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ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
ds data systems Perforce presentation
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ds data systems Perforce presentation


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  • Good morning/afternoon. I ’m [name], [title] at Perforce. It ’s not often we get a chance to bring customers up to speed on where Perforce is heading. So today I ’d like to take a few minutes to give you a very brief snapshot of who we are, what we can do, what we think is coming next and why it matters. January 2008
  • Perforce currently provides the world ’s fastest and most scalable Software Configuration Management system. Put simply, we let companies track versions, or iterations, of their software assets as they ’re developed. It ’s not just source code we version. Far from it. We also do the same thing for binary files and digital assets – pictures, web sites, audio – almost anything you can create. If it ’s digital and being developed, refined or changed by individuals or teams, Perforce can capture and version every amendment made. Right now, 350,000 users across 5,500 companies trust Perforce Software to safely version their code, assets and intellectual property. January 2008
  • Like many Silicon Valley success stories, it all started with an idea. We began working together from our CEO ’s garage in 1995. We have offices in California, UK, Australia and Canada. Distributors in Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Israel and India And a global network of training and consulting partners. January 2008
  • So, as you can see, our customers include some incredible names. But SCM tool performance aside, why are organizations like these – some already global leaders – choosing Perforce? For Perforce customers, much comes down to the quality of our people: their technical knowledge and service level they consistently provide. We ’re fortunate to employ an unusually experienced team. Most support engineers join us with at least 12 years ’ experience already behind them. Our 230 employees are also spread across four countries with overlapping time zones. Taking all these factors together, we enjoy a reputation for legendary support. For queries answered during business hours, 27% get a response within 15 minutes, and 64% within 45 minutes. Within two hours, nine out of every ten support calls have been answered. January 2008
  • About 15 years ago there was a quiet revolution in software development. Version control became more than just a backup mechanism. All of a sudden teams across the world could really collaborate, sharing work and managing concurrent development. Perforce brings that revolution to the rest of the digital world. Animation, movies, documents: they all contribute to a valuable end product. And Perforce version control lets you manage the evolution of that entire product. Now Perforce is making version control even more accessible. Using the Perforce version control server as the platform, you can build applications that marry your way of working to Perforce ’s version control expertise. January 2008
  • So what problems are our customers solving? Track how software is built and deployed to production servers for auditing and compliance. Manage everything that goes into a digital movie, from scribbles on a napkin to fully rendered animation clips. Automatically push fresh content to web servers – and know what ’s up there all the time. Safeguard the most valuable intellectual property. January 2008
  • Perforce tackles all the challenges that modern developers face. As one of the core Agile white papers points out, if you want to use the most productive methods for large teams spread across the globe working on complex products, you need a version control tool that lets them collaborate quickly and easily. All the trends in the industry are pointing to tougher challenges ahead, which Perforce is equipped to handle. January 2008
  • How are we bringing version control to the entire realm of digital data? In several ways. Where is Perforce? In the cloud, on demand, to let you get started without delay. Who can use Perforce? Anybody: with Commons, storing your work in Perforce is as easy as dragging and dropping. How can you build on Perforce? With web services, a modern standards-based integration framework. What ’s a good example of building on Perforce? Chronicle, the next innovation in web content management that brings full version control to web sites. And to help us help each other, we ’re building the Ecosystem, a place for sharing information and ideas. January 2008
  • Perforce brought a new way of working to software developers over 15 years ago, and now we ’re bringing it to everybody else. For a lot of us here, starting to use Perforce for the first time was a liberating experience. That’s why we’re so excited about spreading the version control message. January 2008
  • A couple of the key problems that version control solves are managing collaboration and keeping track of the work that ’s going on. Version control enables collaboration by teams working on complex products. Our branching engine provides the horsepower to track and manage the work of hundreds of developers working on several versions of a product. Streams build on that foundation. Streams are an elegant solution to a tough problem: how to make sure that changes are going to the right place in the right way. Streams also help you manage the relationship between pieces of a product, and hide a lot of the complexity of the development process. By virtue of everything else it needs to do, the Perforce server can also tell you exactly who changed something, when it happened, and where the change ended up. By using our integrations with other tools, you also know why the change occurred. If you ’re working in an industry that’s subject to regulation or process standards, those are the types of auditing and compliance questions you need to answer. We ’ll see a few more examples of extensions and integrations later on. January 2008
  • The best tool in the world is no good if it ’s not there when you need it. That’s why speed and reliability have been forefront in our minds from day one. Perforce is built to be fast. We can handle thousands of users working on massive amounts of data around the world. And as our customers have grown, we ’ve grown too. Our toolbox now includes replication and distributed tools, and we give you a lot of flexibility about how to manage your data. In the future you’ll see new innovations like our federated architecture. Perforce is also easy to set up and maintain. A lot of our customers will use a single administrator for hundreds of users. If you do run into trouble – the sprinklers do go off in the data center sometimes – our world class support and services will stand behind you. And Perforce doesn ’t dictate your IT infrastructure. We’ll run on most major platforms, and upgrades are a piece of cake. January 2008
  • Perforce believes in a best-of-breed solution. We provide the best version control, but we ’re not going to pick your other tools for you. Whatever defect tracker or build tool you want to work with, we’ll make it easy to build the ALM system that meets your needs. Perforce makes some world-class integrations in-house, like our defect tracking gateway, which provides a flexible and intuitive way to link source files to issues or tasks. For third-party integrators we provide a full set of APIs and development tools. January 2008
  • A lot of our customers have been using Perforce as a pseudo- web content management system for years, pushing web content out from a Perforce server. But a few years ago, when we unveiled our Knowledge Base application, we realized there was a huge untapped demand for a real web content management system that was built on Perforce. January 2008
  • Chronicle includes all of the tools that web content developers want and need: dynamic site design tools, a plugin mechanism, and more. But Chronicle adds the version control power that web content developers have never had. With Chronicle, you can implement a web site workflow, manage multiple versions of a site, and let several developers work on content simultaneously. Software developers take all of this for granted. Now web designers can enjoy all those features too. January 2008
  • As I mentioned earlier, Perforce has always been an easy system to deploy and maintain. You don ’t need a room full of servers or a battalion of administrators to use Perforce, even at a large company. But now users are looking for the next step. Small teams want to stand up a Perforce server without having to buy hardware or worry about backups. Larger companies are looking to leverage the economies of scale that the cloud providers bring. Perforce is already in the cloud, and our presence there will continue to grow to make sure our customers can find Perforce where they want it. January 2008
  • We ’ve always been amazed by the things our customers can do with our product. (One customer was actually afraid we’d sue him when we found out he was using Perforce to do a job it wasn’t designed for, to replace a much more expensive system. We didn’t sue him – we made him a speaker at our user conference.) The Ecosystem will help to foster and share these ideas and solutions. We and our customers can learn from each other and solve new challenges, tapping the community expertise built up over the past 15 years. People like to feel a sense of contribution and collaboration in what they do. That ’s what is driving many collaborative projects today, and we know that spirit is alive and well in our own community. The Ecosystem will bring it out into the open. January 2008
  • What ’s a typical Perforce customer? What sector are they in? Well…there isn ’t one. As you can see, our customers span pretty much every sector. From 200,000 employee global enterprises to two person startups, customers choose Perforce because they want some key things from version management: • They want to version assets quickly and easily • They want to work together collaboratively, anywhere • They want a system that ’s a cinch to deploy and administer • They want a system that ’s affordable and realistically priced • And they want to know when they call tech support with an issue, they ’ll get an intelligent, right-the-first-time answer – fast. January 2008
  • Providing asset and source code management is a huge responsibility. So what sort of businesses rely on us? Just how much trust do leading organizations place in Perforce? Well….let ’s start with Google. Google trusts Perforce. Right now, over 12,000 of the world's best minds are working shoulder to shoulder around the world. Perforce SCM is helping Google ’s teams realize fully versioned code – code that drives the technologies organizing the world’s information. January 2008
  • Then there ’s Pixar. Pixar trusts Perforce. Every frame, every image, every sound, every last piece of Woody, Buzz and the gang was stored in Perforce. Our system supported Pixar ’s animation team as they worked across hundreds of computer models. Perforce SCM ensured the precise version of each and every file was reassembled to bring you Toy Story - a movie that took in $361 million for the first movie alone, and over a billion for Toy Story 3. Pixar also use Perforce to protect its intellectual property. When a new film is released occasionally someone come forward to suggest that the little fish character look a lot like their daughter’s school drawing. Using Perforce Pixar are able to demonstrate the step by step evolution of a character often going back years. January 2008
  • Electronic Arts trusts Perforce. EA is one of the world ’s leading video game developers and publishers. Developing games is one of the most demanding coding challenges. Large teams, typically geographically dispersed, constantly making changes to very large binary files. Perforce has helped EA achieve critical release deadlines for titles like Need for Speed™, the Sims and NCAA Football January 2008
  • In the mobile space, Samsung trusts Perforce. One of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world, Samsung uses Perforce to version all of the hardware, firmware and software components powering its leading-edge handheld devices. January 2008
  • Medical technology demands rigorously versioned code. So Meditronic trusts Perforce. Meditronic develops pioneering technologies that help to treat chronic disease. The company ’s work includes interventions for serious conditions such as heart failure and Parkinson’s disease. Perforce SCM versions all hardware, software and firmware for Meditronic ’s devices. Medical SCM underpins product innovation, quality and compliance, helping patients to live longer, better quality lives. January 2008
  • Do we help drive science forwards? Absolutely. NASA Jet Propulsion Lab trusts Perforce. Perforce is deployed in the development of both flight and ground software "today our spacecraft are more and more becoming flying computers" Perforce is specifically used in their (SQI) Software Quality Improvement Project, which involves ensuring the quality of software applications for the Viking Lander Imaging Flight Team and the Voyager mission to Jupiter. The SQI project is an ongoing operational effort that results in continuous, measurable improvement of software quality at NASA JPL, and covers the following areas: • average defects per work month (ground/air) • cost estimation & planning • measurable improvement of software quality • improve the quality of mission-critical software • reducing software defect rates during testing and operations • increasing software development productivity NASA JPL has been using Perforce since 2000. January 2008
  • Barclays Capital trusts Perforce. Barclays Capital is a leading global investment bank with offices in 29 countries. The bank ’s culture emphasizes teamwork across its 25,000 people worldwide. It demands a seamless approach to collaborative working. Right now thousands of developers around the world are successfully working shoulder to shoulder to make Barclays Capital a global banking presence. As one employee observes, Perforce technology stands apart. "At the point when there was a 50/50 split with Perforce and ClearCase (around 2500 users each) the Global ClearCase environment was running on 23 Sun V440 servers. Perforce was running on one Linux machine… with another one as backup. ” January 2008
  • Thank you for letting us share a little bit about Perforce. We ’re really excited about where Perforce and version control are going. And now I ’m happy to take any questions. January 2008
  • Transcript

    • 1. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Tfno +34915796646 Getting to know Perforce a little better.
    • 2. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Perforce?  The world’s fastest and most scalable Version management Platform  Version management for all digital assets  Helping 5,500 companies and 350,000 users at the world’s leading organizations innovate and succeed
    • 3. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 A bit about us  Founded in 1995  Profitable since inception  Worldwide presence  HQ in CA, UK, Australia, Canada  Sales, training and consulting partners worldwide
    • 4. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Perforce: an unusually experienced team.  230 employees  United States: 160  Europe: 39  Canada: 21  Australia: 10 Most Perforce support engineers join with 12+ or more years’ experience Legendary reputation for quality support
    • 5. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Version everything.  Bringing the power of Perforce version management to any and all digital assets  Launching Perforce as a platform, making it easy for all companies to version everything
    • 6. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Using Perforce beyond source code  NYSE Euronext – Deploys software to more than 9,000 servers  Pixar – Stores all movie assets from storyboards to art renderings to sound files  Edmunds – Manages content published daily to three websites  AMD – Stores all chip designs
    • 7. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 The chain of collaborating teams that add value to development projects is getting longer, geographically distributed and more sophisticated. These teams regularly deal in massive volumes of digital content: not just source code, but documents, web material and unstructured data too. For many organizations, keeping track of this complex, multi-faceted working environment is becoming costly and demanding to manage. - Jim Duggan Senior Analyst, Gartner Inc. “ ”
    • 8. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Initiatives to version everything  Moving Perforce to the cloud  New “Perforce Chronicle”  New “Perforce Commons”  New “Perforce Web services”  Ecosystem  Online community to share information, projects, ideas
    • 9. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 The rest of the world doesn’t yet know that version management is so important to them, just as software developers didn’t know 30 years ago about the importance of configuration management. But we know, you know, and they will know, too, that they need versioning, and they need it online. - Christopher Seiwald Founder and CTO, Perforce Software. “ ”
    • 10. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Perforce SCM  Version control for all digital assets  Branching: Support for Agile collaboration and development  Streams: Intuitive release management workflow  Easy traceability and auditing of valuable IP  Extensions and integrations leverage the Perforce platform
    • 11. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Perforce SCM  Scalable  Designed for performance & scalability  Distributed teams  Flexible deployment architecture – P4Sandbox  Easy to deploy and maintain  Cross-platform and cross-version compatibility  One administrator can support hundreds of users  World class technical support and services
    • 12. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 How does Perforce SCM fit in with other tools  IDEs  Defect trackers  Build tools  Test tools  Microsoft Office  Graphical tools  EDA tools  Code review tools  ALM tools  Agile tools
    • 13. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Perforce Chronicle  Applying the power of the Perforce SCM platform to the challenges of managing web content & digital assets
    • 14. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Perforce Chronicle  Dynamic site design  Themes, widget, etc. - all versioned  Configurable workflow  Support for parallel development and design  Concurrent editing  Pages can be updated, reviewed, and tested without affecting live site
    • 15. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Perforce in the Cloud  Trial/demo servers available for evaluation  Hosted Perforce production repositories  Talking to PaaS providers about Perforce as a versioning API
    • 16. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Perforce Ecosystem  Developer forums & resource center  An ‘App Junction’, where software developers inside and outside of Perforce can share code  Extend Perforce’s functionality and integrate Perforce into specific development environments
    • 17. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Our customers: from Fortune 500 companies to ambitious startups  Software vendors  Games developers  Medical and healthcare industries  Finance and banking  Embedded systems and EDA companies  Networking and communications  Financial services  …and more
    • 18. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 How much do companies trust Perforce?
    • 19. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Google trusts Perforce  12,000 of Google’s best minds depend on Perforce  Perforce lets Google’s developers work shoulder-to-shoulder around the world  Result: technology to organize the world’s information
    • 20. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Pixar trusts Perforce…  Perforce stored and versioned every frame, image and sound in Toy Story 1, 2 and 3  Animators worked on 400 computer animation models  114,240 frames of animation, with each one taking 2–15 hours to create  Result: Woody, Buzz and the gang come to life
    • 21. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 EA trusts Perforce  EA has over 4,000 Perforce users scattered across dozens of worldwide studios  EA runs 90+ Perforce servers, the largest storing over 1.5 TB of data  90% of files stored in Perforce are binary, the other 10% are code  Result: On-time development of leading Game titles including Need Underground, the Sims and NCAA Football
    • 22. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Samsung trusts Perforce…  One of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers  All hardware, firmware and software is versioned using Perforce  Result: Innovative cutting-edge hand-held devices claiming market share
    • 23. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Medtronic trusts Perforce…  Medtronic develops medical technologies to help treat chronic disease  Pioneering interventions for heart failure, Parkinson's disease, urinary incontinence, obesity, chronic pain, spinal disorders, and diabetes.  Device hardware, software and firmware versioned with Perforce  Result: technologies that help millions with disease live better, longer lives
    • 24. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 NASA JPL trusts Perforce…  NASA JPL sits at the heart of space exploration and planetary research  Currently operating 20 spacecraft on active missions  Manages NASA's Deep Space Network – vital antenna complexes on several continents  Perforce versioning underpins development for groundbreaking JPL technology  Result: trailblazing science that constantly shapes our understanding of the world around us
    • 25. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Barclays Capital trust Perforce…  Leading global investment bank Offices in 29 countries  Culture emphasizes teamwork and a collaborative approach  Result: Thousands of developers working shoulder to shoulder worldwide to make Barclays Capital a global banking presence
    • 26. DS DATA SYSTEMS IBERIA S.A. Phone: +34915796646 Thank you. We’ll be glad to take your questions.