Creating a Personal Brand


Published on This presentation outlines the key things you need to think consider when creating a personal brand.

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Creating a Personal Brand

  1. 1. How to create a personal brand
  2. 2. You already have a brand
  3. 3. Jacqueline@brand-camp.comIt’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room  
  4. 4. Jacqueline@brand-camp.comI’m going to equip you with the tools to better control that conversation  
  5. 5.
  6. 6. So what is a brand?
  7. 7. A brand for a company is like areputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. Jeff Bezos
  8. 8. A brand is a tool that consumersuse when making buying decisions
  9. 9. Creating a brand gives you stability, growth potential, loyalty and longevity
  10. 10. A great brand hasnothing to do with size
  11. 11. Jacqueline@brand-camp.comEveryone communicates, but few connect
  12. 12. So how do you create a great brand?
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  14. 14. Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable
  15. 15. What makes you stand out?
  16. 16. Three little questions Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter?
  17. 17. When asked to describesomeone else, typically people say two to four things about them
  18. 18. What are the two to four things that make you unique? Every point should beobjective and measurable
  19. 19. Two approaches to marketing
  20. 20. Vision & MissionValues Talents
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Jacqueline@brand-camp.comYour brand is a promise  
  23. 23. Quote from Jonathon Guthrie
  24. 24. Jacqueline@brand-camp.comTo be successful you have to stand out  
  25. 25. Jacqueline@brand-camp.comIt has to be authentic – your image should reflect reality  
  26. 26. Be consistent insidethe company and out
  27. 27. Your VisionHow do you see your future?
  28. 28. “I have a dream that myfour little children willone day live in a nationwhere they will not bejudged by the colour oftheir skin, but by thecontent of theircharacter.”
  29. 29. To be the Earth’s favouritelittle food company.While that might sound alittle far fetched to somepeople, a wise chap once said‘We are limited not by ourabilities but by our vision.’Which is why we’ve madeours so big.
  30. 30. Check list Is it optimistic? Is it a powerful motivator? Does it describe your ideal future?Does it reflect the impact you want to have on society?
  31. 31. What’s your mission?
  32. 32. It’s about the meaning behind the money
  33. 33. Jacqueline@brand-camp.comYour Mission statement sets you on a path to greatness
  34. 34. Why are you doing what you do?Many people find this really hard to articulate
  35. 35. “I never went into business to make money – but I have foundthat if I have fun, the money will come”
  36. 36. Many people with a clear sense of purpose never retire
  37. 37. What you sell Your Mission
  38. 38. What we sell Our Mission
  39. 39. To put acomputer onevery desk inevery home
  40. 40. To organisethe world‘sinformationand make ituniversallyaccessible anduseful
  41. 41. Checklist Does it outline your purpose? Does it define what drives you? Does it reveal your passions?Can it drive the day to day running of your business? Does it feel like a big movement?
  42. 42. What are your unique Talents?
  43. 43. Reflect on your life and identify five high points
  44. 44. What talents was I using? How was I using it? Where? Who was I with?
  45. 45. What are your core values?
  46. 46. Distinct + Authentic + Compelling
  47. 47. Jacqueline@brand-camp.comTwo people with equal talentscan have very different careers
  48. 48. Knowing your values can help you decide how to apply your talents andbuild a fulfilling career
  49. 49. The strongest brands arebuilt by people doing what they love, in a situation that is compatible with their values
  50. 50. 3 step process1.  Give your value a memorable name2.  Create a short explanation3.  Outline how it is brought to life in day to day activities
  51. 51. They have one core principle, around which they make all their decisionsCreate a business we can be proud ofThey then break this down into four values, each reflecting what they are, how they do things, and where they increasingly wantto be:Be naturalWe want to make 100% natural, delicious, healthy stuff, 100% of the time. For us, being natural is also about keeping it human and puttingpeople first. We want to treat others, especially our drinkers, as we’d like to be treated ourselves.Be entrepreneurialinnocent began as a small, entrepreneurial company, and nothing much has changed. We chase every opportunity and try to be as responsiveas we can - to our consumers, our customers, and to opportunities in the market. We want to be creative and challenge the status quo. Wewant to do what we do better than anyone else, and have fun doing it.Be commercialWe are a commercial business and so creating growth and profit for us and our customers is central to what we do and why weare here. We need to be tough, but at the same time fair. We need to think clearly, act decisively and keep the main thing the main thing.Be generousWith our feedback for others, with our time when coaching others, with rewards when people deliver, and with our charitable support.It’s that simple
  52. 52. Start by identifying your values These are often thequalities that you admire in others
  53. 53. How will you project them? Being true to your values makes you authentic and helps you to stand out
  54. 54. Checklist Can it help you to be distinctive? Is it relevant to your brand? Is it compelling? Is it meaningful to your Clients?Can it be brought to life in behaviour?Would you fight to ensure it’s upheld?
  55. 55. Brand Identity
  56. 56. To stand out your need to create a unique identity
  57. 57. Distinct, consistent visual style
  58. 58. Distinct, consistent visual style
  59. 59. Must be Consistent at every touch
  60. 60. Your accent
  61. 61. Your accent
  62. 62. Sarcastic, witty and deadpan Your Approach
  63. 63. Boundary pushing adventurer Your Approach
  64. 64. It can help to brand your approach
  65. 65. All hail to the aleCatchphrases
  66. 66. Nice to see you……to see you, nice Catchphrases
  67. 67. They can make you more memorable
  68. 68. How does your personal brand stack up?
  69. 69.