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Mid semester exam notes






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Mid semester exam notes Document Transcript

  • 1. Contents<br />Table of Contents<br /> TOC h z " Heading 1,2,Title,1" <br />Contextual & Theoretical Issues pgs PAGEREF _Toc234735058 h . 3 - 14 <br />What is Corporate law? <br />How are Corporations regulated?: Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) & Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)<br />What are the different models of share ownership?<br />Corporate responsibility <br />Corporate theory: 'managerialist', 'agency model', 'team production model', 'communitarian model', 'entity models'<br />Partnership PAGEREF _Toc234735063 h .<br />What is a partnership?<br />Diversity of modern partnerships<br />Similar but NOT a partnership<br />Defintion under the Partnership Act: <br />" Carrying on of a business" <br />" In common" <br />" With a view to profit" <br />Rules & indicia for determining the existence of a Partnership at law<br />Characteristics of a partnership <br />Liability in Contract/Tort/Criminal law<br />Fiduciary obligations <br />Case Law<br />The Company formed under the Corporations Act PAGEREF _Toc234735069 h Error! Bookmark not defined.<br />Forms of business association: 'sole trader', 'partnership', 'trust', 'joint venture', 'non-profit association', 'co-operative', 'Act of parliament', <br />Public companies - s. 113<br />Proprietary companies - s. 113<br />Choice of registration<br />Process of incorporation<br />Shares and share capital <br />Corporate Constitution & Replaceable rules <br />Insolvency <br />Corporate Existence: Separate Legal Entity & Piercing the Corporate Veil PAGEREF _Toc234735071 h Error! Bookmark not defined.<br />Doctrine of Corporate Personality<br />Limited liability<br />Salomon v Salomon & Co [1897] <br />Piercing the Veil of the Corporation <br />Agency<br />Corporate Groups<br />Other Categories / Interests of Justice / Tortious Acts <br />Corporations & Crime: 'vicarious liability', 'direct liability', 'Criminal Code Act 1995', <br />Corporate Constitution PAGEREF _Toc234735072 h Error! Bookmark not defined.<br />What is the Corporate Constitution?<br />Alteration of the Corporate Constitution <br />Effect of the Corporate Constitution <br />Outside contracts which are affected by or incorporate the Corporate Constitution <br />Directors & Managers (Division of Powers) PAGEREF _Toc234735075 h Error! Bookmark not defined.<br />Division of power between the Corporate Organs<br />Powers exercised by the General Meeting<br />Powers exercised by the Board of Directors <br />What is the Board of Directors? <br />Types of directors<br />Director's access to information<br />Ratification of director's actions<br />Grounds for disqualification: appointment & removal of directors<br />Limitations of director's power - to what extent can shareholders interfere with the management of the Corporation?<br />Exceptions to the rule in Automatic self-cleansing <br />Indoor Management Rule<br />Statutory assumptions<br />Agency <br />Shareholder Meetings PAGEREF _Toc234735076 h Error! Bookmark not defined.<br />What is a GM meeting?<br />Alternatives to GM meetings<br />Who can call a GM? <br />Constitutional limitations<br />Notice to members <br />Resolutions<br />Conduct of meetings<br />Proxy voting<br />Disclosure obligations in proxy voting<br />Minutes & Circulars <br />Informal decisions <br />