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Shot list presentation pics

  1. 1. Digital StoryboardUnit 1Location 1 – Scene 1, 2 and 3
  2. 2. Shot 1 – Male laying on bed, slowly awaking. Camera gradually tracks across bedroom from leftto right in direction. Colour grading is dark and blue to symbolize frustrated mood. Continuouscamera movement throughout shot.
  3. 3. Shot 2 – Male slowly lifts himself up from laying position to sitting. He rubs his face andgradually gets up to standing. Camera is a mid shot containing mise en scene of his messybedroom. Slight handheld movement of the camera, however still focusing on males face.
  4. 4. Shot 3 – Male stands up from previous sitting position. Slow tracking shot of males feet from leftto right in direction. Male walks out of shot whilst camera is still tracking.
  5. 5. Shot 4 – Over the shoulder shot of male walking out of bedroom. Steady cam shot to followactor behind whilst walking. Colour grading is still dark and with a blue tint.
  6. 6. Shot 5 – Mid shot of male walking around bedroom corner to turn on light in hallway. Camerawill be a still shot with actor moving in and out of frame. Match on action to next shot.
  7. 7. Shot 6 – Long shot of actor walking across hallway turning on light. Slow camera track up stairswhilst actor walks in and out of shot. Gradual movement of camera throughout shot.
  8. 8. Shot 7 – close up shot of males legs and feet walking to bathroom. Tracking shot following actorwhilst he walks in front of the camera.
  9. 9. Shot 8 – close up shot focusing on door handle. Actor walks into shot, opens door and closes itbehind him. Camera is still with the door handle in the center of the frame. Males arm and hipappears in shot whilst walking through door.
  10. 10. Shot 9 – Slow tracking shot of male sitting on toilet, reading paper. Camera shot slowly emergesfrom the left to the right. Actor closes paper and sighs, camera movement returns back to the leftbehind the the door.
  11. 11. Shot 10 – Camera track from right to left in direction of actors feet clenching whilst he is sittingon the toilet. Camera is a close up with continuous movement throughout the shot.
  12. 12. Shot 11 – Still shot of male character flushing toilet. Actors hand enters and exits within theframe. Slight tilt up on camera whist focusing on the toilet handle.
  13. 13. Shot 12 – Still shot of sink. Male enters shot and begins to wash his hands. Close up of handsand water within sink. Fast edit transition cut to next shot.
  14. 14. Shot 13 – Still close up of toilet paper. Actor pulls paper and we see the toilet paper roll on thehandle. Fast edit transition cut to next shot.
  15. 15. Shot 14 – Still shot of sink. Actor progressively washing his hands. Fast edit transition cut to nextshot.
  16. 16. Shot 15 – Returning to previous shot (11). Toilet handle springs back up after flushing.
  17. 17. Shot 16 – Camera focuses on mirror and actor turns around from sink and looks into the mirrorat himself. We can see that he is frustrated with himself and annoyed with his everyday life.Slight camera movement from hand held steady cam.
  18. 18. Shot 17 – Close up shot, actors arm comes into shot and male turns bath taps on. There is nocamera movement.
  19. 19. Shot 18 – Following from previous shot. We see a close up of bath and plug with water from thetap splashing against the base of the bathtub. No camera movement, still shot.
  20. 20. Shot 19 – Cut to mid shot of male actor removing vest and shorts. Camera is held with steadycam.
  21. 21. Shot 20 – Cut to another steady cam short, match on action of removal of shorts. Actors feetthen steps over and lifts his legs to get in bath.
  22. 22. Shot 21 – this shot focuses on the reflection of the bathroom tiles. Male actor get into bath –match on action from previous shot.
  23. 23. Shot 22 – This shot is a still shot of the males feet lifting into bath. No camera movement withfocusing on feet and clothes remaining on bathroom floor.
  24. 24. Shot 23 – this shot is a mid shot of male actor submerging himself in the water. This shot followson into the next cut.
  25. 25. Shot 24 – This is a steady shot of the male actor. The actor is under water whilst the video is inslow motion.
  26. 26. Shot 25 – close up of feet. Male actor brushes feet against the end of the bathtub. No cameramovement.
  27. 27. Shot 26 – full body shot of actor getting out of bath. Sleight camera movement with steady cam.Jump cut to next shot.
  28. 28. Shot 27 – still shot. Actors arm enters shot, opens draw and lifts out a towel. No cameramovement.
  29. 29. Shot 28 – Jump cut to male actor drying himself with towel. Sleight camera movement withsteady cam. Mid shot.
  30. 30. Shot 29 – Jump cut to male actor leaving bathroom. This is a track shot following the actorwhilst the camera is in front of the movement.
  31. 31. Shot 30 – cut to another track shot this time following the actor into his bedroom. Actor closesdoor behind himself.