Tech Observatory and Trend Analysis


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Activities carried out in Telefónica Tech Observatory to rise trends

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Tech Observatory and Trend Analysis

  1. 1. Telefónica I+D Trends analysis in technological research Javier Carbonell Pérez June 22, 2011 Telefónica I+D Technological Observatory TID email: twitter: @telefonicaid
  2. 2. Telefónica I+D TID Who are we? Technological observatory role Example of collaboration in trend analysis: Value-it Trend studies examples: Trends 2011-2014 Tendencias 2020 Digital Spain 1 2 43
  3. 3. Telefónica I+D Who are we?
  4. 4. Telefónica I+D Structure of Telefonica Digital Telefonica Digital Chairman & CEO Product Development & Innovation “To connect, develop and deliver the best digital products to maximise the benefit to Telefonica” Strategy & Business Development Chief Commercial Officer Business & Legal Affairs Finance Human Resources External & Public Affairs 3 Digital Services
  5. 5. Telefónica I+D Telefónica I+D A multidisciplinary and international staff 97% university graduates, 10% PhDs, from 34 international universities with 10+ years of average industry experience. Highly qualified Telefónica I+D has a staff of researchers, technologists, developers and designers, from 18 nationalities. A network of innovation centres: • 5 centres in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid , Granada and Huesca • A center in Brazil (Sao Paulo) jointly with the local operator (Telefonica Brasil) • A center in UK formed by TID - O2 UK - Jajah An International company
  6. 6. Telefónica I+D © 2010 Telefónica I+D S.A.U / Slide 5 Mobile Broadband Security IT Evolution Ultra Broadband Network Platforms Services Cloud Computing M2M Service Layer Arch. User Modelling Video Services eHealth Future Comms. Telefónica I+D innovation areas
  7. 7. Telefónica I+D Using Open Innovation framework 6 V1.0 V.2.0+ Insight and foresight Scientific Research Idea generation and concept trial P/S development Conceptualization Applied Research Update & maintenance Technology Make or Buy Go /no Go SCIENTIFIC GROUPS PATENT OFFICE USER EXPERIENCE LAB • Trendspotting • Customer insight • Living Labs PROCESS IMPROVEMENT • Internal idea marketplaceTECHNOLOGY OBSERVATORY PROCESS IMPROVEMENT • agile development
  8. 8. Telefónica I+D Scientific groups and technology observatory identify emerging technologies that can provide a competitive advantage 7 TECHNOLOGY OBSERVATORYSCIENTIFIC GROUPS Anticipate new business opportunities and potential risks, provide technical evaluation to take strategic decisions and create competitive advantages based on technological innovation The observatory is based on a technological network of internal and external observers working for Telefónica I + D These groups follow an open research model in collaboration with universities and other research centres, and disseminate the results of their work through publications and technical transfer. Internet Multimedia Data Mining and User Modeling
  9. 9. Telefónica I+D Technological observatory role
  10. 10. Telefónica I+D TI+D TechObs Innovation cycle and TechObs 9 Identify knowledge sources Collect technology opportunities Evaluate ideas Define innovation plan and detailed projects proposals Manage innovation projects Analysis of the results obtained Transfer technology Monitoring of returns (18-36m) Define technology map Selection of best business opportunities Innovation focus approval Selection of best ideas ideas for new product/services innovation project results Evaluation of best ideas PROJECTS IDEAS
  11. 11. Telefónica I+D TechObs is based on three distinctive assets to help both Telefónica I+D and Telefónica Group 10  Integrated in the area of technology strategy.  A small head office of size coordinating resources Definition  Worldwide network of scouts (Japan, China, India, South Africa, South Korea, Brazil , Europe & USA) Assets  Worldwide scouting of services and technologies  Scouting for VC corporate initiative Results  Tools for automatic monitoring  Patents/publications analysis  Automatic trend discovering in “top analysts” reports  A network of TID experts organized around T3 – TID Think Tanks  TID Technology Map  TID technology future vision MIT-ILP Telefónica Spain Telefónica I+D 5 Headoffice Telefónica I+D Scoutsin LATAM TPD (Brasil) Scoutsin Europe O2 UK O2 Germany O2 Czech 1 2 3 4 Scoutsin Asia China Japan India 1 2 3 4 5 7 Scoutsin California(SV) 7 5 5 6 Scoutsin Africa South Africa 6
  12. 12. Telefónica I+D For fulfilling this commitment, we are monitoring a broad number of sources of information 11 Exploratory developmen t Piloting Support / Maintenanc e Product Developmen t Applied Research Basic Research Research Development / Advisory TID •University research •Patents & publications •Startups (Sillicon Valley) •Medium / long term events •TID experts participating in standarisation, EU projects, … •Patents & publications •Early deployments worldwide (network of scouts) •Events
  13. 13. Telefónica I+D Most of the activity is proactive 12 Worldwide network of scouts Automatic monitoring T3 TID Think Tanks Continuous process of observation: • daily activity is reported to every TID employee • intermediate results are distributed across whole TEF Technology map Internal micro- blogging (Yammer) Event reports Patent reports Area report DAILY ACTIVITY INTERMEDIATE RESULTS Internal blog Input Process Output TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS (yearly) POSITION PAPERS (linked to strategy definiton) TECHNOLOGY ALERTS (continuous process) AD HOC REPORT (on demand)
  14. 14. Telefónica I+D Trend studies examples: Trends (2011-2014) Trends (2020) Digital Spain
  15. 15. Telefónica I+D 14 Trends (2011-2014): Map of trends
  16. 16. Telefónica I+D Trends (2011-2014): Evolution of trends 15
  17. 17. Telefónica I+D 16 Trends 2011-2014: Individual trend analysis
  18. 18. Telefónica I+D 17 Trends (2020)
  19. 19. Telefónica I+D 18 Trends (2020): Social perspective
  20. 20. Telefónica I+D 19 Trends (2020): Technological perspective
  21. 21. Telefónica I+D 20 Digital Spain Digital impulse Digital Reality Digital perspective Sectorial studies The Information society in Spain Speficic monographic about trends 150 pág80 pg / monographic Digital Spain: Information society in Spain ,analysis and dissemination initiative
  22. 22. Telefónica I+D 21 Digital Spain: 10 keys about Information Society in Spain The information society through the most representative indicators Digital life by Telefónica The information society in Spanish regions
  23. 23. Telefónica I+D 22 Digital Spain: specific monographics Execution of a preliminary version considering both market and technology point of view Debate with experts in different knowledge areas : psychologist, sociologist, engineers … Results integration
  24. 24. Telefónica I+D Example of collaborati on in trend analysis: Value-it
  25. 25. Telefónica I+D To accomplish ambitious goals the collaboration is required 24 Tim Keppens
  26. 26. Telefónica I+D One example: Analysis of semantic technologies in the enterprise scope 25 Inmark (Spain): Marketing specialist Project coordination and market studies DFKI (Germany): Artificial intelligence specialist Semantic technologies state of the art OVUM (UK): IT consulting Study of semantic technolgies in the market ISOCO (Spain): Semantic solutions provider Demand forecast for semantic technologies TID (Spain): Telecomm research and development Roadmap, dissemination 7 Framework programme (UE): Public organism to promote R&D Project orientation, review Partner Role Supply a vision of the semantic technologies potential in the enterprise world Foster the interest among stakeholders implied in its development Set up bridges between suppliers and possible user companies
  27. 27. Telefónica I+D Holistic vision is required: offer and demand… 26  Research of semantic technologies situation at present  Main research areas  Commercialization trends  Research centers and suppliers database Offer point of view  Personalized interviews with experts  CATI, with 625 enterviews  Vertical Industry solutions  Opportunities and threats Demand point of view
  28. 28. Telefónica I+D  Estudio de las tecnologías semánticas actuales  Principales líneas de investigación  Modelos de comercialización  Catálogo de centros de investigación y empresas proveedoras Punto de vista OFERTA  Entrevistas personalizadas con expertos  CATI, con 625 entrevistas  Análisis sectorial de soluciones  Identificación de oportunidades y amenazas Punto de vista DEMANDA ... and mainly how to bridge these two worlds 27  Rising opportunities  Creating a roadmap  Market forecasts according to verticals
  29. 29. Telefónica I+D The dissemination of results in all the forums related to semantic technologies is fundamental to enhance a COMMUNITY 28 In the traditional media In 2.0 media
  30. 30. Telefónica I+D 29 Doubts, questions, comments…