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Basic Algebra (for beginners)
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Basic Algebra (for beginners)



A short introduction to Algebra with a few questions to answer.

A short introduction to Algebra with a few questions to answer.



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Basic Algebra (for beginners) Basic Algebra (for beginners) Presentation Transcript

  • Basic Algebra  By JaydenWe are going to first learn about basic algebraic expressions.So, lets start from the basics.2a = 2 x a3a = 3 x a4a = 4 x aBut we can’t work that out without finding out what a is equal to.So lets throw a ‘for instance’ out there:a=3Meaning2a = 63a = 9
  • Basic Algebra  By JaydenIn Algebra, you would always write terms in their simplest form.So let’s work out how to simplify a algebraic expression.We will simplify 2a + 3a.2a + 3a in it’s simplest form is 5a.2+3=52a + 3a = 5aThe reason for this is because adding them together would equal that.If there was two different terms, such as 5a + 5b……then it’s simplest form will be 5a + 5b.But there’s another rule of Algebra that we need to take note of.The terms should be written in alphabetical order.5b + 5a5a + 5bA comes before B in the alphabet, so any A terms are written first.
  • Basic Algebra  By JaydenWrite the following formulae in their simplest forms:Q1: A + A + A + B + B + BQ2: C + C + Z + ZQ3: 3a + 5aQ4: 3b + 5b + 3a + 5aNow we’re going to expand on simplifying expressions.What would happen if we added normal numbers in there?Take A + A + A + 3You would simplify it by writing this: 3a + 3Take A + A + A + 3 + AYou would simplify it by writing this: 4a + 3, as the A’s come before the 3.What would happen if it was just a normal sum?Take 3 + 3 + 3This is not an algebraic expression, so you’d just write the answer: 9.
  • Basic Algebra  By JaydenWrite the following formulae in their simplest forms:Q5: A + B + AQ6: A + B + A + 3Q7: 3 + 3 + 3 + 3Q8: 2b + 3b – 4bThe eighth question is more complicated than the previous as it adds a subtract symbol inthe sum.But, it’s pretty easy:Imagine the question was written like this:(2b + 3b) – 4bSo first, work out 2b + 3b – which is 5b. Change the question to this:5b – 4bSee if you can work out the answer from it’s simplest form.
  • Basic Algebra  By JaydenQuestion 9:If Dom’s age is A, and Sarah’s age is 10 (fivemore than Dom’s), what is A?Question 10:If A equals 30, work out this sum:A+A+A=