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Smart Note Taker

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Smart Note Taker is a advanced version of PC Note Taker. ...

Smart Note Taker is a advanced version of PC Note Taker.
The Block diagram and list of the hardwares used is added in this ppt.
I think all of you wil get a clear idea about SNT via this ppt.

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  • 1. worlds first device that captures naturalhandwriting on any surface onto a PC
  • 2. Cannot fullfill the requirement. Its not editable. Its not sharable.To overcome the drawbacks of PC NOTE TAKER “SMART NOTE TAKER “ came into existence
  • 3. SMART NOTE TAKER Will able to write notes in air. Written note will be stored. Can be displayed using PC. Handwritten notes can be edited.
  • 4. Satisfies needs of people in today’s fast lifeWe can draw figures.It recognize up to 22 international languagesWill save time.Will facilitate life.Uses JAVA software
  • 5. SENSORS:Displacement sensors.Senses the displacement of the pen.PROCESSOR:Contains Data base system and driver software.MEMORY:Stores the written note in air.
  • 6. CONTROL PANEL:Controls the mode of operation in SNT.BATTERY: Rechargeable Battery is used.COMMUNICATION UNIT:Functions like a Communication Port.Used to communicate with PC,laptop etc
  • 7. Displacement sensor senses the displacement of SNT.The sensed structure is compared with standard alphabets in database.The letter with close similarity is stored in the memory.By connecting the SNT to a PC we can saw the note.
  • 9. Good for blinds who thinks and writes freelyTwo people talking in phone can use this SNT.We can draw 3-D figures also.Especially for Instructors doing seminars.Can be processed and can be sent to the PC .Reliable and Powerful
  • 10. Limitations in easy writing.Cost of smart note taker is high.Only high-class people can afford this type of SNT
  • 11. Sensed note And Software upgraded Note
  • 12. Thus we can conclude that SMART NOTE TAKER has manyadvantages over Note taker,PC Note taker or digital pen.It can be used Widely .More researches are going on to overcome the limitations of SNTIt will try to improve a pen,which helps people get ridof typing problems on computer by the technology.