How to develop a top 10 newspaper ipad app


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R&D area Prisa Digiral coordinated the ipad project with Elpais McPheters & Company announced the iMonitor™ list of Top 10 Best Newspaper Apps.

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How to develop a top 10 newspaper ipad app

  1. 1. Elpais app ranked #2nd list of Top 10 Best Newspaper AppsMcPheters & Company iMonitor™ 0ctober 2011 00 de Mes de 0000
  2. 2. iMonitor TM Top 10 Newspaper AppsEl País iPad (Prisa) #2McPheters & Company announced the iMonitor™ list of Top 10 Best Newspaper Apps. The company’siMonitor service is currently providing detailed evaluation and global tracking of approximately 3500media-related apps. 2
  3. 3. iMonitor TM Top 10 Newspaper Apps Measurement variablesPublication Data Name & URL Publication Title App Price Media Type Platform (iPad Only or iPhone+iPad) Print/Digital Magazine, Newspaper, Other News Comparison to iPhone App Source Same as iPad, Companion to Country publication, etc. MRI Measured? App Store Category Publisher Date Updated Developer (where identified) # and Average of User Ratings Genre Average Daily Download Rankings Auditor Overall and by Category Publication Frequency Paid, Free, Highest Grossing Single-Issue and Annual Subscription Pricing App Description Print, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Blackbe rry, Coverleaf, Kobo, Nook, Pixelmags, Zi nio, Windows Phones, and others. Date Added to DatabaseApp Data 3
  4. 4. iMonitor TM Top 10 Newspaper Apps Measurement variablesApp Ratings App Evaluation only)•Design Rating •Issue Purchase Article Navigation 5-point scale based on In-App, App Store, Web-Based Zoom to read, Scroll through navigation and enhancements to # of Available Issues text, Dynamic sidebars, etc. print experience Registration Required? Portrait/Landscape Differences•Functionality Rating Download Speed (5-point (In layout or content, if any) 5-point scale based on scale) •Rich Media download speed, navigation •Advertising Videos, Slideshows, Web links, guide, glitches, etc. Print-like, Linked to web, Interactivity, etc.•Media Rating Enhanced with multimedia or Social media versatility and 5-point scale based on web interactivity, Premium/Sponsored implementation links, video, interactivity, etc. ad model, etc. •Transactional capabilities•App Rating Replica of Print Version? •Glitches 15-point scale, sum of •App Navigation •Unique Features Design/Functionality/Media Navigation guide, Issue library, •Other Notes Ratings etc.•Ad Rating Issue Navigation 5-point scale, based on Page-by-page, Scrolling presence of enhanced and thumbnails, Linked contents, etc. dynamic advertising Section Navigation (News apps 4
  5. 5. El País iPad App developmentBenchmark 5
  6. 6. El País iPad App developmentPRISA DIGITAL working together with ELPAIS team of design product, technology and commercial + user requirements Developement Research Conceptualization Design Group Internal Interaction Graphic R&D sessions sessions design design 6
  7. 7. El País iPad App developmentThe process FACTS GOALS PROTOTIPES CONCEPTUALIZATION 7
  8. 8. El País iPad App developmentPrototyping 8
  9. 9. El País iPad App developmentThe after day… Looking for the concept 9
  10. 10. El País iPad App developmentNavigation 10
  11. 11. El País iPad App developmentInteraction detail 11
  12. 12. El País iPad App developmentAd emplacemet graph 12
  13. 13. El País iPad App developmentProject managementDefinition – Work plan – Validations – Schedule – Project plan – RACI – Quality Control– Recourses control – Documentation share system – Roadmap – Publishing - … 13
  14. 14. El País iPad App developmentFinal outcome October 2010 14
  15. 15. El País iPad App developmentConclusions one year later First release in October 2010 200.000 downloads so far (500k iPhone) 25.000 u.u. / day Ranked #2 top newpaper app (october 2011) 15
  16. 16. Thank you00 prisa.com0000 de Mes de