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Achieving The ‘Triple Win’
 Exploring New Ways 
 For Non-Profits & Business to Collaborate
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Achieving The ‘Triple Win’
 Exploring New Ways 
 For Non-Profits & Business to Collaborate


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Webinar hosted by FirstGiving, delivered by Jay Ziskrout and Leslie Myers of Charitable Checkout ( …

Webinar hosted by FirstGiving, delivered by Jay Ziskrout and Leslie Myers of Charitable Checkout (

The predominant archetype of the nonprofit-business relationship has typically centered on nonprofits asking for economic and/or in-kind support, in exchange for corporate bragging points.

It’s time to re-engineer this stale model. There needs to be an evolved approach that more completely, and measurably, aligns the objectives of both nonprofits and business.

Incentivizing both giving and spending
Being better at giving credit where credit is due
Using digital media to generate positive reinforcement for donors and consumers
Why ‘Win-Win’ is not enough and how to create ‘Win’ for the public as well

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  • 1. Achieving The ‘Triple Win’
 Exploring New Ways 
 For Non-Profits & Business to Collaborate October 24, 2013 #FGWebinar
  • 2. ABOUT THE PRESENTERS Founder & CEO Jay Ziskrout @JBZiskrout4 Bus Dev Leslie Myers4 @RewardedGiving4 •  •  •  •  •  COO, CMJ Network Founder, MD, Epitaph Europe VP Promotion, Arista/BMG Performing Musician •  •  •  •  Marketing, World Resources Institute VP Cross-Sell, Citi Marketing Manager, J Crew MS Direct Marketing, Northwestern #FGWebinar
  • 3. HISTORY OF COLLABORATION •  Sales-Dependent Donations •  Donation Drives •  Grant Requests #FGWebinar
  • 4. HISTORY OF COLLABORATION •  Sales-Dependent Donations –  Aligns with ‘conscientious " consumption’ –  Prioritizes product over cause –  Commercial Co-Venture –  Lack of clarity re: actual" charitable impact. #FGWebinar
  • 5. HISTORY OF COLLABORATION •  Donation Drives –  Can be highly effective. –  Business needs to put some" ‘skin in the game’ for credibility. –  Pressuring consumer can be" counter-productive. #FGWebinar
  • 6. HISTORY OF COLLABORATION •  Grant Requests –  Doesn’t directly help business. –  Doesn’t maximize public " awareness and goodwill. #FGWebinar
  • 7. SLICING UP A SHRINKING PIE •  Business focus on curating social/public image. •  Corporate pressure to maximize profits. •  Increasing Non-Profit 'Competition.’ –  25% growth! •  Key To Bigger Slice: –  Align objectives Source: The Urban Institute #FGWebinar
  • 8. WE'RE NOT SO DIFFERENT... •  Different End Goals –  Non-Profits: Addressing a social/cultural problem –  Business: Maximizing Profits •  Means Are The Same: –  Public Awareness –  “Sales” •  Aligning means is " cornerstone of " mutual success. #FGWebinar
  • 9. WIN-WIN IS NOT ENOUGH! •  Success usually depends on public engagement. •  We need a ‘Win’ for the public too! •  Triple Win: -  Incentivize the public to " both Give and Spend. #FGWebinar
  • 10. ENGAGING PEOPLE W/ ‘REWARDED GIVING’ •  Social Rewards: Give credit where credit is due. •  Redeemable Rewards •  Donation Matching •  Unlock Exclusive Content •  Brand / Cause Fit •  Consumer Choice #FGWebinar
  • 11. SUPPORTING STATS What People Say What People Do •  92% of consumers want brands to ‘Give Back.’ •  55%+ have switched to more socially responsible brands. •  Only 16% believe that business has made a positive impact on social & environmental issues. •  25% believe that they can have a significant impact through purchase decisions. •  65% are willing to donate as part of a CSR program. •  ebay Giving Works: -  Merchants with charitable component in listings, sell 30% more over time. Sources: Cone Echo 2013 Global CSR Study, PayPal: Fisman, Effenbein, McManus #FGWebinar
  • 12. WHAT WE DO •  ‘Rewarded Giving’ platform built on belief in the “triple win” model. •  Enable business to measurably and profitably connect with consumers around shared values. •  Platform costs borne by business. #FGWebinar
  • 13. THE PLATFORM •  The public is invited to give, in return for social and economic incentives: •  Social Status •  Redeemable " Rewards •  Digital Media #FGWebinar
  • 14. OUR CAMPAIGNS HAVE: Awareness: Social Thanks + Giving Squads contests have generated millions of positive social media impressions. Sales: Consumers are motivated to give, share, and purchase. 4-15% Make Donations.! Up to 50% Click Through.! Up to 35% Make Purchases.! Up to 73% of donors share socially! #FGWebinar
  • 15. A NEW COLLABORATION TOOL •  Easy, self-service platform for SMB. •  Low cost subscription-based service. •  Can be deployed to Web and Facebook Pages. •  Share this link with your business partners: •  Platform Demo #FGWebinar