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Killer whales project

Killer whales project






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    Killer whales project Killer whales project Presentation Transcript

    • Killer WhalesKiller Whales By: Jayda Rohrbaugh
    • Orcas, or killer whales, are the largest of thedolphins and one of the
    • Classification:• Resident orcas are lovable and live in large family-centered pods that tend to stay in one area. (They are usually the star attraction at SeaWorld.)• Transient orcas are often found in long-term stable social units. They are quiet and very sneaky, not many scientists know much about this particular group.• Offshore orcas are similar to resident whales, but can be distinguished; such as their fins, which seem to be rounded at the tip with
    • Killer whalesare mostabundant incolder waters,includingAntarctica,Norway, andAlaska. Killerwhales arefound in allparts of theoceans and inmost seasfrom the Arcticto theAntarctic. Killerwhales canalso be fairlyabundant intemperatewaters. Killer
    • Weight: 22,000 Facts:pounds.Length : 32 feet.Appearance:Black on top withwhite undersidesand white patchesnear their eyes.Life Span: Malestypically liveabout30 years, butFemales can liveas long as50-60 years.Diet:Fish, squid, sealions, and othermarine mammals.
    • http://youtu.be/BSwsEQA9Mmo
    • Communication:• Killer whales produce 3 categories of sounds:Clicks: navigation, objects inthe surrounding environment,and for prey.Whistles: social activitiesPulsed calls: vocalization
    • http://youtu.be/pySetv-Z6Bo
    • Sexualmaturity ofa femalekiller whaleis achievedwhen thewhalereaches 15-18 feet, andmay givebirth at anytime. Calvesare nursedfor about 1year andmay beweanedbetween 1and 2 yearsof age. Thebirth ratefor killerwhales isnot well
    • Taxonomy:• Kingdom: Animalia• Phylum: Chordata• Class: Mammalia• Order: Cetacea• Family: Delphinidae• Genus: Orcinus• Species: Orca(Office Protected Resources,1)
    • http://animoto.com/play/xw32S56fKKn1N93FO1XW1g
    • Works Cited:“Killer Whales (Orca).” Killer Whales facts- National Geographic. Web .2 Oct. 2011.“Killer Whales (Orcinus Orca).” National Park Conservation Association. Web. 3 Oct. 2011.“Killer Whales.” Office of Protected Resources-NOAA fisheries. Web. 3 Oct. 2011.“Monterey Bay Whale Watch.” Behavior and Ecology of Killer Whales in Monterey Bay, California. Sept. 2002. Web. 2 Oct. 2011.“Sea Sick.” Discover Magazine. Feb. 2001. Web. 3 Oct. 3 2011.“Wild Ones.” Discover Magazine. 21 Apr. 2004. Web. 3 Oct. 2011.Killer whale Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles ...300 x 209 · 12 kB · jpegwww.encyclopedia.comKiller Whales (Orcas), Killer Whale Pictures, Killer Whale Facts ...600 x 450 · 61 kB · <jpeganimals.nationalgeographic.com>Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA ...360 x 240 · 8 kB · <jpegwww.nmfs.noaa.gov>Map of gray whale migration261 x 300 · 6 kB · <gifwww.lasecomujeres.org>Mother and baby killer whale close up | Flickr - Photo Sharing!640 x 480 · 110 kB · <jpegwww.flickr.com>Photos.com Killer whales around the British Isles fall in to ...620 x 380 · 31 kB · <jpeguniversitypost.dk>Three orca whales470 x 245 · 45 kB · <jpegeducation.ed.pacificu.edu>
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