Bohlmann Prsa Presentation Summary 2011


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A pdf summary of the panel presentation "B2B to B2E (Everyone): How to Engage Employees as Brand Ambassadors Using Social Media" given in Orlando at the PRSA International Conference on Oct 18, 2011

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Bohlmann Prsa Presentation Summary 2011

  1. 1. B2B to B2E (Everyone): Employees as Social Media Brand Ambassadors October 11, 2011 Presenters Jaya K Bohlmann, APR – Corporate Communication and Design Consultant o Michael McManus – Director, Social Media, Sodexo o Rob Philips – VP, Digital Media, Golin Harris o rphilips@golinharris.comThe Issue: Many large companies today struggle with empowering and allowingemployees to engage in social media while also protecting against potential risks tocorporate reputation. With social media rapidly growing in importance as a criticalbusiness tool to foster dialogue with stakeholders, corporate communicators mustengage employees enterprise-wide as brand ambassadors, using social media, throughdialogue, knowledge sharing and training, a collaborative structure and approach andpolicies – all governed by a strategic framework with business goals at center.Research shows: the emergence of social media “mega-portals” that the world’s most successful  Social media means we have to brands also have the most active give up control and channel our employees on social media professional expertise to the that word of mouth is the influence of today and areas of education and tomorrow empowerment. We have an social media use without policies increases risks for opportunity to expand the work companies of PR beyond our teams to engage the entire workforce of our organizations as brandWhat makes a good brand ambassadors.ambassador? Specialized expertise Credibility through their role @ your company Some existing visibility & stature in industry A unique or provocative point of view 1 International Conference Bohlmann, McManus, Philips
  2. 2. B2B to B2E (Everyone): Employees as Social Media Brand Ambassadors October 11, 2011 Ability to let personality shine through Will take guidance from communications function Time to participateRecommended Programs to Engage Employees as Brand Ambassadors on Social Media Training Leverage subject matter experts enterprise wide for blog response and proactive outreach Engage internal influencers through collaborative meetings and groups Ask/coordinate employee efforts on various online communities on behalf of the company Employees contribute to corporate blogs Employees participate in online monitoring Minimizing Risk/Enhancing Efficiency (Policies and Systems)Include in policies: Ethical conduct and legal reminders Description of “confidential information” Boilers and disclaimers to include in any personally owned social media Contacts in PR for clarification and situational assistance Clearly state sanctions for breaches Publicize the policies and train core groups of employeesSystems: Blogs and social media should have a clear business purpose. Evaluate byasking: Purpose (should be measurable and business-related) Intended company business benefits Potential risks to business and how those will be mitigated Intended audiences (demographics, size) Weekly time required for maintenance and plans for staffing Budget needs plus availability Success Story: Sodexo ( Corporate blogs, Facebook and Twitter, issues management website, community relations website, internally shared structure and content ownership 2 International Conference Bohlmann, McManus, Philips