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Catalog for home_en Catalog for home_en Document Transcript

  • product catalogue number 2 for you… for your home 2010 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products
  • Home with prospects for future More pages, more excellent products. As you can see our FM GROUP FOR HOME offer is constantly expanding. In our new catalogue our interest is moving slightly away from the home towards the garage. You can find the first three car cosmetics in the long-awaited CAR CARE series on pages 54-59. I am sure that their arrival will please all drivers, not only the winners of the Mercedes Benz incentive. I strongly recommend these products to you. We must also remember the interior and offer a metal cleaning paste (page 22), a stainless steel cleaning product (page 34), a screen cleaning product (page 23) and leather conditioning wax (page 31). In addition we also introduce two new wardrobe fragrances, whose beautiful scents are in harmony with FM perfumes (page 9) and our popular bestselling liquid soap appears in a new fresh fragrance( page 6). I would also like to draw your attention to products which are in our catalogue for the final time. Aerosol air fresheners (pages 10-11) and the polishing mitten (page 51) will only be available while current stock lasts. Wishing you successful shopping. Artur Trawiński FM GROUP PolskaThe prices shown include VatThe prices and products included in the catalogue are valid until sold out.The Product Catalogue FM GROUP FOR HOME no 2 is valid from May 2010.The Catalogue and Marketing Plan issued by FM GROUP are the only authorised sourcesof information for the purpose of selling and advertising the FM GROUP products and presentingthe FM GROUP opportunity.
  • imaginehome Full of brightnessA home where everything gleams with cleanliness.You leap into your favourite armchair with pleasure,while the ones close to you indulge in their passions.You wish there were more moments like these.Now it is so easy. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products
  • B FRESH WOODY SOAP citrus & conifers (liquid soap) Page 06 BODY 05-07 ROYAL FRUITY SOAP (liquid soap) Page 07A WARDROBE FRAGRANCES (hanging air fesheners for your wardrobe) Page 09 AIR 08-11 AIR FRESHENERS (aerosol) Page 10-11 MULTI FABRIC stain remover Page 13 LAUNDRY LIqUIDSL Page 14-15 LAUNDRY FABRIC SOFTENERS Page 16-17 12-20 LUXURY FABRIC SOFTENERS Page 18-19 ANTI-CREASE ironing spray Page 20 METAL cleaning paste Page 22 CRT & LCD SCREEN cleaner Page 23 FIREPLACE GLASS & OVEN cleaner Page 24U GLASS cleaner Page 25 UNIVERSAL MULTI PURPOSE cleaner Page 26 21-29 POWER cleaner Page 27 LAMINATE floor liquid Page 28 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY cleaner Page 29F LEATHER WAX conditioner Page 31 FURNITURE 30-32 FURNITURE cleaner Page 32 INOX cleaner (stainless steel cleaning product) Page 34 DESCALER all purposeK Page 35 KITCHEN KITCHEN cleaner (cleaning all kitchen surfaces and tabletops) Page 36 33-39 DEGREASER extra power Page 37 DISHWASHING LIqUIDS Page 38-39 MULTI SURFACE soft cleanser (soft cleanser for cleaning kitchen Page 41 and sanitary appliances)BKB AT H DRAIN CLEANER (granules for clearing blocked drains) Page 42 40-44 LIMESCALE & RUST remover gelK I TC H E N Page 43 GROUT cleaner Page 44B SHOWER cleaner Page 46 BATH 45-47 BATHROOM cleaner Page 47T TOILET LEMON WC cleaning gel Page 49 48-49 POLISHING mitten (microfibre polishing mitten)A Page 51 ACCESSORIES DELICAT cloth (microfibre cloth) Page 52 50-53 MULTI FUNCTION roll wipes Page 53 TRIGGER cap DISPENSER pump COCKPIT care sprayA Page 57 AUTO ALUMINIUM RIM cleaner Page 58 54-59 ORGANIC DIRT remover Page 5904
  • for you for your homePRODUCTS FOR THE BODY ROYAL FRUITY SOAP mango & peach FRESH WOODY SOAP citrus & conifers B BODY Every day, when you leave home, you come in contact with dust, dirt and bacteria and so you need superior detergents that clean and smell beautiful. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 05
  • LIqUID SOAPS neutral pH 5.5 Liquid soaps withFM ADVICE convenient dispensers are practical and more hygienic Thanks to the neutral pH value (5.5) than traditional bars of soap. they delicately clean and look They are especially suitable in places where soap is used after your body leaving a fresh by many people and are a and subtle scent on your skin. great solution for multi-person households and small or large companies. FRESH WOODY SOAP citrus & conifers Highly sophisticated combination of notes of conifers (fir, spruce and cypress) with a refreshing chord of citrus, lemon tree and a light touch of rosewood. It is a unique composition for those who expect unusual experiences. fresh woody soap B 02 SIZE: 500ml PRICE: £5.70 original aroma of citrus and conifers 06
  • The choice FM ADVICE they moisturise of an appropriate cleaning agent should comply with the and soften the skin needs of the skin. Skin surface has a slightly acidic pH value of 5.5. The best cleaning agentsAromatic liquid soap moisturises and softens for daily care should have similar pH values. Our Liquidthe skin making it silky smooth and pleasant Soap does not damage theto the touch. delicate protective membrane of the skin. ROYAL FRUIT Y SOAP mango & peach A mouthwatering aroma of mango and peach will make you feel as if you’re in a tropical sunny garden. Allow yourself to relax every single day. royal fruity soap B 01 SIZE: 500ml PRICE: £5.70 mouthwatering smell of peach and mango FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 07
  • for You for Your home REFRESHING PRODUCTS WARDROBE FRAGRANCES AIR FRESHENERS A AIR You can create a unique ambience… you can influence all of your senses… by combining colours, romantic music and irresistible scents …08
  • WARDROBE FRAGRANCESWardrobe airfresheners contain the original fragrance compositions which graduallyrelease the subtle smell around your wardrobe. It is a perfect solution for your homeand office.SUNNY TakeBREEzE the air freshener out of FM ADVICE its packaging and allow it to hang freely. Make sure that it does not touch other items. wardrobe fragrance Allow the sweet notes of mandarin, jasmine and vanilla into your wardrobe! The smell perfectly harmonises with our Fabric Softener SUNNY BREEzE and perfume FM 23. sunny breeze wardrobe fragrance A 04 PRICE: £2.50MORNING MIST wardrobe fragrance Get carried away with jasmine, white rose, bamboo, apple and lemon! The aroma harmonises with FM 33 perfumes. morning mist wardrobe fragrance A 05 PRICE: £2.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 09
  • AIR FRESHENERS You need just one press to move to an oriental garden… stand in the middle of a blossoming meadow… or find yourself on a rough sea coast. Wherever you want... Whenever you feel like... SPLEN D ID VIOLET air freshener A subtle, floral aroma dominated by warm notes of violet, magnolia, lily of the valley and rose, broken by the gentle hint of apple and green cucumber (FM81). Will help you to imagine meadows full of blooming flowers. splendid violet air freshener A 01 SIZE: 300ml PRICE: £5.70 ORIENTAL FLOWERS air freshener An exotic, mild aroma of green twigs, lily flowers and citrus fruit spread by a delicate blast of wind. oriental flowers air freshener A 02 SIZE: 300ml PRICE: £5.7010
  • Our air fresheners have alcohol, not water, as their base so that they spray better anddo not leave marks on household furniture. They quickly and effectively neutralizeunpleasant odours and leave fresh, unique original notes. high quality Fragrances of fragrance FM ADVICE greatly affect our well-being. Remember that fresh, green compositions and citrus notes are stimulating, whereas warm, floral aromas calm nerves and reduce fatigue. Before using, shake the container well. Do not spray on furniture, people or animals.HYD ROSPA air freshener Cool, refreshing aroma of sea breeze, with vibrant juniper and citrus notes. It will remind you of unforgettable moments spent at the seaside. hydro spa air freshener A 03 SIZE: 300ml PRICE: £5.70For the last time in our catalogue!Available until stock lasts FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 05
  • for You for your home LAUNDRY PRODUCTS MULTI FABRIC stain remover LUXURY FABRIC SOFTENERS LAUNDRY LIqUIDS ANTI-CREASE ironing spray (preparatory spray for ironing) FABRIC SOFTENERS L LAUNDRY There was one goal: regardless of whether you’re doing hand-washing or put everything into the washing machine, you can be sure that your clothing will be perfectly clean, delightfully soft and wonderfully fragrant. We managed to achieve this goal… 100%.12
  • STAIN REMOVER does not contain chlorine MULTI FABRIC stain remover This liquid stain remover is enriched with active enzymes to effectively remove even the most persistent of stains. It does not contain chlorine, so it can be applied to both white and coloured fabrics. It does not destroy the fibre structure. It is recommended even for very delicate fabrics. handy trigger cap makes active it easy to apply enzymes the preparation directly onto the stain multi fabric stain remover L 01 Before using, check for SIZE: 750ml FM ADVICE colour fastness by applying PRICE: £4.80 a small amount of the stain remover on a hidden part of the fabric. NOTE! Do not use the preparation directly on metal parts of clothing. trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50TOTAL PRICE PER SET: RRP£5.30 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 13
  • LAUNDRY LIqUIDS protects If possible wash colourful fabricsFM ADVICE the fabrics of different colours separately. If this is not possible, separate things that against fading are likely to colour other fabrics. VIVID CO LO U RS laundry liquid Specially selected ingredients protect clothing against the loss of colour, stretching and shrinkage. The liquid is suitable for washing black and very dark fabrics and efficiently removing all kinds of dirt. Its smooth consistency allows it to easily dissolve in water. It also works well at low temperatures and does not leave marks on the fabrics. The liquid can be used in all types of washing machines and is ideal for hand-washing. vivid colours laundry liquid L 02 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £5.70 sensual fragrance of violet and magnolia (FM 81) 14
  • for all types of washing machines and for hand-washing works effectively even at low temperaturesWHITE laundry liquidThe unique ingredients of the liquidenhance white and light coloursand give them an extraordinaryfreshness and brightness. Theliquid removes all kinds of dirt.With its smooth consistency, thelaundry liquid rapidly dissolves inwater, washes out easily and doesnot leave marks on the fabrics. Theliquid works in all temperatures,regardless of the degree ofhardness of water used forwashing. It is also recommendedfor washing delicate fabrics. white laundry liquid L 03 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £5.70subtle aroma of wild orchid FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 15
  • FABRIC SOFTENERS longer, pleasant smell BLUE STAR fabric softener Incredibly romantic combination of the subtle aroma of roses with the fresh, ethereal fragrance of magnolia... enriched with the sweetness of aromatic honey. blue star fabric softener L 04 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £5.70 MOON FANTASY fabric softener Sweet, intense composition dominated by the warm smell of jasmine emphasized by a strong note of musk. moon fantasy fabric softener L 05 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £5.7016
  • new, improved formula easy to measure consistencyConcentrated fabric softeners makeyour laundry soft and fluffy. They Please note, that thanks to FM ADVICE the dispenser pump you will beprevent the build-up of electrostatic able to measure the exact 45 mlcharges on the fibres. They leave a that you will need. Rememberlong-lasting pleasant smell.. to dispense the liquid as recommended on the labels and always make sure that the pump is kept clean.SUNLIME fabric softener A refreshing aroma of freshly harvested bamboo leaves with a strong accent of lime and bergamot, soothed with a warm accord of lily of the valley and cedarwood. sun lime fabric softener L 06 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £5.70 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 17
  • LUXURY FABRIC SOFTENERS sophisticated fragrance If you are interested in compositionsFM ADVICE perfumes and body care products of similar fragrances please ask your distributor for Thanks to perfectly formulated more information about the FM ingredients, luxury fabric softeners GROUP perfumed products. will make your laundry even softer and more fragrant. Luxury, fragrant ingredients (as used in our perfumed products, too) were used to produce these fabric softeners. SECRET GARDEN luxury fabric softener Seducing aroma of blooming white roses with wild ivy powered by the aroma of mandarin and African Orchid (FM10). secret garden luxury fabric softener L 08 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £6.30 18
  • Luxury, gragrant ingredients (as used in our perfumed products, too)were used to produce these fabric softeners. lightness and softnessSPLENDIDVIOLET luxury fabric softener A little bit of the eccentric aroma of magnolia, violet and lily of the valley flowers with the scents of apple and cucumber (FM 81). splendid violet luxury fabric softener L 09 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £6.30SUNNYBREEzE luxury fabric softener Seducing and very intense scent of fresh mandarins, with deep notes of jasmin and sweet vanilla (FM23). sunny breeze luxury fabric softener L 10 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £6.30 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 19
  • IRONING AID a unique fragrance Always read the of pine forestFM ADVICE information on the labels – use correct iron temperature. Remember that white and bright after the rain cloths should be ironed on the outside … coloured clothes are normally ironed inside out. un-creasing film makes ironing ANTI-CREASE ironing spray easier The perfumed foam makes ironing easier by leaving a fine layer that straightens out creases on the surface of textiles. It gives body to the material so that ironing is easier. It does not damage the fibre structure of the fabric… it gives the ironed clothing a very smart look. anti-crease ironing spray L 07 SIZE: 300ml no need PRICE: £5.70 to use water or steam 20
  • for You for your home UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS METAL cleaning paste MULTI PURPOSE cleaner CRT & LCD SCREEN cleaner POWER cleaner (liquid for cleaning extremely dirty surfaces)FIREPLACE GLASS & OVEN cleaner LAMINATE floor liquid GLASS cleaner CARPET & UPHOLSTERY cleaner U UNIVERSAL In your home, regardless of the style, there is one thing you want in common with most other people – cleanliness. You pay attention to every detail… so do we. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 21
  • METAL cleaning paste Note! Do not apply to the METALFM ADVICE surface coated with metal (eg: gold, silver, nickel, chrome) cleaning paste or covered with paint. Concentrated cleaning paste quickly removes dirt and restores the shine to objects made of silver, gold, copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, chrome and nickel. The product formula ensures even treatment over all cleaned surfaces, built-in corrosion inhibitors slow the aging process and give long lasting protection. Thanks to these properties the paste can be widely contains used in the home on jewellery, corrosion silverware, clocks, fittings, stainless steel bathroom items, musical inhibitors instruments etc. In the garden on fences, jardinières, metal lamps and garden furniture etc. Also in the garage for metal parts in cars, bicycles and motorbikes. The paste is designed for manual cleaning, it does not contain corrosive acids so it is safe for both the cleaned items, and for the skin. metal cleaning paste U 07 SIZE: 50ml PRICE: £6.90 cleans and conserves 22
  • CRT and LCD screen cleaner CRT & LCD SCREEN Never spray the cleaner FM ADVICE directly on to the screen. Apply cleaner some of it on the cloth! To clean the screens, choose microfibre cloths which are delicate on the The screen cleaner is cleaned surfaces and do not recommended for cleaning glass, leave fluff. plastic, LCD or CRT screens. It Note! Before you start effectively removes dirt, dust, cleaning electronic appliances fingerprints greasy stains from always remove the plug from monitors, TVs, displays, remote the socket! controls, mobile phones and computer keyboards. It does not leave streaks and thanks to its electrostatic coat it prevents dust from settling again. It does not contain alcohol. prevents dust from settling no alcohol crt & lcd screen cleaner U 08 SIZE: 250ml PRICE: £5.20 atomizer AC 06 PRICE: £0.50PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £5.70 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 23
  • FIREPLACE GLASS & OVEN cleaner removes both burnt-on Using the fireplace incorrectly and smoky dirtFM ADVICE makes it dirty even faster… for example, too small a fire or extinguishing it with water. Remember to burn only dry wood in your fireplace and add more wood regularly when the flame is still FIREPL ACE going. When starting your fire use only good, dry wood – you will then GL ASS & OVEN reduce black smears on the glass. cleaner This cleaner removes burnt-on and smoky dirt (lampblack, soot) in ovens, fireplaces and grills … and other areas like frying pans, pots and crocks. Specially recommended to clean ovens and fireplace glass. Does not scratch cleaned surfaces and does not leave smears. safe for cleaned surfaces fireplace glass & oven cleaner U 06 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £5.20 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50 PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: 12,55 PLN 24
  • GLASS CLEANER enriched with polishing You will get the best agent FM ADVICE results when, after washing, you wipe the surface dry with the DELICAT cloth. green apple fragrance NOTE! When applying to surfaces other than glass (mirror or glaze) you should first test the product in a discrete place. GL ASS cleaner This alcohol-based glass cleaner quickly and effectively removes grease and dirt (particularly hand prints)… and the polishing agents ensure the panes have a crystal shine. Thanks to the inclusion of unique nanoparticles, this glass cleaner leaves a layer on the surface of glass that helps prevent dirt resettling. It leaves a pleasant smell. contains silica nanoparticles glass cleaner U 01 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £4.30 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £4.80 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 25
  • MULTI PURPOSE CLEANER great for cleaning large surfaces an original It is best to use the cleaner fragranceFM ADVICE together with the multi function roll wipes (you can find them in the catalogue on page 53). Remember always to use a of fresh clean cloth or mop. Rinse them often and wring well. pomegranate flowers MULTI PURPOSE cleaner This universal cleaner is perfect for the cleaning and treatment of all types of washable surfaces – tabletops, floors, walls, tiles, sanitary fittings, etc. It quickly and effectively removes all kinds of dirt and leaves no streaks, and its carefully selected scent composition will leave a pleasant smell for a long time. multi purpose cleaner U 03 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £5.20 26
  • LIqUID FOR CLEANING EXTREMELYDIRTY SURFACES – POWER CLEANERPOWER In the case of FM ADVICE persistent stains, use the cleaner product undiluted. Rinse the washed surface with water and leave to dry.A professional product for cleaning When removing stainsextremely dirty hard, waterproof from hard-to-reachand alkali-resistant surfaces. It surfaces, apply theremoves dirt of organic origin (oils) detergent on a cloth and rub the stains. Beforeand synthetic origin (lubricants) applying, test first on ain homes, garages, workshops, small or hidden area togreenhouses, etc. It can be used ensure that the products does not remove colour.successfully to wash workclothesand car upholstery, to clean WARNING! Before you use thisengines, wash panes in ovens product, test it on a small,and fireplaces, cooker hoods, inconspicuous area tofencing, terraces and balconies ensure it does not remove the colour! Do not cleanand to remove organic dirt from wooden and laminatedcobblestones. surfaces… for those, use laminated floor liquid (page 28). If you used concentrated product wear gloves. To use this product correctly, follow the directions on the packaging. power cleaner U 02 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £6.30powerful formula FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 27
  • LAMINATE FLOOR LIqUID cleans and protects Always dilute theFM ADVICE concentrate according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Be careful not to make it too strong – the recommended dilution should not be LAMINATE exceeded! floor liquid This alcohol-based concentrate cleans and removes oily and everyday dirt and dust from laminated panels. It does not leave streaks and waterstains nor does it interfere with the natural properties of the cleaned surfaces. It is recommended for the cleaning and treatment of laminated floor and wall panels, furniture veneers and varnished wood. laminate floor liquid U 04 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £6.90 does not leave streaks 28
  • CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANERCARPET & BeforeUPHOLSTERY wet cleaning of FM ADVICE carpets and upholstery fabrics, cleaner vacuum them thoroughly. Check for colour fastness by applying a bit of the liquid on a hiddenThis is THE cleaner for removing part of the carpet or fabricstains and dirt from carpets and before cleaning. Remember,upholstery. The ingredients in never allow the carpet to beit create an active foam which soaked!penetrates deep into the fibresand effectively removes the dirt. Itcontains an anti-electrostatic agentwhich stops the fibres picking upstatic … this means they absorbnew dust and dirt more slowly. It isdesigned for manual washing. carpet & upholstery cleaner U 05 SIZE: 000ml PRICE: £4.30 lemon fragrance contains an anti- electrostatic agent cleanliness at each step FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 29
  • for You for your home PRODUCTS FOR FURNITURE LEATHER WAX conditioner FURNITURE cleaner F FURNITURE You want your furniture to look new all the time. To achieve this, it is not sufficient to only ensure it is clean. It requires tender, loving care...30
  • LEATHER WAX conditionerLEATHER WAX FM ADVICE You can also use the wax FM ADVICE to clean leather. Just apply a bit conditioner of wax on a dirty surface with a soft cloth and polish it with circular movements until it isProtective wax made from natural dry. In this way you will removebeeswax with added conditioning dirt, restore the lost shine of theoils. Designed for the treatment of cleaned objects and protect them from further dirt andsurfaces made of smooth genuine damage.and ecological leather. Intensivelynourishes the leather and makes it Note! Not suitable for suede and nubuck.softer and more flexible. It restoresthe natural colour and shine to thecleaned surfaces and prevents themfrom excessive drying and cracking.Recommended for cleaning leatherfurniture and car upholstery, as wellas for fancy leather goods (bags, conditioningbriefcases, suitcases, wallets, belts,gloves), leather clothing (jackets, coats, oilstrousers), shoes, saddles and otherleather articles. leather wax conditioner F 02 SIZE: 300ml PRICE: £9.00for naturaland syntheticleather FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 31
  • FURNITURE CLEANER prevents dust When cleaning upright depositsFM ADVICE surfaces, remember first to clean the surfaces at the top and gradually go down. Wooden furniture do not like to much dump so thats FURN ITURE CL E A N E R why to clean them you should use less water as possible. We recommend products containg wax, which protects the surface anti-dust and makes it shine. Wood is also sensitive to stratches – to A perfect aerosol product avoid them, polish it with soft enriched with wax and anti- and delicate cloths. Perfect choise of soft cloths you find on electrostatic ingredients designed pages 51-53. for cleaning and daily treatment Attantion! of wooden furniture and wood- Shake before use. During like material. It leaves a protective application hold the bottle in layer on the surface, and its plumb-line.. special ingredients help delay dust deposits. It doesn’t scratch the cleaned surfaces and leaves no streaks.sweet aroma furniture cleaner F 01 of caramel SIZE: 300ml and PRICE: £5.70 vanilla contains wax protection 32
  • for You for your home PRODUCTS FOR THE KITCHEN INOX cleaner DEGREASER extra power (stainless steel cleaner) DESCALER all purpose DISHWASHING LIqUIDS (washing up liquid) KITCHEN cleaner(cleaning liquid for all kitchen surfaces and tabletops) K KITCHEN Your kitchen is a studio in which every day you passionately fulfill your culinary fantasies and you need peace of mind knowing that your kitchen is safe and hygienic for you to prepare food in. If you’re looking for the best recipes for cleanliness, you’ll find them on the next pages… FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 33
  • STAINLESS STEEL cleaner fragrance-free Stainless steel, although very I N OXFM ADVICE durable, is very hard to keep clean. This is why it should be cleaned with specially cleaner designed products and after cleaning – it should be polished until dry (you can use our MULTI FUNCTION roll wipes, page The cleaner is designed to clean 53). Remember to unplug your electrical matt stainless steel (INOX). appliances and clean oven elements when Delicate silicones contained in they have cooled enough. This product, effectively remove different types of dirt (e.g. fingerprints, greasy marks) leaving the cleaned surfaces damp, shiny delicate and protected from new marks appearing. It is especially suitable silicones for cleaning the steel elements of fridges, microwave ovens and the stainless steel elements of ovens. The cleaner can also be used for stainless steel pots, rigging, sailing fixtures and stainless steel decorative elements. inox cleaner K 06 SIZE: 250ml PRICE: £7.10 atomizer AC 06 PRICE: £0.50 PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £7.60 34
  • UNIVERSAL DESCALERintensive actionDESCALER Regularly removing FM ADVICE limescale from kitchen all purpose appliances keeps them working longer. They will heat much fasterBased on highly efficient and you will use lessprofessional acid products, this energy. Remember, mostdescaler removes limescale appliance manufacturersfrom even the hardest places. warn that they do not accept responsibility forIt is recommended for cleaning products damaged bykettles, irons, heaters, dishwashers, limescale! Descaling shouldespresso machines and many other be done once every 3-6 months depending onappliances. the water quality and frequency of use – referThe product does not contain to the manufacturer’spetrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, recommendations. Tosynthetic colours, synthetic remove limescale and rustpreservatives nor any genetically from tiles and bathroom taps, sinks and bath-tubs.modified ingredients. (page 43). WARNING! Please do not use this product on acid- sensitive surfaces (chrome plated and non-chrome descaler all purpose K 04 plated brass, enamel, polymeric materials, aluminium, and natural and SIZE: 000ml fake stone surfaces. Follow the instructions on the PRICE: £7.10 packaging.regularlydescaling protectsyourappliancesno scent FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 35
  • KITCHEN cleaner (cleaning liquid for all kitchen surfaces and tabletops) After thoroughly cleaningFM ADVICE dirty surfaces, wipe them dry using the DELICAT cloth (see page 52). In case of persistent stains, use DEGREASER extra KITCHEN power, which can be found on cleaner page 37. A universal, low-foaming product for cleaning kitchen surfaces. It removes oil, sticky dirt, grease and everyday dirt. Ideal for cleaning and degreasing cabinets, tabletops, ovens as well as wall and floor tiles. It does not leave streaks nor water stains. You can use this product for cleaning enamel, ceramic, steel, laminate and stone surfaces. The liquid has PzH (National Institute of Hygiene) certification, which means that it can be used to clean places that have direct contact with food. for use every day kitchen cleaner K 01 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £5.70 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50 PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £6.20 36
  • DEGREASER extra power removes old fat stains DEGREASER If you want to remove burnt FM ADVICE dirt from ovens and fireplaces extra power use FIREPLACE GLASS & OVEN Cleaner (page 24). Intensely active degreaser removes even very old fat stains from tabletops, sinks, chips fryers, cookers, extractors, ovens, cooker tops, tiles and other kitchen appliances. It melts even very old burned fat and sticky dirt. Does not scratch the surface and does not leave smears. Regular use of this product will help you keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Leaves a beautiful scent of fresh oranges on cleaned surfaces. 47 for very special tasks degreaser extra power K 05 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £5.90 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £6.40 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 37
  • WASHING UP LIqUID Our washing up liquid quickly and effectively removes grease and other dirt leaving dishes clean and shiny. Because it is so concentrated, just a few drops are enough to make dirty dishes shine. 20% stronger formulation c o n v e ni e nt p u m p a ct RED CITRUS io n dishwashing liquid The sunny power of citrus combined with the freshness of cherry flower gives an extremely pleasant smell that lingers in your kitchen. red citrus dishwashing liquid K 02 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £4.30 pump AC 05 PRICE: £0.50 PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £4.8038
  • Our washing up liquids are enriched with glycerol which has moisturising and skin softening properties. Remember, to always FM ADVICE rinse the washed dishes thoroughly. After rinsing, leave to dry or wipe with the unique DELICAT cloth (available in the catalogue on page 52).Please note, that using our special pump gives you the required with glycerol to moisturise amount each and every time without lifting the bottle. hands con v A LO E en ie nt pu m dishwashing liquid p a c ti With the delicate smell of aloe on vera… long famous for its healing and protective properties. Free its amazing power in your kitchen! does not cause irritation aloe dishwashing liquid K 03 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £4.30 pump AC 05 PRICE: £0.50PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £4.80 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 39
  • for You for your home PRODUCTS FOR BATHROOMS & KITCHENS MULTI SURFACE soft cleanser DRAIN CLEANER (soft cleanser for cleaning kitchen and sanitary appliances) (Grout cleaner (fugue cleaner)) GROUT cleaner (granules for clearing blocked drains) LIMESCALE & RUST remover gel (limescale and rust remover gel) Two different functions but both with common needs. Kitchens and bathrooms both need that extra special cleaning treatment and we take care of that for you.40
  • SOFT CLEANSER FOR CLEANING KITCHEN AND SANITARY APPLIANCES much more velvet consistence Remember, prior to cleaning, to FM ADVICE remove all larger objects which can scratch the cleaned surface. For drying, you should absolutely try the multiMULTI function roll wipes (the catalogue, pageSURFACE 53). soft cleanserDelicate cream cleanser for kitchenand bathroom appliances and fornickel surfaces, helps to removeeven the toughest dirt withoutscratching the surfaces. Thanks toits formula it guarantees perfectcare and unusual shine. multi surface soft cleanser BK 01 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £4.30 fresh lemon fragrance FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 41
  • GROUT cleaner self-cleaning film of nano- In case molecules of doubt putFM ADVICE a little product on a small area and check that it doesn’t affect the surface. GROUT cleaner This product quickly and efficiently removes dirt from grout between the tiles on the walls and floors. It creates a self-cleaning film made of nanomolecules which actively repels dirt and protects the surface from new dirt and water. This product does not remove grouting (you can clean both white and coloured grout). refreshes the colour of the grout fresh pleasant aroma grout cleaner BK 04 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £5.20 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50 PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £5.70 42 Produkty FM GROUP for home są oryginalnymi produktami FM GROUP World
  • LIMESCALE AND RUST REMOVER GEL LIMESCALE After cleaning the surface, do not & RUST FM ADVICE forget to rinse thoroughly with water! remover gel NOTE! Do not use the gel to remove scale from small kitchen appliances Our unique formula rapidly and (electric kettles, heaters, coffee makers - use the DESCALER on page 31. When effectively removes scale deposits, applying, use gloves! soap scum, rust stains and other types of residue that gets deposited on sanitary fittings. It brings back the former lustre of baths, washbasins and lavatory pans… and even taps and showers. With the consistency of soft gel, this product also stays on oval surfaces (eg. lavatory pans). The gel coats the surface being cleaned and allows the surface- active ingredients to do their job. does not damage the cleaned surface delicate orange blossom fragrance limescale & rust remover gel BK 03 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £4.30 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £4.80 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 43
  • BLOCKED DRAIN GRANULES Do not pour a large amountFM ADVICE of the preparation at once. Do not use the granules to clear drains and pipes made of aluminium. ideal NOTE! for the When applying, it is essential kitchen to use protective gloves. and bathroom DRAIN CLEANER grease killer A granular preparation for self- activating the clearing of blocked pipes and drains. It contains ingredients that dissolve fat and kitchen waste. It instantly eliminates the congestion and the accompanying unpleasant odour. If used on a regular basis, it allows you to maintain proper cleanliness and permeability of the drains. drain cleaner BK 02 wEIght: 500g PRICE: £5.70 neutralizes grease 44
  • for You for your homePRODUCTS FOR THE BATHROOM SHOWER cleaner (shower cabinet cleaner) BATHROOM cleaner B BATH You love your bathroom. It is your asylum, your oasis of relaxation, your home SPA... you have to be sure that it is perfect in every way. Fabulously beautiful... Extremely comfortable... Perfectly clean. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 45
  • SHOWER CABINET CLEANER refreshing aroma Spray of grapefruit and cherries the surface beingFM ADVICE cleaned, leave for a few minutes and then rinse with water. For best results, wipe with the multi SHOWER function roll wipes or DELICAT cloth (you’ll find them in the catalogue, on pages 52 and 53). cleaner Thanks to its active ingredients, the shower cabin cleaner quickly and efficiently removes dirt (eg. soap scum, hard water stains, limescale). The cleaner creates a layer on the cleaned surface which prevents dirt accumulating. It can be successfully applied to bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, tiles, shower cabinets and other surfaces. protective layer that inhibits the deposit of dirt shower cleaner BA 02 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £4.20 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50 PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £4.70 46
  • BATHROOM CLEANER highly effective For best results use the multi FM ADVICE function roll wipes to wipe the BATHROOM cleaned surfaces (you’ll find them in the catalogue, on page 53). cleaner A unique, multifunctional bathroom cleaner that easily removes dirt and stains on bathroom fittings, glazed surfaces, terracotta, shower cabinets and plastic surfaces without scratching. Its active ingredients easily cope with soap scum, water stains, grease stains and other dirt… and the unique polishing and protective agents give a beautiful lustre to bathroom fittings and ceramics. The silica nanoparticles contained in the cleaner, penetrate the tiniest unevenness of the surface and removes particles of dirt from the surface being cleaned. fresh, long-lasting citrus flavour bathroom cleaner BA 01 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £4.20 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £4.70 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 47
  • for You for your home PRODUCTS FOR THE TOILET LEMON wc cleaning gel T TOILET The toilet is a very vulnerable spot... systematic cleaning and disinfecting of the toilet is absolutely paramount if you care for the health of you and your nearest and dearest.48
  • WC CLEANING GELeasy to flush If, the lavatory pan is very FM ADVICE dirty, apply the gel and wait for a few minutes. Then scrubLEMON with a bowl brush, being careful not to damage the surface. Use rubber gloves! wc cleaning gelA thick gel, designed to cleandifferent types of sanitary ware. Iteffectively removes scale and rustdeposits, water stains, oil stainsand other residue.It restores lustre to cleanedsurfaces, flushes off easily, doesn’tscratch the surface and leaves afresh and pleasant smell. lemon wc cleaning gel T 01 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £4.30freshlemonfragrance FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 49
  • for You for your home ACCESSORIES MICROFIBRE POLISHING mitten DELICAT cloth MULTI FUNCTION roll wipes Practical and indispensable. Clean and dry. Polish and enjoy. You use less product and, at the same time, save money. These products are ideal for your home.50
  • MICROFIBRE POLISHING MITTENPOLISHING Microfibre polishing mitten FM ADVICE can be used everywhere. You mitten can clean kitchen tabletops, furniture, mirrors and tiles; it is also perfect for polishing your Made up of millions of twisted car and even the car’s interior. microfibres, and with a structure Before you polish delicate similar to synthetic chamois, the surfaces you need to remove any visible dirt that may scratch mitten removes dirt and dust delicate surfaces. particles leaving no streaks or residue. It reaches even the most inaccessible places. It is perfect for polishing delicate surfaces and is ideal for people with allergy problems. polishing mitten AC 01 PRICE: £10.00 twisted microfibres greatly increase the cleaning surface a unique structure of synthetic chamois Size of the mitten: approx. 20x27 cm Size of the polishing surface: 20x22 cmFor the last time in our catalogue!Available until stock lasts FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 15
  • MICROFIBRE CLOTH ideal for people In order not to destroy the with allergy problemsFM ADVICE structure of the microfibres, no bleaches or softeners should be DELICAT used to wash the cloths. NOTE! Before polishing delicate surfaces you should first remove visible dirt that can cloth scratch them. With a remarkable waffle-like structure, the DELICAT cloth polishes and dries surfaces leaving no streaks or water stains. The microfibres can absorb up to 7 times their weight in water, making the cloth perfect for drying glass and china. Microfibre cloths significantly reduce the use of chemical detergents because, whether they are used wet using just water or used dry, their structure allows them to clean surfaces. At the same time, keeping the cloths clean is extremely easy – you can wash them by hand or in washing machine at a temperature up to 60º C. delicat cloth AC 02 PRICE: £9.00 gives perfect finishes Size: 40x40 cm 52
  • MULTI FUNCTION ROLL WIPES a convenient paper towel-sized roll uses a system of perforations Note that the multi function to help absorption FM ADVICE roll wipes are rolled up in a convenient paper towel-sized roll, so they can be placed on a handy stand or railing.MULTIFUNCTION roll wipes 34 wipesThe multi function roll wipesare excellent for cleaning manydifferent types of surfaces in thehome. Their unique perforatedstructure helps the absorption ofwater, oily substances, detergentsand paints. The wipes areresistant to damage in use, leaveno streaks and don’t scratchthe surfaces being cleaned. Theroll has perforations so that youcan easily tear off the amountneeded. The wipes can be usedrepeatedly prior to rinsing. multi function roll wipes AC 03 PRICE: £9.00 Size of a single wipe: 23x39 cm FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 53
  • Imagine car a perfect Everything is under your control. High rotation, maximum engine power. Original design, shiny car body. Perfect cleanliness. You wish that moment could last forever. Now it is so easy.
  • Fot. za: GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products
  • for You and for your car CAR CARE COCKPIT care spray ALUMINIUM RIM cleaner ORGANIC DIRT remover AUTO Cleanliness is your direction. The next pages, just like road signs, will direct you to the shortest and the most reliable route. Will you drive with us?56
  • COCKPIT care spraydelays the aging process of plasticCOCKPIT Cockpits can be easily FM ADVICE cleaned using the microfibre care spray POLISHING mitten (page 51). After thoroughly cleaning, it isThe spray cleans the cockpit surface worthwhile to have a nice smell care sprayand plastic elements inside your car inside your car by hanging a car air freshener aboveperfectly. Thanks to anti-electrostatic the cockpit. You have threecomponents it prevents dust from feminine fragrances (FM 25, FM 81 and FM 147) and onesettling. It gives the cleaned surface masculine fragrance (FM 52) toa delicate shine, and the ingredients choose for the plastic surfacesdelaying their ageing process. cockpit care spray AU 01 SIZE: 300ml PRICE: £6.30prevents dustfrom settlingdelicately polishes FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 57
  • ALUMINIUM RIM cleaner Try to clean the rims when they are cool. Never do it directly after driving.FM ADVICE If you change the rims in winter, clean them. safe for varnish ALUMIN IUM RIM cleaner The cleaner removes regular dirt perfectly from rims and hubcaps and also tough pollution dirt, e.g. tarnish from brake blocks. It is safe for varnish and can also be used to clean rims made of steel, chrome or coated with varnish. restores a beautiful shine aluminium rim cleaner AU 02 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £5.20 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50 PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £5.70 58
  • ORGANIC DIRT remover Never scrape organic dirt off the car body as this could damage the varnish. Use the cleaner and wait FM ADVICE until the dirt has dissolved. Use the cleaner every time you go to the car wash – spray it on the dirt and the high pressure water will wash it off quickly. Note! Avoid using the cleaner in heated and sunny places and never let the product dry completely on any surface. quickly dissolves any dirt ORGA N IC DIRT remover Thanks to its active components, the cleaner effectively eliminates dead insects that have dried and other types of organic dirt from the car body, windscreens, bumpers and headlights. It handles perfectly even the toughest dried out dirt. no scratches safe for the car body organic dirt remover AU 03 SIZE: 750ml PRICE: £9.00 trigger cap AC 04 PRICE: £0.50PRICE FOR THE WHOLE SET: £9.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products 59
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