Training on presentation skills

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Skill building exercises for trainers by Jaya

Skill building exercises for trainers by Jaya

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  • 1. From Jayadeva de Silva
    • Training On Presentation Skills
  • 2. Presentations- Skill Building Exercises Jayadeva de Silva. M.Sc,MBIM,FIPM,FTID
  • 3.
    • Here are some of the more unusual exercises
  • 4. Voice Practices -
    • Find a very boring article that is related to the industry and then have
    • participants work in small groups
    • To read the material slowly, quickly, loudly, softly, with pauses, with enthusiasm, etc.
    • This gets them to use more vocal variety in their presentation styles.
  • 5.
    • This slide is only for the Trainer
  • 6. Silent Pictures -
    • To encourage them to use body movements that support their messages, have them pick slips with different scenarios
    • They must act out using only their bodies.
    • Some of the scenarios include screwing in a light bulb,
    • trying on a new pair of sneakers,
    • weeding a garden,
    • Setting a table
    • painting a room.
    • The rest of the group must guess what is being acted out.
  • 7. Story Telling -
    • Begin a story and then toss a ball to a participant
    • He must come up to the front of the room and continue to tell and act out the story.
    • That person then tosses the ball to another participant to continue the story.
    • This frees people to add some drama to their presentations and
    • It also helps them think on their feet.
  • 8. Most Important 2 Tips
    • Be Yourself
    • Feel Good Yourself
    • (Please watch the you tube video titled
    • Presentation on Presentations”)
    http:// =jbuckdR_8eo
  • 9.  
  • 10. Humantalents Training Presentation skills 1 2 Be Yourself Feel Good
  • 11. Contact us
    • [email_address]
    • 077 7272295 (SriLanka)
  • 12. Free Membership
    • Just send a blank e mail to
    • [email_address]