Brief History of Bani Israel


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Brief History of Bani Israel

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  • Great work done by Javeria Qureshi. Seems like a good amount of research effort put into this.

    But date of birth and death doesn't make any sense. You said prophet Yaqoob was son of prophet Ishaq. But date of birth of Yaqoob is 1800 BC which is before Ishaq's 1761 BC. How can a son be born before father.

    Secondly Yusuf was son of Yaqoob, but date of birth of Yusuf is 1610 BC which is 43 years after the death of Yaqoob (1653 BC).

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  • Hats off..just speechless about ur effort
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Brief History of Bani Israel

  1. 1. Brief History of Bani Israel From Hazrat Ibrahim (as) to the Golden Era of Hazrat Sulaiman (as)
  2. 2. Prophet Ibrahim (as) Adam (as) Idrees (as) Nooh (as) Ibrahim (as)    Born in Southern Iraq (Mesopotamia) in the City of Ur Probably lived in the period between 2000 and 1500 BC 2 sons: Ishaque and Ismail (as)
  3. 3. Ibrahim Ishaque Ismail
  4. 4. Who are Bani Israel ?   Yaqoob (as) grandson of Ibrahim (as) from Ishaque (as) They were in Canaan (Palestine) Ibrahim Ismail / Ishmael Makkah Also known as Israel Ishaque/ Isaac Canaan Yaqoob/ Jacob
  5. 5. Who are Bani Israel ? Yaqoob/ Israel Yahooda/ Judah 9 other Sons Yusuf/ Joseph Bin Yameen/ Benjamin     Hazrat Yaqoob, also known as Israel had twelve sons. All his descendents are called Bani Israel Bani Israel took their name from Judah: Thus calling them selves Jews/ Yahoodi Judaism also derived from Judah
  6. 6. Prophet Yusuf (as)     Hazrat Yusuf (as) / Joseph – son of Yaqoob (as) Brothers of Yusuf (as) (except Benjamin) threw him in a well He was taken to Egypt from the well as a slave Became an important minister in Egypt to the Pharaoh Yaqoob/ Israel Yousuf/ Joseph
  7. 7. Yaqoob Yusuf 11 other sons
  8. 8. Bani Israel come to Egypt    During the famine, his brothers came for food to Egypt and he settled them there Bani Israel lived in prosperity in Egypt for a while. H.Yaqoob and H. Yusuf (as) both died in Egypt.
  9. 9. Yaqoob Yusuf 11 other sons
  10. 10. Bani Israel enslaved in Egypt   The Bani Israel lived in prosperity in Egypt for a while. They were later enslaved by the Egyptians and made to work as laborurs to construct the Egyptian buildings
  11. 11. Prophet Moosa (as)    Prophet Musa born amongst the enslaved Bani Israel in Egypt. Hazrat Musa delivered the oppressed Bani Israel from the tyrant Pharaoh, taking them out of Egypt. The famous parting of seas miracle led them out of Egypt to Sinai
  12. 12. Pharaoh who Drowned: Ramesis II  According to some archeologists it was Ramesis II who drowned, where as some say it was Minfitah, his son.
  13. 13. Pharaoh Who Drowned: Minfitah
  14. 14. Moosa (as) Haroon (as) And the Bani Israel
  15. 15. Bani Israel in Sinai: Worshiping the calf    Musa (as) went to Mount Sinai to get the laws from Allah (Torah) for 40 days leaving his brother Prophet Harun (Aaron) behind. Bani Israel fell into Shirk and formed a gold calf to worship Allah ordained a punishment for them for this sin that they had to kill the polytheists amongst them
  16. 16. Bani Israel in Sinai: The 70 who were raised up      After the calf incident, the Bani Israel refused to accept the Torah as the word of God. Musa (as) then chose 70 best people to go with him to Mt. Sinai When they heard H. Musa speaking to Allah, they demanded to see Allah themselves. Allah punished them for this by killing them with lightning However due to prayer of H. Musa, Allah revived them back to life.
  17. 17. Covenant of Toor  The 70 Israelis returned to the people and bore witness that Torah was from Allah and to life after death.  Even after the resurrection miracle many Israelis refused to accept the commands of Torah.  Another miracle took place and the entire Mount Sinai (Kohe Tur) was raised on top of their heads and a Covenant was taken from them which finally made them accept the Torah.
  18. 18. Bani Israel reach Palestine:     Prophet Musa (as) along with the Bani Israel finally reached the gates of Palestine. They were ordered to go into Jerusalem and conquer it. The Bani Israel refused to enter saying that the people of Canaan were mighty and strong and they cant go in. They were then punished to wander in the desert for 40 years
  19. 19. Bani Israel and the story of the cow (Baqarah):    During their wandering, Allah ordered the Bani Israel to slaughter a cow. Because of the Egyptian influence, they held the cow in high esteem and did not want to slaughter it. They kept asking irrelevant questions about which cow to slaughter, until Allah revealed clearly which cow to slaughter and they finally had to do it.
  20. 20. Bani Israel and Mano Salwa:    Allah provided them with food called Mano Salwa from the skies. Prophet Musa (as) struck his staff on the rocks and water gushed out for the israelis They refused to be content with one dish and asked H. Musa for other kinds of earthly foods.(Baqarah: 61)
  21. 21. Joshua (Yousha bin Noon)      Prophet Harun (as) died during the wandering and is said to be buried on Mt. Haur in Sinai. Prophet Musa died later at mount Nebo and chose Joshua as his successor Joshua led the Bani Israel into Palestine and fought the natives called Canaanites and won. They were ordered to enter the town (Jericho) saying Hitatunn & prostrating. Bani Israel changed the word to Hintatun and were punished with plague
  22. 22. Some Prophets of Bani Israel after Mosa (as)      H.Yusha bin Noon (Joshua) H. Hizkiel (Ezikiel) H. Ilyas (Elijah) H. Al Yasa (Elisha) H. Shimvel (Samuel)
  23. 23. Bani Israel in Palestine: Again go astray     After death of Joshua, they divided and fought each other Killed many prophets who came to them. Canaanite then started oppressing them and B. Israel were subjected to punishment, humiliation and slavery. Canaanites plundered their sacred holy possessions especially Ark of covenant
  24. 24. Samuel and Taloot (Saul) and Jaloot (Goliath)    Prophet Samuel appoints Talut as the leader of Bani Israel to fight Jaloot (Goliath), the tyrant Philistinian king B. Israel refuse Talut as king since he was poor and from a different lineage. Allah gives them back Ark of Covenant to make them accept Talut
  25. 25. Taloot (Saul) and Dawood (David)as   Dawood (as) a soldier in the army of Taloot killed Jalut. Taloot died and Dawood consolidated his Kingdom for the Bani Israelis
  26. 26. Prophet Dawood (as) H. Dawood (as) made Jerusalem the Capital of the Land of Israelis  Palestine greatly prospered under the rule of Prophet Dawood (as) 
  27. 27. Prophet Suleman (Solomon)(as)  Prophet Dawood was succeeded by his son Prophet Suleman (as)
  28. 28. The Golden era of Bani Israel     It was during the reign of Solomon that the First Temple (Solomon’s Temple) was built Solomon’s temple was actually a masjid The reign of Prophet Dawood and Prophet Suleman (as) was the Golden period of the Bani Israelis. They prospered and flourished and then the decline started
  29. 29. History of Bani Israel through Mind Maps
  30. 30. Baqarah : 51,54,92 Story of Yaqoob (as) Origins of Bani Israel in Palestine Story of Calf Bani Israel worship gold calf Punishment: Death Baqarah : 55-56 Story of Yusuf (as) B. Israel settle in Egypt & later enslaved The 70 Best Best of B. Israel taken to Mt. Sinai They demanded to see Allah Punished to death by lightning Forgiven and brought back to life Baqarah : 49 - 50 Story of Musa (as) Exodus from Egypt to Sinai Baqarah : 53 Story of Musa (as) 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai Baqarah : 63-64,93 The Covenant of Tur Mt. Tur raised on top of Their heads to take covenant As they refuse to accept Torah
  31. 31. At the gates of Jerusalem B. Israel refuse to enter Punishment: 40 years wandering in the field of Teeh Baqarah : 57,60 Baqarah :67- 71 Shade, Mano Salwa & springs B. Israel given shade of clouds & Mano Salwa to eat & 12 water springs Story of the cow (Baqarah) Baqarah : 61 Bani Israel ask for other kinds of food Hazrat Musa (as) passes away Choses Joshua his successor
  32. 32. Baqarah : 61 Joshua leads Bani Israel into Palestinian city of Jericho Many Prophets came to Bani Israel but they murdered them. Bani Israel fight the Canaanites of Palestine and win Baqarah : 58,59 Bani Israel ordered to enter saying hitatunn. They Changed it to hintatun Punishment with Plague Bani Israel settle down in Palestine (Canaan) Joshua later dies B. Israel become divided Go astray Canaanites oppress them & their ark is plundered Baqarah : 247 Prophet Samuel appoints Saul (Talut) as Their King They refuse him
  33. 33. Baqarah: 248 Ark of Covenant returned to B. Israel To make them accept Talut. Story of Suleman (as) Baqarah : 249 Bani Israel disobey Talut and drink Water from the river Harut and Maroot Baqarah : 251 Dawood (as) kills Goliath He is made Prophet & given Kingdom Baqarah : 58,59 Story of Dawood (as) Decline of Bani Israel
  34. 34. Resources    Stories from the Quran by Hafiz ur Rehman Sevharvi Palestine : Yesterday, Today and tomorrow by Dr. Tariq M Suwaidan Atlas of the Quran by Darussalam
  35. 35. Time Line         1861 BC – 1686 BC : Prophet Ibrahim 1781 BC – 1638 BC : Prophet Ismail 1761 BC – 1581 BC : Prophet Ishaq 1800 BC – 1653 BC : Prophet Yaqoob 1610 BC – 1500 BC : Prophet Yusuf (as) 1250 BC : Prophet Moosa (as) 1270 BC : Bani Israel exodus from Egypt 1186 BC: Joshua leads into Holy Land