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Computer Science as a career

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  • What is computer science? Computer science is the scientific & practical approach to computation & its applications. What are computer scientists? A computer scientist fulfills many roles related to computer development & maintenance. Computer scientists help develop & update computer hardware & software programs to achieve desired outcomes.What are their objectives? They design and create new technology to improve current computer systems and help meet the needs of businesses, individuals, and educational facilities.
  • Students graduating with a 4-year degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering typically can expect numerous job openings in the vast field of computer science. Here are just some examples.
  • Companies that typically seek Computer Science or Computer Engineering Graduates have high average salaries and are projected to grow at a steady pace in the years to come.
  • Though there are many health concerns that a person may take on as a part of their job, the field of computer science is no exception. The common problems that you might think occur with employees who spend many hours per week behind a computer occur with computer scientists, this being: eye strain, carpal tunnel and wrist problems, back discomfort, and weight related disease and condition. Of course there are precautions to avoid these health risks starting with basic ergonomics.
  • Computer science and technology are only going to get better& more technologically advanced. For instance Microsoft has been working on a new user interface technology into its products. Called “Digits” it’s a gesture recognition device that builds a 3d model of the users hand to virtually control electronic devices. This is just one example of how computer science and engineering will impact our future.
  • Technology and society or technology and culture refers to co-dependence, co-influence, co-production of technology and society upon the other (technology upon culture, and vice-versa). This relationship occurred from the dawn of humankind, with the invention of simple tools and continues into modern technologies such as the printing press and computers.
  • Industry certifications are a desirable asset in any career. This is especially true in computer science. These are just some of many industry certifications that can be achieved. These particular certifications are offered here at West LA.
  • Since Computer Science is such a wide field, required Computer Science degree courses vary.
  • Here are some of the main destinations for graduates over the last few years.
  • Here are some of the professional associations one might choose to join.
  • Computer Science

    1. 1. FINAL PROJECT: COMPUTERSCIENCEWest Los Angeles CollegeJavier Ramirez –
    2. 2. Computer ScienceComputer • Scientific & Practical • Computation • Applications ScienceComputer • Computational Systems • Hardware • SoftwareScientists • Research & develop technologyObjectives • Business • Individuals • Educational Facilities
    3. 3. Employment Computer Science Informatics Statistics• Computer • Social Informatics • Statistical Architecture • Computer Computing• Embedded Systems Supported • Biostatistics• Mobile Computing Collaborative Work • Growth of• Graphics & Visual • Human Computer computational Computing Interaction systems• Artificial Intelligence • Interaction Design • Use of computers & & Machine Learning • Software applications Engineering
    4. 4. Expected Earnings
    5. 5. A computerscientists mustin many casesspend most oftheir workingweek behind acomputer.WORKING CONDITIONS
    6. 6. The Future of Computer ScienceBy the year2018 there isa projectedincrease of24%
    7. 7. Technology & Society
    8. 8. Industry Certifications Training Microsoft Network Cisco Network CompTIA A+ Network+, Security+, Linux+ Apple Care Administrator Oracle Database VMware
    9. 9. Education
    10. 10. Opportunities for Graduates
    11. 11. Professional AssociationsCRA: Computing Research AssociationAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM)IEEE Computer SocietySociety of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)National Science Foundation (NSF)
    12. 12. Works Cited