Personal Branding & Lead Gen: Women's Council of Realtors


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Jayme Soulati, a message mapping master, provides a short personal branding and lead generation presentation to the Women's Council of Realtors. Quick notes about blogging, websites, message mapping, and email marketing.

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  • You have an opportunity to cut through the clutter and shine.

    If you present your brand – personal or professional, in its best light, then you can grow into the #RockHot bomb.

    My takeaway for you today is to get some inspiration from the passion I bring for the experiences I’ve had in the last five years.

    Content = COMMITMENT When you fall off online, you disappear. I cannot stress that enough; your online brand is your future; content is your future; merging the two is your future.
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  • Let’s take a look at where you are with your social media and how you regard it.

    You may be still stuck on likes, retweets, followers, shares, and plusses.

    That’s OK, if you want to stay one-dimensional. It’s NOT OK if you want to realize the benefit of social marketing integration.

    Here’s our first clue – we need to get into a new thinking place – where social media becomes part of your natural marketing blend across the disciplines.

    It doesn’t have to look like your competitor down the street; and it can’t look like the multi-national corporations with gazillion $$ budgets.

    What it should look like is a model set to scale for your organization. It needs to look strategic and scaled to your business.

  • Personal Branding & Lead Gen: Women's Council of Realtors

    1. 1. Personal Branding & Lead Gen For Real Estate (digital marketing) August 7, 2014 Women’s Council of Realtors Dayton, Ohio Presenter: Jayme Soulati
    2. 2. 2 Today’s Goal
    3. 3. Invest in the back end: market your business. Ask why you are different? Earn trust. Be an authority; be remarkable. Ignore the listing; twist it. Be consistent. Fail, fail, succeed – REPEAT! BE SMARTER! 3
    4. 4. 4 Build Your Brand Your personal branding journey starts here
    5. 5. 5 Blog to Brand Benefits of Blogging • Become an authority • Differentiate • Develop/Share power content • Earn traffic and leads • Build your list • Sell services
    6. 6. 1. YOU! 2. Purpose 3. Set Goals 4. Content 5. Key Words 6. Shares 7. Audience 8. Engagement 9. Consistency 10. Passion 6 ELEMENTS OF A SUCCESSFUL BLOG Tip: Publish your own blog. Don’t “rent” a blog at or Blogger.
    7. 7. 7 Build Your List Use Images
    8. 8. 8 10 Tips on Blogging 1. Publish and host your own website 2. Get reliable IT on your team 3. Blog 3x per week to matter 4. Acknowledge guests in your house 5. Comment on others’ blogs 6. Share your content on social channels 7. Ensure your site is secure and updated 8. Be selfless, genuine and accessible 9. Use a comment plug in (Livefyre, Disqus) 10.Use Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or AWeber to build your list
    9. 9. The List Is How You Sell 10 Tips on Why You Build A List 1. People want something from you 2. Teach, share, soft sell 3. Network with value 4. Earn trust, build authority 5. Sell something – a house! 6. Earn a client who is selling! 7. Differentiate 8. Do business development 9. Give to receive 10.Get referrals
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. A communications tool for everyone you influence that answers WHO, WHY and WHAT. 11 What Is Message Mapping?
    12. 12. • Positions your story with authority • Portrays your company and who you are • Unifies message for copywriting, social media, PR, and media relations • Confirms business model and strategy • Guides the conversation 12 Benefits of Message Mapping
    13. 13. First clinically proven, FDA cleared, affordable hearing aid invisible to the naked eye Hand-picked scientific team from U.S. best with leadership born in software industry Aging boomers require hearing aids, no insurance necessary Buoyed by $5.5 million seed funding, $80 million market cap, 250 employees worldwide Increases hearing 100%, fits snugly, is invisible, easy to install and affordable Worldwide population aging at rate of *25%; hearing diminishes *50% by 74 1. U.S. Census projects *45% of aging boomers will reach *74yo by *2015 2. Hearing aids traditionally cost *$1000 for each ear. 3. Most private insurance may cover medically required hearing aids or cochlear implants. 4. Company X product is affordable at a price point *80% less than products on market Company X is first global manufacturer of invisible hearing aids Financial Health of Company X is Solid 1. ABC Investors put up all seed money; has become trusted advisor 2. Based on sales projections, market cap is already solid after 1 year pre-launch 3. Executive team invested $250m each in company 4. Global leadership, sales teams poised to grow 200% in first 8 months of product launch Scientists from Yale, Harvard 1. Scientists hired 3 years ago with seed money, grants 2. Specialty in elder medicine and cochlear implants 3. 5 clinical papers published in New England Journal of Medicine 4. Team devoting full-time research to perfecting Company X new device 13Message Mapping © Jayme Soulati 2013-2014. All rights reserved. Message Mapping: Why You Need It & How To Do It
    14. 14. (Benefit) Tier Two Message (Market Need) Tier Two Message 1. Add Bullets Here 2. Add Bullets Here 3. Add Bullets Here Core Message/Home Base Descriptor 1. Add Bullets Here 2. Add Bullets Here 3. Add Bullets Here (Benefit) Tier Two Message 1. Add Bullets Here 2. Add Bullets Here 3. Add Bullets Here (Market Need) Tier Two Message 1. Add Bullets Here 2. Add Bullets Here 3. Add Bullets Here (About) Tier Two Message (What) Tier Two Message 1. Add Bullets Here 2. Add Bullets Here 3. Add Bullets Here 1. Add Bullets Here 2. Add Bullets Here 3. Add Bullets Here (About) Tier Two Message 1. Add Bullets Here 2. Add Bullets Here 3. Add Bullets Here (What) Tier Two Message 1. Add Bullets Here 2. Add Bullets Here 3. Add Bullets Here
    15. 15. 15 Message Mapping Book Download FREE Message Mapping: Why You Need It & How To Do It For business leaders of all sizes
    16. 16. 16 Brand Yourself: A #RockHot Website • Mobile, responsive • Clean, simple design • Stop the clutter! • Power messages • Simple navigation • Digital marketing – Lists and Leads • Video, photography, graphics • WOW factor
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. 18
    19. 19. 19
    20. 20. STILL COLLECTING? 20
    21. 21. 21 Love Potion Refresh the Message Gorgeous Website Blog to Brand Socialize Power Content Build Your List Sell to Your List
    22. 22. 22 The Jayme Soulati Morphling Journey • Chicago’s PR firms—18 years • Freelancer • Soulati Media Relations, Inc. • Hospital executive • Agency vice president • Solo practice/business owner • Professional blogger • Hybrid PR, PR Marketer • Message Mapping Master • Soulati Media, Inc.
    23. 23. 23 • First Book • Self-Published • Greyden Press, Dayton • Amazon Kindle FREE Today!  Psst! Trade you--email for a book!
    24. 24. Schedule a FREE Consultation Today! Your business pain points Your message mapping needs Your Digital Journey Blogging & Content 937.312.1363 Jayme Soulati is President of Soulati Media, Inc.
    25. 25. 25 BE #RockHot!