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5 Button Wireless Mouse
5 Button Wireless Mouse
5 Button Wireless Mouse
5 Button Wireless Mouse
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5 Button Wireless Mouse


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5 Button Wireless Mouse. With its contoured shape, soft rubber grips and handy controls, the Wireless M510 Laser Mouse delivers the comfort and control you need to do more, more easily. 5 Button …

5 Button Wireless Mouse. With its contoured shape, soft rubber grips and handy controls, the Wireless M510 Laser Mouse delivers the comfort and control you need to do more, more easily. 5 Button Wireless Mouse.

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  • 1. TOP 10 5 BUTTON WIRELESS MOUSEIf you are looking for 5 Button Wireless Mouse. You are on the right place. Here we have 5 Button Wireless Mouse at cheap price. You canbuy 5 Button Wireless Mouse in stock. Not waste your time anymore, Check the details and buy 5 Button Wireless Mouse at lower priceright now via our page below. Shops & Purchase Online with Secure Check out, Quick & Easy.Top #1 Logitech M510 Wireless MouseView All OffersMore Product DetailFull Customer ReviewsContoured shape with soft rubber grips provide all-daycomfortBack/forward buttons and side-to-side scrolling plus zoomlet you do more, faster Requires Logitech SetPoint software2-year battery life practically eliminates the need to replacebatteries Battery life may vary based on user andcomputing conditionsComes with a tiny Logitech Unifying receiver that stays inyour computer - plug it in, forget itWorks with Windows and Mac OSWith its contoured shape, soft rubber grips and handy controls, the Wireless M510 Laser Mouse delivers the comfort and control youneed to do more, more easily.Customer ReviewSolid Performing Full-size Wireless Mouse : I have been seeking a fully-featured wireless mouse for the past two weeks and have finallyfound my optimum choice in the Logitech Wireless Mouse M510. The attributes I sought out included the following:1) Full-size and ergonomic shape. I have fairly large hands, so most notebook mice cannot provide a sufficiently comfortable experience forlong periods of usage time.2) High battery endurance. I prefer a wireless mouse that minimizes battery replacement to improve overall convenience and reduce my dead
  • 2. battery collection.3) Laser technology. A setting of at least 1200 dpi is necessary to track subtle movements, which are particularly important for graphicalapplications (i.e. solid modeling and photo editing software). Laser technology also allows for usage on most surfaces.4) Inconspicuous wireless transmitter. I find great appeal in a low profile wireless transmitter, as it saves the user from having to remove thedevice from a notebook during travel.While many other competing products from Logitech offer appealing features such as "hyper scrolling" and any-surface tracking a la"Darkfield", they each carry their own weaknesses as well. For example, I considered various notebook-class mice, including the AnywhereMX and the Marathon M705, yet as a person with fairly large hands, I determined that they were simply not large enough to use comfortably.Notebook Mice:With respect to the Anywhere MX, while its touted "Darkfield" technology and "hyper scrolling" are admittedly persuasive, does not appearto yield the battery endurance that I desire. The form factor is certainly far too small to permit the ergonomics my hands require.In consideration of the Marathon M705, while it certainly has the battery endurance I desire, as well as "hyper scrolling", it still remains toosmall, and the price tag currently does not justify its purchase. The Anywhere MX (at the time of research) could be had for nearly the sameprice after rebate, and if I were to choose a less-than-comfortable mouse, I would be more inclined to compromise some battery life forfeatures.Full-Sized Mice:Moving on to full-sized mice, I spent some time researching the Performance MX. The Performance MX touts a host of features, including alow-profile wireless transmitter, but I am not fully convinced that they justify the price. Furthermore, this device utilizes a cradle forcharging, and I would prefer high endurance, which typically entails the exclusive use of AA or AAA batteries.While researching this category, I came across the M510, which although it carries less features than the aforementioned products, representsthe best compromise to the attributes I desire in a mouse. Notably, this mouse has a great form factor, and while not as large as thePerformance MX, fits comfortably and ergonomically even for my larger hands. Admittedly, I would prefer that the mouse were a bit longerto fill out my palm, but in the manner I handle the mouse, comes very close to an ideal fit. Logitech claims battery endurance up to 2 years,which far exceeds my expectations, and reduces my reliance on spare batteries. The device uses laser technology, which actually does notperform optimally on my aluminum desk, but tracks perfectly on my microfiber mouse pad with high accuracy. I honestly did not expect themouse to function well on my desk, so this is more of an observation than a concern. The device also includes the low-profile wirelesstransmitter, which overall adds to the convenience of the product, and lends itself to a more travel-worthy full-sized mouse. As an additionalnote, the forward and back buttons work perfectly, and are quite easy to access. Extra buttons that are actually usable certainly add greatervalue to this product.Conclusion:While this mouse certainly has less features than some of the competition, it can be had for a reasonable price, which from Amazon lies inthe range of $30 to $40. The form factor is excellent, the battery life is sufficient, the accuracy is great, and the wireless transmitter isconvenient. For those seeking a full-sized and ergonomic mouse that still affords some portability, the Logitech M510 is a great option, andshould represent a serious candidate for any mouse-purchasing decisions.Great Cordless Mouse : I bought this mouse at bestbuy as it was not available on amazon yet. My previous experience with a wirelessmouse was not good. I bought it from HP and it came with a charger cradle to recharge the batteries and a disk to download the software. Itstarted to freeze up often, so I replaced it with the original corded mouse.While researching current wireless mice, i was confused as to why none came with a charger cradle. Apparently, the new technology allowsa wireless mouse to use a standard set of batteries that last up to two years! This is great. I was looking for a full size mouse as I use this onmy desktop and dont need it to be portable for a laptop. The feel is perfect. Contoured sides with rubber grips, the wheel is smooth and thebuttons on the side are high enough not to get in the way when you are holding the mouse. These buttons can be programmed to do customfunctions. I dont have volume controls on my new keyboard, so I programmed them to control volume up/down. I set maximize screen bypushing the scroll wheel. The USB receiver is small (I guess they call it nano receiver) so if you want to use it with a laptop and leave itplugged in all the time it is very inconspicuous.There is an on/off switch, but it also goes into sleep mode to conserve the batteries. It works right out of the box, but there is software youcan download off the Logitech website if you want to customize the button functions, etc.
  • 3. The mouse has worked great and I couldnt be happier with it!Good Mouse, But Not For Use On Light Color Surfaces : I must say that Im really disapointed in the M510 mouse. I purchased it for useon a light (or blonde) colored tabletop but unfortunately, the mouse does not track very well on light colors. It works great on dark surfaces,or with a newspaper or magazine under it. It is otherwise a very good mouse; the buttons are very responsive.My only other comment is that in spite of what other reviews say, the mouse does run a little small for someone with large hands. My otherLogitech mice are larger & more comfortable for my large hands.I contacted Logitech support who said that it should track well on light surfaces, that mine mouse may be defective, so I exchanged it but thesecond one also does not work well on light surfaces.So if you will use it on dark surfaces, I rate it five stars. For use on light surfaces, it only gets 2 stars.Works Great : My very old MS optical wired mouse finally gave it up and failed after many years of good service. I replaced it with thisM510 Logitech wireless mouse, which works great. Battery life is excellent with two double As, and you can turn it off on the bottom with asmall switch if you like. I like the ergonomic shape with a nice bump at the back to support my hand during many hours of photo editing andheavy use. It tracks well, is fast and I like the left side thumb buttons, pre-programmed for forward and back in web browsing, but you can re-program them. The scroll wheel works fine with nice little click stops. The dongle is tiny and I just leave it in a USB port all the time--thereis no need to remove it because it is so small it doesnt get in the way of anything. I am very pleased with this Logitech M510 wireless mouseand am also satisfied with other wireless Logitech mice models that I have purchased for my laptop and netbook. I am using the M510 withmy XP Pro desktop and there have been no issues at all.Good Sized Mouse! And Problems With Your Mouse? Cursor Unreponsive? Solution! : Most of the mouse Ive held were waaay toosmall. This one fits nicely. If anyone is having trouble with slow mouse acceleration, or if the mouse cursor acts funny, there is a simple wayto fix it. Turn your mouse over and blast a few shot of regular compressed air in the hole where the laser light hides. Basically the problem isbecause of particles and dust getting trapped in there. Problem solved.The Best Full Sized Mouse That I Ever Used! : I have a couple logitech mice and I remain happy with their quality and features. I have tosay this is by far the most comfortable mouse that I have ever used. I also have a Logitech M505 and while I was happy with the comfort ofM505 mouse, I have to say that M510 is more comfortable because of the bigger full size and better rubber contoured design. If you arelooking for more a portable mouse and want smaller size, go with the M505. If you want a larger full size mouse that is more comfortable, gowith the M510. As for the appearance of the M510, it is very nice and sleek. Very stylish and doesnt look cheap at all. As for theperformance, the cursor control is perfect and precise. Not jittery and not too fast at all. And if you ever did want to adjust cursor speed oradjust buttons, you can by simply downloading a program on their website. I had no need for it though as the mouse worked perfectly for meas is. It also has side scrolling. One feature that I also like is the back and forward button on the side. It is in the right spot and doesntinterfere with my thumb. It also has the unifying receiver which you can connect multiple devices. Some people complained that usb receiverdoesnt work with other brands but I think that is common sense and shouldnt expect that. And the setup was easy as I just plugged it and itworked. As for working on various surfaces, it works on many different surfaces. This isnt the more expensive Anywhere Mouse that workson glass or "solid gloss surfaces" but M510 works on the other surfaces like wood grain surface, pants, shirt, couch, mouse pad, etc. Peopleshouldnt complain about its work surface ability because it doesnt have dark field laser and that costs an extra $30. People should realizethat THIS MOUSE WAS NEVER MARKETED TO WORK ON GLASS, "MIRROR LIKE" GLOSS SURFACES OR "ANYWHERE".Battery life? It has a great 2 year battery life which is more than my M505 mouse. If it last anywhere close to that, I will be very happy.PROS: wireless, VERY comfortable, great looking mouse, very precise, unifying receiver, works on various surfaces, great connection toreceiver, long battery life, great price, 3 YEAR WARRANTYCONS: None so farI give this mouse a 9.5 out of 10.You Wont Regret This Purchase! : This was a spur of the moment Black Friday purchase. I wanted a wireless mouse for my work PC, andI needed more than 3 buttons for the software I run (CAD based). I saw this, and figured for the price I couldnt go wrong, and I was verypleased at how easily it installed on my win 7 machine, and how comfortable it is. If you have larger hands, you will feel at home with thismouse.The Nano receiver also means that you can leave it in a USB Slot with no fear of it breaking. While I only have 1 logitech wireless device,the manual says up to 6 items can connect (logitech, of course...) through this one little receiver. Nice feature if you need it!The mouse is large enough for 2 AA batteries, and it also has an on/off switch. Logitech claims 2 years on the battery life, but Im a heavyuser, so well see.
  • 4. The last thing is the cant see the thing! No fear of looking at it and getting eye damage whats so ever!Like my title it, you wont regret it!Great Mouse, But Flawed Design : The logitech m510 is an excellent mouse for folks with big hands, has a great ergonomic feel andquality buttons etc. It is my favorite wireless mouse to date, but there is a flaw to look out for.The housing of the laser lens is very poorly designed, allowing the module to move rather freely in its socket. Due to stiffness and placementof the connecting wire inside, this will overtime allow the eye to move into an angle where your cursor reception becomes quite impaired.Fixing it is simple, open the mouse, and place some object thats about 1/8 of an inch thick between the connecting wire and the plastic to putpressure on it thus keeping the eye housing in its proper, parallel position. This should get your mouse working perfectly without any issues,I used a small piece of card board folded and stuck inside and it worked like a charm.Otherwise, I give this mouse a 10, have had it a year and still on the original batteries and I use it all day and rarely remember to turn it offwhen not using it.Poor Tracking With The M510 : Logitech Wireless Mouse M510I was very pleased with all features of this mouse except tracking really stinks. I have tried a lot of surfaces but have not found one thatdoesnt skip or freeze. Installation was easy and all the buttons and wheels work fine. I cant recommend a purchase of this device.Great Mouse : For anyone that uses their mouse for long periods of time, I highly recommend this mouse. Its not too small like mobile miceand has a great feel in your hand. The laser pointer is dead on and battery life seems terrific so far.Top 10 Best Sellers (#2-#10)Top #2 : Daffodil WMS325 Wireless Optical Mouse 2.4GHz - Cordless 5 Button PC Mouse with Scrollwheel and Adjustable Sensitivity(MAX 1600dpi) - For Laptop / Netbook / Desktop Computers - Supported by: Microsoft Windows (7 / XP / Vista) and Apple MAC (OS X+) - Battery Powered (2xAAA Inc.)Top #3 : Daffodil WMS330 Wireless Optical Mouse 2.4GHz - Cordless 5 Button PC Mouse with Scrollwheel and Adjustable Sensitivity(MAX 1600dpi) - For Laptop / Netbook / Desktop Computers - Supported by: Microsoft Windows (7 / XP / Vista) and Apple MAC (OS X+) - Battery Powered (2xAAA Inc.)Top #4 : Daffodil WMS320R Wireless Optical Mouse 2.4GHz - Cordless 5 Button PC Mouse with Scrollwheel and Adjustable Sensitivity(MAX 1600dpi) - For Laptop / Netbook / Desktop Computers - Supported by: Microsoft Windows (7 / XP / Vista) and Apple MAC (OS X+) - Battery Powered (2xAAA Inc.)Top #5 : iHome Bluetooth 5 Button Wireless Mouse - Red (IH-M410BR)Top #6 : Daffodil WMS328B Wireless Optical Mouse 2.4GHz - Cordless 5 Button PC Mouse with Scrollwheel and Adjustable Sensitivity(MAX DPI: 1600) - For Laptop / Netbook / Desktop Computers - Supported by: Microsoft Windows (7 / XP / Vista) and Apple MAC (OS X+) - Battery Powered (2xAAA Inc.)Top #7 : Gear Head 2.4 GHz Wireless Desktop & 5 Button Optical Mouse (KB5850W)Top #8 : Bestek Wireless RF Five-Button Optical Mouse Interchangeable Between Notebook and Desktop Computer (Double Pack)rechargeble mouse wireless notebook micro mouse laptop receiver notebook mouse desktop computer mouse usb receiver nano mobilemouse cordless mouse corded optical mouse wireless micro programmable mouse receiver RF laptop wireless mouse DPI switch BTM960Top #9 : Anker Infrared Wireless Mouse, 3 Adjustable DPI Levels, 2000 DPI, 6 Buttons, 18-Month Battery Life - (Black)Top #10 : Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 Mac/Win USBVisit here you will be found the Best of 5 Button Wireless Mouse In Discount Price. We have Great deals for 5 Button Wireless Mouse Youcan check Prices and Comparison before you buy 5 Button Wireless Mouse Quick & EasyPowered by TCPDF (