed initially by eighteen (18) founding members. It’s projected membership increase is as follows: First Year: 100 Second Year: 200 Third Year: 300 II. Strategic Operational Studies: A. Economic Aspect: There are no Cooperatives within the area of operation offering the same services. The Cooperative plans to use the following strategy to ensure support of it’s members: a. Collective purchases b. Commitment on lending policies c. Active participation in cooperative affairs d. Transparency, Integrity, Volunteerism and Cooperation The Cooperative plans to serve members and non-members alike. It plans to undertake the following business in its first three years of operation: First year: “Member only” personal loans and Consumer Services Second year: Offer lending services to non-members. Third year: Expansion on consumer services and quasi-banking.
  • B. Financial Aspect: 1. Capitalization The Cooperative shall generate its capital through: - Share Capital Subscription and deferment of Dividends/Patronage refund Acquisition of Loans/borrowings Solicitation/acceptance of donations, subsidies, grants, etc. Fund raising activities Its initial Operating Capital on the date of their registration is as follows: Authorized Share Capital: Subscribed Capital: Paid-up Capital: Par Value: PHP PHP PHP PHP 1,000,000.00 00.00 00.00 100.00/share The Cooperative plans to use the following strategy for internal capital build-up (as stated on Article VII in its by-laws): a. Continuous Capital Build-up: minimum of PHP 100.00 per month per member. b. Borrowing from members. c. Deferred Interest on Capital and Patronage Refund: through BOD resolution. d. Retentions: percent per unit basis from proceeds of services acquired through BOD resolution. 2. Revenue: The Coop foresees the following revenue in its first three years of operation: First year: PHP 150,000.00 Second year: PHP 200,000.00 Third Year: PHP 300,000.00 3. Expenditure: The Estimated expenses of the Cooperative is planned as follows: First year: PHP 75,000.00 Second year: PHP 100,000.00 Third year: PHP 150,000.00 4. Investments The Cooperative plans to invest in the following: a. Cooperative bank b. Federation c. Mutual Funds d. Joint ventures e. Insurance
  • C. Technical Aspect: 1. Equipment/machineries/facilities are deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the Cooperative: a. Computer b. Tables c. Chairs d. Calculator e. Filing Cabinet 2. The cooperative shall procure its equipments/machineries/facilities thru donations and cash purchases. 3. Skills/experiences/trainings equipments/machineries/facilities. that are deemed necessary for the operation of a. Computer literate b. Simple Accounting Skills D. Organizational Structure: 1. The Board of Directors qualifications shall be minimal as long as they have proven themselves as trustworthy and cooperative members of the Organization. Integrity and concern for the society is enough for them to effectively formulate sound policies, strategies and guidelines which would ensure the success of the Cooperative. 2. The initial employees of the Cooperative shall be strictly for members only: a. Manager: Volunteer member. At least High School Graduate with experience on handling business. b. Accountant: Volunteer member. At least undergraduate on a course involving accounting and preferably with experience. c. Bookkeeper: Volunteer member. At least High School graduate with accounting and bookkeeping skills and experience. d. Cashier/Collector/Sales Clerk: Volunteer members at least High School Graduate. -All employees shall receive minimal and reasonable allowances on the first year of operation. 3. The Cooperative aims to provide its members, Officers and staff with equal trainings for their self-improvement and prepare them for future service in the Organization. a. Pre-membership Education Seminar b. Strategic planning and Budgeting c. Duties and Responsibilities d. Effective Management e. Basic and Intermediate Bookkeeping and Accounting f. Financial Responsibility and Education g. Effective Organization h. Business Planning and Strategy h. Community Development Education
  • 4. The Cooperative Committees shall be composed of the following: a) Audit Chairperson: Vice-Chairperson: Secretary: b) Election Chairperson: Vice-Chairperson: Secretary: c) Education & Training Chairperson: Vice-Chairperson: Secretary: d) Ethics/Conciliation/Mediation Chairperson: Vice-Chairperson: Secretary: e) Credit/Collection/Finance Chairperson: Vice-Chairperson: Secretary: We, the Founding Board of Directors, hereby certify that the foregoing Economic Survey was prepared in accordance with the facts, information and other data we believed vital to the success of the initial operations of the Cooperative. By: Jay C. de Jorge Chairman of the Board Angelo James Furto Vice-Chairman Rachel Calanuga Secretary Roberto Dalisay Board Member Jinalyn Paat Board Member Eldina Navea Board Member Ma. Rhea Pamela Catilo Treasurer Lowel Magaspar Board Member Lynn L. Borito Board Member
  • Subscribed and sworn to before me this __________________________ day of _______________________201____ in ____________________________, Philippines above affiants exhibiting ro me their valid proof of Identity. Jay C. de Jorge Angelo James Furto Rachel Calanuga Ma. Rhea Pamela Catilo Roberto Dalisay Jinalyn Paat Lowel Magaspar Eldina Navea Lynn L. Borito __________________________ Notary Public Doc No.: __________ Book No.:_________ Page No. __________ Series of 201_______