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  • TCO Total Cost of Ownership  Costes de adquisición + Costes de operación
    noSQL  not only SQL
    Middleware is computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system. It can be described as "software glue". The Android operating system uses the Linux kernel at its core, and also provides an application framework that developers incorporate into their applications
    SOA  Service Oriented Architecture
    SSO  Single Sign On
  • All of previous analysis will redundant in an increase of the Revenues (14%). New tools where three things are required to be done: Acquire (DBs or NoSQL or Hadoop), Organize (ETL tools or Hadoop MapReduce to preprocess the data) and Analyze (and then it is loaded in DWHs for analysis)
  • All of previous analysis will redundant in an increase of the Revenues (14%). New tools where three things are required to be done: Acquire (DBs or NoSQL or Hadoop), Organize (ETL tools or Hadoop MapReduce to preprocess the data) and Analyze (and then it is loaded in DWHs for analysis)
  • Segmentation will affect to Value Proposition, Distribution Channels, Customer relationships and Revenue streams.
  • Oracle Database enables all data to be accessed and analyzed by a large user community using identical methods.

    Acquire & Capture - ingestion of Big Data and deliver low latency in both the capturing of data as well as in executing short, simple queries; be able to handle very high transaction volumes, often in a distributed environment; and support flexible, dynamic data structures.
  • When Oracle Exalytics is used with Oracle Advanced Analytics, customers have a comprehensive platform that delivers insight into key business subjects such as churn prediction, product recommendations, sentiment analysis, and fraud alerting
  • The support cost for the above is a single line item.. The list price for Premier Support for Systems per the Oracle Price list (see source below) is US$ 63,000 per year.
  • The support cost for the above is a single line item.. The list price for Premier Support for Systems per the Oracle Price list (see source below) is US$ 63,000 per year.
  • Oracle canvas 140604 2

    1. 1. CANVAS Value proposition, Key Partners, Customers By: Ana Unzalu Ana Isabel Segovia Javier Ordozgoiti Ramón García Hortensia Correa Luis Miguel Calvo June 12th, 2014
    2. 2. Value proposition (1) • Oracle Corporation is a U.S. based multinational Computer Technology Corporation, with HQs in Redwood City, California, United States, that helps customers to reduce and simplify their IT systems. The company specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products • Independently on type of product: Applications (CEMs, SCMs, CRMs), Business Analytics (Endeca – Discovery System), Databases (SQL, noSQL), Engineered Systems (Big Data Appliance), Enterprise Management (Cloud, Middleware), Java, Middleware (SOA, SSO), Operating Systems, Server, Storage and Networking, Virtualization, Services associated, the Oracle’s Value proposition looks for the integration of the HW and SW, following the Open industry standards, using innovative solutions that create unique value to the customers: in speed, reliability, security, and manageability, permitting to quantify the savings and granting the performance • Engineered Systems combine HW and SW to deliver secure solutions. Specific Value proposition characteristics are: high performance, fault tolerant, reliable, scalable, compliant with Open Standards permitting interoperability, easy to deploy, integrate, manage and support, TTM and the lowest TCO
    3. 3. Value proposition (2) Newness. • Oracle has developed a comprehensive solution based on Oracle’s Engineered Systems that consist on: HW, multiple options of data integration, data cleansing, data quality management SW, BI, Analytics, tools for Hadoop, SaaS portfolio and cloud infrastructure permits not only to manage the Big data types (volume, velocity or variety) and storage mechanisms, but new types of analysis as well. • Solution goes from acquiring the data and discovering new insights to making repeatable decisions and scaling the associated information systems for ongoing analysis • Integration of the existing environment with the new Big Data solution based on the unique environment and business objectives, with a long-term big data strategy and deployment that leverages the existing information architecture and assets, and enables to quickly adapt to evolving business and market needs • To permit a smooth transition from current to the BIG DATA architectures and be able to handle and scale up the BIG DATA quicker • Innovative solution that will permit to manage the new and existing data, the different formats • NEW data that will permit to develop predictive analytics to improve the Customer experience, to reduce costs, to improve the operations and the Support to the customers as well as to develop a sustainable competitive advantage
    4. 4. Value proposition (3) Customization. Engineered Systems permit the integration and optimization of the technologies needed to acquire, organize, analyze and decide on Big Data Price. Pay as you grow model using the Engineered System Cost. Engineered Systems Big Data approach using the “buy” approach vs. the “build” approach has three key benefits to the customer: It has been estimated a saving of 1/3 in costs and time during the configuration, design and implementation time of the solution, in addition to the overall testing which redundant in the time to market benefit Oracle is the SPC for support and upgrades, problem resolution is much faster and customers do not incur the cost and effort of tracking and building divers open source projects Performance. • While data comes from many sources, new insight comes from an integrated analysis of all data together • Data warehouse now becomes a repository for the data summaries created by Hadoop as well as more traditional enterprise data, from here, the volume and velocity of big data have put new emphasis on scalability and performance of analytics and business intelligence tools • Improvements in server capacity, high-speed interconnects, and network bandwidth contributes with the development of the software that provides in-memory, in-database, and real-time analytics results in a better performance • In-memory databases, gives the capacity for real-time decision-making, to sustain high- performance, low-latency processing, which results in faster decision-making
    5. 5. Key Partnerships Oracle has an Oracle Partner Network (OPN) which is a collaborative partnership that permits to the partner: • Increase sales with access to a massive install base • Distinguish the offerings from the competition • Empower the company with specialized resources 150 specializations available in multiple Oracle products and solutions. Levels: Diamond level. Highest membership level achieved through a breadth of specializations on multiple products to server global businesses. Platinum level. 5 or more Specializations in multiple product or solution areas. Gold level. Develop and sell across Oracle's entire product portfolio and qualify for Specialization. Primary entry point for ISVs, Resellers & SIs Silver level. Offer enterprise-class technology to midsize companies through Oracle's 1-Click Technology portfolio Remarketer Initiative. Resell Oracle products in our 1-Click mid-market portfolio through our Value Added Distributors (VADs) without an Oracle contract or fee
    6. 6. Customer Segments Oracle products and services fit in every customer segment with a specific solution. Aerospace and Defense. Primavera project portfolio management solutions help to align resources, control costs, improve program management practices, and manage customer relationships. To help profitably manage programs, projects, and contracts; boost performance of maintenance and service operations; mitigate risk, and ensure legislative compliance Automotive. Product Life Cycle Management, Sales, Marketing and Operations Planning, Order Management, Supply Chain Planning and execution, Manufacturing and Assembly, Logistics and Transportation Management. Oracle’s integrated enterprise platforms to drive innovation, manage their supply chains, and build brand loyalty Chemicals. Product Life Cycle Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Operations Planning, Plants Operations, Asset Management, Logistics and Transportation Management. Growth through differentiation, combat downward margin pressures, and optimize global supply chains Communications. Streamline operations. Communications Customer Experience, Unified CRM and Billing and Revenue Management, Design and Order Delivery, Network Resource Management, Charging and Policy Healthcare. Support performance management, best practices, and better resource utilization. Industry- specific applications, integrated clinical data, and service line analysis features ensure lower-cost high-quality care and reduce patient safety concerns Oil and Gas. Data management, business intelligence, asset management, project management, talent management, financial, supply chain, and field service offerings Other segments are: Consumer Goods, Education and Research, Engineering and Construction, Financial Services, Health Sciences, High Technology, Industrial Manufacturing, Insurance, Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Natural Resources, Professional Services, Public Sector, Retail, Travel and Transportation, Utilities, Wholesale Distribution
    7. 7. Customer Segments (BIG DATA) Telecommunications Deep (Revenue Assurance, Social Network Analysis, Find influencers) Big (Network Optimization, CDR Analysis) Fast response (Sentiment Analysis, Location Based Services) Energy In smart grid or smart metering events need to be correlated and processed in real-time to make important real-time decisions for network capacity Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical/R&D. DNA Sequencing, Diseases correlation/Clinical Trials – Meds simulation/Sensor Analysis Health care services Oil Games Entertainment Public Sector Logisticsand Travel Manufacturing Sensor analyses to detect patterns, failure rates, capture events, control and monitor operations, analyze real-time metrics Retailers Marketing (In-store behaviour analysis to detect buy patterns, Sentiment Analysis), Merchandising (Assortment optimization), Supply Chain, Customer service centers (customer experience management, making recommendations, targeted offers)
    8. 8. CANVAS Support Slides
    9. 9. Current Platform (1) To derive real business value from Big Data, it is required to have the right tools to acquire and capture and organize a wide variety of data types from different sources, and to be able to easily analyze it within the context of all your enterprise data to take the prompt decisions Big Data means changes in Data Volume, Velocity and Variety Innovation @ Oracle’s Engineered Systems offers the broadest and most comprehensive integrated enterprise ready Big Data Management Platform which includes: Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Big Data Connectors, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalytics in Memory machine Oracle Big Data Appliance in front of Oracle Database is the platform for acquiring, capture and organize big data to the existing data warehouse. Acquiring and capture: • For big data: • For Batch-oriented systems Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) are used • For RT systems where predictable and fast response time as well as situational awareness is important, NoSQL databases are used • For schemas: Oracle Database (Transactional) Organize: Several ways of organizing, integrate and aggregate, transforming, and reducing big data (data filtering) for analysis • CDH Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) . Primary components are: • HDFS - Hadoop Distributed File System is a file system that stores large files across multiple servers • MapReduce engine: The MapReduce engine provides a platform for the massively parallel execution of algorithms written in Java • Administrative framework: Cloudera Manager is a comprehensive administrative tool for CDH • For deep analysis of Big Data, it also includes an open-source distribution of the statistical environment R for statistical analysis and graphing through Oracle R Support for Big Data
    10. 10. Current Platform (2) Oracle Big Data Connectors facilitate: • data access between data stored in CDH and Oracle Database • Integration of Apache Hadoop with Oracle software, including Oracle Database, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, and Oracle Data Integrator • native Hadoop integration within Oracle Data Integrator ODI. Each time that a data needs to be transformed in a different way, it is required to create some custom codes to each particular transformation. Once the data is transformed, data needs to be formatted previous to be loaded into the Oracle DWH • Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop provide interfaces to work with Hive tables, Apache Hadoop compute infrastructure, local R environment and database tables and predictive analytic techniques written in R or Java Analyze & Decide it is related to the support of deeper analytics on a wider variety of data types stored in diverse systems; scale to extreme data volumes; deliver faster response times driven by changes in behavior; and automate decisions based on analytical models. For maximum speed and efficiency, Oracle Big Data Appliance can be connected to Oracle Exadata Database Machine running Oracle Database which provides high performance in hosting data warehouses and transaction processing databases. In-database Processing and Analytics are a variety of techniques for finding patterns and relationships into the data, applied directly within the database. Between them, it is worth to mention: OLAP, Oracle Data Mining, Spatial and Graph Oracle Advanced Analytics is an option of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition that deals with the Decision Management. It is a combination of Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise and delivers predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, statistical analysis, advanced numerical computations and interactive graphics inside the database
    11. 11. Current Platform (3) Oracle Exadata Database Machine can be connected to Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine which is an engineered system that includes an enterprise BI platform, in-memory analytics software, and hardware optimized for large-scale analytics. With tools for advanced data visualization and exploration, it enables customers to obtain actionable insight from large amounts of data The InfiniBand connections between these engineered systems provide high parallelism, which enables high-speed data transfer for batch or query workloads. Discovery tools are useful throughout the information lifecycle for rapid, intuitive exploration and analysis of information from any combination of structured and unstructured sources. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is an enterprise data discovery platform for advanced exploration and analysis of complex and varied data. Information is loaded from disparate source systems and stored in a faceted data model that dynamically supports changing data.
    12. 12. CANVAS. Channels Own Direct • Sales Force and Web Sales • Oracle Consulting Big Data Services can help the customers to choose the right big data solution and integrate it into the existing environment while staying focused on your critical business needs. Oracle experts provide the skills and experience to plan, architect, implement, and project manage a solution based on your unique environment and business objectives. The goal is to help you achieve a successful, long-term big data strategy and deployment, which leverages your existing information architecture and assets, and enables you to quickly adapt to evolving business and market needs. • Support Services • Oracle Premier Support. Oracle Premier Support provides essential support services including 24/7 technical assistance, powerful proactive support resources, and product updates. With global coverage and 50,000+ development engineers and customer support specialists, Oracle delivers complete, dependable, fully-integrated service through Oracle Premier Support for Software and Oracle Premier Support for Systems. For qualifying configurations, customers can receive Oracle Platinum Services for no additional cost • Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services. Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services provides mission critical support services for complex IT environments. These advanced support services help maximize performance, achieve high availability and reduce risk across the complete Oracle stack—from applications, middleware, and database to server and storage systems • Blogs • Support Resources. My Oracle Support: The one-stop support solution for Oracle Premier Support Customers: Search for solutions, Download patches and updates, Access proactive support tools, Collaborate in the My Oracle Support Community, Create a Service Request Partner Indirect • Specialized Partners in selling and implementing. Example: Diamond (CapGemini, Hitachi), Platinum (Beacon, BizTech), Gold (HGC, Alpha Data), Silver (Endeca). Certification is gained to serve specific products.
    13. 13. CANVAS. Customer Relationships & Revenue Streams Customer Relationships • Customer acquisition • Customer retention • Boosting sales (upselling) The Customer Relationships called for by a company’s business model deeply influence the overall customer experience. This relationship involves dedicating a customer representative specifically to an individual client. It represents the deepest and most intimate type of relationship and normally develops over a long period of time mostly in the form of key account managers who maintain personal relationships with important customers. Revenue Streams Asset sale. From selling ownership rights to a physical product. Example: Big Data Appliance X4- 2 Full Rack Licensing. Usage of the protected IP in exchange for licensing fees. Example: Big Data Connectors Fixed mechanism pricing is used: Price List, Product Feature, Customer segment and Volume dependent
    14. 14. CANVAS. Key Resources Key Resources Resources that allow to create and offer a Value Proposition, reach markets, maintain relationships with Customer Segments, and earn revenues: • Oracle Team (Sales force, Service, Support Teams). To help the customers to implement a Big Data and Analytics solution from start to finish, Oracle Services and the Oracle Partner Network offer expertise and experience that permits to complement customer’ in-house skills and competencies. Oracle’s services span all phases of the lifecycle. From early questions about what to do first and what to deploy on premise or in the cloud, Oracle can provide decision models and best-practice-based recommendations. Oracle Enterprise Architects can help you define a vision for Big Data and Analytics, based on your particular business opportunities, and create an enterprise architecture roadmap to guide the build-out of your environment. Oracle can also help you develop a center of excellence to promote best practices and advance the maturity of your analytics program. Regardless of whether your solution involves upgrades, migrations, new installations, integration, or all of the above, Oracle Consulting is uniquely qualified to help – delivering Oracle expertise and a single point of accountability with strong connections to Oracle Development, Oracle Support, Oracle Technology Partners, Oracle Integration Partners, and other important players in the implementation • Oracle Partners Network • Oracle brands, proprietary knowledge, SW, licensing fees, patents and copyrights, and customer databases
    15. 15. CANVAS. Key Activities Key Activities Oracle’s Key activities are related to the Problem Solving and Platform/network: Platform/network. Platform or network related Key Activities. Networks, matchmaking platforms, software, and brands it is required continually develop and maintain the platform where the Key Activities relate to platform management, service provisioning, and platform promotion Problem solving. New solutions to individual customer problems. Activities such as knowledge management and continuous training are included Oracle’s purpose is to serve to customer requirements in order to provide a solution in form of HW, SW and services that can fulfill their needs. Such type of activities will include: Product Management, sales, engineering, implementation, training, support activities. The solution to be implemented will depend on customer preferences: IaaS, SaaS, Engineered Systems, between others.
    16. 16. CANVAS. Cost Structure Cost Structure Costs incurred while operating under a particular business model. Creating and delivering value, maintaining Customer Relationships, and generating revenue all incur costs. It depends on the Key Resources, Key Activities, and Key Partnerships. Value-driven. Premium Value Propositions and a high degree of personalized service: Engineered Systems Cost Structures Types: • Fixed costs. Examples include salaries, rents, and physical manufacturing facilities • Variable costs. Example: customized services • Economies of scale. Benefit from lower bulk purchase rates. This and other factors cause average cost per unit to fall as output rises Costs Operations 1. Servers Support  % HW cost 2. Licenses Costs Support 1. Servers 2. Switches 3. Distribution/Systems Management SW 4. Information Management Tools 5. Architect, design, procurement 6. I&C&A
    17. 17. CANVAS. Competitors (1) • 1010data. It offers DB, data integration, reporting, data visualization tools as well as advanced analytics functions on the cloud including statistical analysis, optimization and machine learning • Pivotal (EMC spinoff). It offers cloud, big data and an application development environment for big analytics. Its competitors are: in data integration, data quality, BI and analytics SW competes with IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. Related to the big data analytics competes with Cloudera, Hortonworks and Teradata • Actian. Fast, analytical DBMS options as well as cloud services and data integration and analytics SW • Amazon. It does all in the cloud. Running of data intensive applications on the cloud. It owns its Analytical DBMS (Amazon Redshift) as well as its stream analysis option (Amazon Kinesis) • Infobright. Well suited for machine data info due to its high compression ratio and data skipping technology • Cloudera is the market leader for Hadoop SW. Even it claims support for open source SW, it offers proprietary SW Cloudera Manager for provision, manage and monitor workloads and Cloudera Navigator for access control and auditing. It thinks that RDBMS will be reserved for niche application in the future • Hortonworks. Massive contributor to the open source Hadoop community. Apart from its competitors Cloudera and MapR, it offers its own Hortonworks Data Management Platform (HDP) as FoC and as open source software • Map R claims for high availability and better performance compared to its main competitor Cloudera • InfiniDB comparable to HP Vertica, Actian Matrix, however automated partitioning features are better, as well as a better performance with SQL on Hadoop vs. Cloudera Impala and Hive
    18. 18. CANVAS. Competitors (2) • HP HAVEn = Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica Enterprise Security for n applications competes with IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza) and Pivotal. Its ArcSight Logger SW for collecting and analysis of data and its Operational Analytics are better than IBM, SAP and Oracle • SAP offers low latency analysis with Hana as well as fast data loading and stream processing capabilities • Kognitio offers massive parallel processing DBMS. Its competitors are HP Vertica, Pivotal, IBM PureData System for Analytics aka Netezza. It supports RAM intensive deployments and provides the administrative ability to run analysis and processes in memory. Lately has put emphasis on in memory analysis. It also offers appliance and cloud based services • Teradata delivers unified big data architecture, where Teradata DBMS is at the heart of the UDA supporting enterprise DWHs and marts for BI and analytical needs • IBM takes a comprehensive approach of the Big Data solution: HW, data integration, data cleansing, data quality SW, BI, Analytics, tools for Hadoop, SaaS portfolio and cloud infrastructure • Microsoft is all in on Big Data. Its Hadoop is based on Hortonworks Data Platform Oracle rivals to IBM in the depth and breadth of its data management offerings. It offers DBs, multiple options of data integration, data quality management, master data management, BI and Analytics, it address low latency and RT demands