Intro To Social Media


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Presentation given 7/21/2009 at Bentley University.

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Intro To Social Media

  1. 1. Intro to Social Media Jayna Dinsmore aka @LilMissSocMedia aka
  2. 2. Agenda (Flexible)  Quick start Twitter  Signup, Sign in, Follow  Creating your profile  Follow each other  Searching  People  Topics  Art of Listening & Conversations  Tools for the “Next Level”  Best Practices & Tips for LinkedIn  Facebook: Privacy features
  3. 3. Twitter: Signup, Sign In, Follow  Go to  What you need:  an email address  14 character username  Secure password  Account guidelines:  Use discretion  Unusual name, small home town – may want to use the “less is more” theory  Create a profile you are comfortable with  The more you use it, the easier it gets – you need to train like you’re running a marathon
  4. 4. Follow  Twitter is a conversational tool – the more people you follow, the more opportunities to “talk”.  Twitter asks for access to your email accounts – it’s safe  Know someone’s twitter name, but can’t find them?  
  5. 5. Unwanted Followers  The Adult “Entertainment” industry is on Twitter  You can block ANYONE  You can ‘tell on them’ – follow @Spam & DM with their username.  Autofollow tools are out there (TweetLater)
  6. 6. Tips for Searching People  Searching topics is not the same.  Use the email search built into the site.  Use Google – tweets are indexed on google.  Keep an open mind when following and being followed.
  7. 7. Tips for Searching Topics  Use the twitter home page  Hashtags – aka # - are a great way to search…if you know the tricks  Tweetworks allows you to use Twitter and follow conversations  Pros – occasionally # doesn’t capture all conversations, Tweetworks will  Con – still relatively unknown, limited to its users and topics
  8. 8. Meet Tweetdeck  You need to download it  Highly customizable  Great if you have more than one account  Takes a little “getting used to”  Allows you to see all your account activity (DMs & Replies) in one place • Can include Facebook acct*
  9. 9. Seesmic  Very similar to TweetDeck  Good for multiple accounts  Downloadable  Customizable  Can include your facebook acct*  It’s all about your personal preference
  10. 10. LinkedIn  Keep it professional
  11. 11. LinkedIn: Apply Yourself! Some Applications: PPT Slides for this class! Blogs (written by you) Polls Travel User Comments on your company What you’re reading & want to read – Keep it Professional! Don’t forget to personalize your profile link with your name!
  12. 12. Facebook  Privacy settings are an excellent way to protect your reputation on Facebook
  13. 13. Facebook Privacy Pros & Cons  Facebook is a social tool – it was created to help college students get to know each other  You need to decide whether or not to let professional contacts on facebook  If you have privacy settings in place, you need to keep on top of them  Keep an open mind with facebook – a friend from High School may have an ‘in’ at one of your target companies.