Design and application of multimedia network course based on web


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Design and application of multimedia network course based on web

  1. 1. Design and Application of Multimedia Network Course based on Web Nong Zheng College of Education Science Guangxi University For Nationalities Nanning ,China nongneal@163.comAbstract—With the Guidance of the theory of teaching systemdesign and the theory of modern studying, this article A. Teaching system design theoryintroduces the teaching design strategy, the system design and Teaching system design is the study of methods of thethe implementation technique, and analyzes the importance of design and development of teaching system. Take the systemthe security of the system management, information approach as the core, the system explores teaching andmanagement and system maintenance and update in the learning system between each essential factor and the wholenetwork course. essence relates. The theory of learning and the teaching theory will be systematically applied to solve practical Keywords-WEB; Teaching design; Design of network course problems, and a teaching system is formed which can realize the teaching function, complete the teaching goal and I. INTRODUCTION promote the optimized teaching. There are three main kinds With the development of information technology, Multi- of instructional design theory, that is, (1) the teaching-media network teaching plays a more and more important centered instructional design for teachers to teach. (2) therole in the higher education courses, which can open up learning-centered instructional design for students to study.wider space for autonomous learning ability of college (3)the dominant-the union” instructional design for astudents and promote students study and exchange in the combination of both.virtual network environment. Multi-media network teaching System theory states that the system is a collection ofsystem has characteristics of mutuality and dynamic, which interrelated components that function together to achievemakes teaching become more flexible and more humanized, some outcome. A network course is a particular subjectand it can bring up and waken students learning interest and teaching of the network teaching. Under multimedia andcan make students have the ability to collect, collate and internet settings, the teaching process can be divided intoprocess the learning information and can bring up ability of three essential factors-the teacher, the network course and thestudents to improve teaching quality. The instruction system student.development of technology and application for Multimedia The teaching process is shown in figure 1. SurroundingNetwork Course based on Web is worth investigation. the aims and characteristics of the course, a teacher selects and designs the information of teaching media reasonably. II. THE THEORETICAL FOUNDATION FOR THE DESIGN OF Having followed this course, students should enhance their [1,2]NETWORK COURSE ability to learn and to relate different aspects of learning. The Network curriculum design is the theory of knowledge teacher gets the study information of student through theand discipline, and it is the modern education and teaching of network questions, online (or offline) testing, student submitthe computer technology. The design and development of of assignments and message boards, network BBS etc,network curriculum is supported by instructional design grasps the teaching effect, inspects whether to achieve thetheory, humanism learning theory, constructivism learning original teaching goal, adjusts the next program of thetheory and self-regulated learning theory. teaching content and teaching the strategies, renews the network information. Teaching Objective The Teachers Network Course The Students Feedback systems figure 1 The Teaching process in the Network course ___________________________________ 978-1-61284-486-2/11/$26.00 ©2011 IEEE
  2. 2. of learning. Therefore, autonomous learning is an effectiveB. Humanism Learning Theory study way, is the embodiment of learners on the subject Humanism learning theory states that study is not simply position, which can make the learner give full play to thethe relationships between stimuli and response, but a sense of initiative of learning.psychological process. Learners are the subject of learning Thus, the network system design should be noted thatand they can teach themselves, everyone has the potential to several areas of the functional characteristics 1learn, learning is essential for self-fulfillment. Study is one of Accentuate the characteristic of The network study, embodythe individual needs. Learners will take encouragement from the leading position of the learner autonomy. 2 Achievelearning when they learn actively in the course of learning. individualized learning and personalized services to meetIt is the most enduring and the most lasting learning when different levels of learner individual requirements. 3 Paylearners play a part on their own volition in learning. attention to navigation design, interaction design andPersonal influence is essential in effective learn, study with a animation design, satisfy the needs of autonomous learningpartner and study in groups can urge learners to study hard.The research of humanism learning theory emphasizes the under network environment. 4 Pay attention to teachingcentral role of learners, advocates learners to study evaluation and feedback, keep abreast of students abouteffectively and stresses the importance of self-evaluation. learning, to update content design, environmental design, evaluation method, and the management model. [4]C. Constructivism Learning Theory III. THE STRATEGY OF TEACHING DESIGN [5] Constructivism learning theory defines knowledge asbeing, “with the help and cooperation of others by making A. The Design of Teaching Objectivesfull use of the essential study materials and by means ofconstruct meaning, the learner constructs initiative the The teaching goal is the teaching pilot, is grasping theproperties, the inherent laws and internal relations of things teaching travel direction. In order to let the learners have ain certain situation”. The learning process is that the learner preliminary understanding of the scope and overall directionconstructs a new knowledge guided by the past successful of the curriculum, a detailed and clear instructional objectiveexperience, through the interaction with the outside world. should be designed, a brief description should be given of the Therefore, constructivism learning theory attaches great front theory and technical, the daily life application and theimportance to the role of the learning environment in the future trend of development. In the network course, thecourse of study, states that” the situation”,” the cooperation”, teaching announcement and the teaching guide is designed,“the conversation” and “the significance construction” are the direction and the basic survey of teaching is indicated,the four elements of learning environment. Constructivism the teaching purposes, tasks and requirements, elements forlearning theory emphasizes that study is the student-centered each chapter title and time allocation is described in detaildriving exploration, initiative discovery and the initiative and references are given in the course, That is, the capacity to acquire knowledge B. The Design of teaching contentsdepends more on the learner according to oneself experience The course content is to achieve the teaching goal, toto construct relevant knowledge than on the capacity to make the course more systematic, more comprehensive andremember and recite what the teacher teach. more visual, to arouse the initiatives of learners on the The teacher acts as a guide and a helper in the teaching bountiful expressions. Therefore, according to theprocess, that is, helps the student to form the academic requirement of teaching content design, the knowledgemotivation, stimulates students study interest, through the points and the relevant concepts of the course will beestablishment suitable situation, helps the student to organized and designed, to reflect the logical relationshipconstruct the knowledge what the student has learned. In between knowledge points, manifest the teachingorder to cause the significance construction to be more characteristic and the teaching rule, and show the structureeffective, the teacher should organize cooperative learning, and the function of knowledge.discussions and exchange. The content of the network course is open to meet theD. Autonomous Learning theory [3] study needs of the learners to the maximum extent possible Autonomous learning theory states that autonomous at different times and places; the network course is abundantlearning is a study mode, which mainly includes the in study resources, there have on-line multimedia resources,following factors: learners lead the study intrinsic the experiment demonstrate, exercises and reference book formechanism, the ability of learners to control their own teaching, etc. Moreover, the course needs to extend thelearning objectives, the study content, learning methods and relevant knowledge that includes borderline subjects ofthe use of learning materials. If the learners are all active relevant knowledge, the relevant knowledge of correlativeparticipants from the meta-cognition, motivation and and the overall quality of the relevant social practicebehavior, the study is the autonomous learning. certification exam content knowledge, to meet the study All in all, Autonomous Learning usually means the needs of the learners of relevant knowledge.ability of a person who can make a self-conscious set C. The design of interactionslearning goals, make a study plan, choose the learning The equations Interaction is the main characteristic of themethod, monitor the learning process and evaluate the result network course, it is crucial to the teaching quality and
  3. 3. results. Interactive study is mainly manifested by the IV. THE SYSTEM DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGYinteraction between the learners and the learning A high quality network course is not a teacher or aenvironment during the process of learning. computer technologist can finish, but in need of professional (1) Provides a friendly interactive interface. The interface teachers, curriculum design experts and computeris the interaction between the learners and the network technologists work together to complete. The professionalcourse, graphic display makes programming quick and teacher is mainly responsible for the selection and design ofsimple. The human-machine interface design should stick to teaching content, teaching approaches of performance andfriendship, flexibility, safety, functionality, clearness and teaching methods, the curriculum design expert is mainlycorrespondence to bring about a more desirable teaching responsible for the design of teaching strategy, interactionresult. and system scheme. is mainly responsible for the realization (2) Provides a variety of interactions. The interactive of the technique, the system of debugging andfeatures of the system are mainly achieved by the implementation, etc.environment of the friendly interface, guidance,demonstration and animation. Interactive designs of the A. The model of Network Course systemsystem are to realize "human-machine" communication and The system development, utilizes the modular design and"human - machine - human" communication. the concurrent design generally, enables the network The " human-machine " communication is the interaction curriculum to have the relatively absolute constructionbetween learners and study resources, that is, the information module, and has the hierarchical, which is advantageous forcan be exchanged between the learner and the study the system updating and maintenance. The networkresources in the menu, buttons, options and learning curriculum system platform includes generally:resources; the "human - machine - human" communication is (1) The study guidance system, gives the explicitthe interaction among learners or between learners and guidance information, guides the learner to carry on theteacher, that is, learners can make use of the curriculum study according to the study goal, helps the study choiceforum, classroom QQ and the Q/A to carry on the study learning content, searches resources which needs;exchange. (2) The intelligence learning system, includes theD. The design of learning evaluation curriculum content, the expansion knowledge content, the study tool and so on, the student can make their own choice The learning evaluation and the teaching conformity is a according to their requirements, in order to meet the needs oftendency of the teaching development, the learning students characteristic study;evaluation is a very important module in the teaching design, (3) Learning instruction and communication systems,it is advantageous to improve the quality of teaching and including course BBS, classroom QQ, message board withlearning, waken students learning interest. According to the mnemonic word online FAQ, etc, in order to satisfy theteaching goal, the learning evaluation makes value learner exchanges and collaborative learning;judgments according to the process and result of learning (4) Learning evaluation and feedback system, includingactivities, provides scientific principles for the need of the student personal information, students learning information,learner to self-perfect and the need of the teacher to verify student assessment information, etc. Teachers can update thethe teaching strategies. The offer of learning environments studying contents and the network system according to thefrom the network course will be evaluated by learners, network forming feedback and learning evaluation;experts and teaching design experts, and they will propose (5) Resource management system, including learningamendments and addenda to perfect and update the design of resource database, and dynamic database updates andthe network course. management. The education contents include the appraisal of learners, System logic structure is shown in figure 2.The learnersteachers, teaching content and learning environments and login the network curriculum with their own accountservices system, etc. The appraisal of students is the major numbers, according to their own studys need, with the helpcontent of the education system, which is primarily through of the study guidance, enters the intelligence learning systemonline testing, the homework uploading and laboratory to carry on the study; According to the independent studysreports uploading to make teachers realize information and demand, enters the study material gain which and the use inproblems of students about learning. The appraisal of the the study resources storehouse each database inquiry needs;teacher is that the teacher evaluates the students work and The system provides the exchange learning environment tothe opinion of the teacher from the students. carry on the online Q/A, classroom QQ, the message and The course BBS and communication between teachers make the commentary and so on; The evaluation andand students is the best feedback ways and collaborative feedback system provides online or offline examination,learning platform, which realize the Autonomous Learning assignments, experimental preview, curriculum integratedand cooperative learning, and can realize the teaching design etc, and feeds back the effect of learning in time, alsofeedback and scientific evaluation. may record the basic information of learners, the study record of learners, collects learners opinion and the suggestion, provides the reference for learners study, the curriculum systems renewal.
  4. 4. The Learners Guidance and exchanges .First page navigation . Course forum The Network .Teaching announcement . Class QQ course .Teaching help . Visitors .Outside links, . Online faq Intelligence learning system Evaluation and feedback systems .Course knowledge learning . Student individual information .Extension knowledge learning Resources . Student learning information .Relevant knowledge information database . Student evaluation information Figure 2 The network course system logic structure The System design notices to the "self-organization" 1 Client can send the user requests to the Web serverconcept, greatly satisfy learner autonomy learning needs. through Web browser.The system assigns the strict jurisdiction for each learner, the 2 Web server can accept requests from the client,learner may register the system from the onstage, complete create of the HTML code by using ASP technology, outputthe corresponding study and the operation, and organize, the the processing result embedded in it and return to the clientspontaneous organization to their own study content and browser.individual information, realizes individual information self- 3 Using the database servers to realize Web databasecontrol function; The manager and the teacher who has the management, the server can take out the data from theadministration authority can register the system through the database to respond the onstage the request. System structurebackstage, examine and manage the file information of is shown in Figure 3, in the chart, “the backstagelearners, the information for the learner and the teacher, management maintenance” is to control the front desk andupdate, organize and manage the system content. back-office operations, users can view, add, edit and removeB. System realization technology data. The system structure uses the Web browser, the Webserver and the database server of three B/S structures: PC Client Web Server Database Backstage management Acknowledge Server Figure 3 The structure of B/S system The system realize its function based on the development the picture source material and the curriculum symbol and sotechnology of Web 2.0 and .Net, platform in information on.resources sharing is provided by the Web 2.0 in order to 2 Backstage structures have a database constructionprovide the better information sharing for the user, the better (SQL) and the of design page code, the mainly developmentinterface and a more convenient in operation. The design tools includes Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SQLcycle mainly includes three big directions, namely: the Server, the language of ASP, HTML and C# is used fordesign of onstage, the construction of the backstage, testing coding the program to control the receptionist operation.and debugging. Microsoft SQL Server realizes the backstage management 1 The onstage design mainly includes the main page, and the database connection, let the manager operate thethe sub-page and the content design. That is, collect the backstage database in the onstage, realize the revision, theinformation and material of the curriculum to produce first user register registration, and so on; Microsoft SQL Serverinterface of the system and the information of the sub-page, also can realize to insert the video and the animation in thethe home page must demonstrate the characteristics of homepage for browsing in the onstage, an interactivecurriculum, the content of module, the writing connection,
  5. 5. teaching platform is constituted by the fore-back ground (3) Strengthen the capacity of classroom teachers in thedesign and management. literacy of information technology. In learning, the teacher is 3 Testing and debugging is mainly to test each teaching scene designer, cognitive strategy training andfunctional module, confirm the function and the correctness learning objectives designer. Teachers must organize,of the link, test the system integrity. At this stage, it needs maintain and update the network course, reorganize andnot only to test and debug the software system, but also to organize the learner information and other content accordingseek the views of teachers and students in a certain range, to to the needs of students, the needs of teaching content,revise and improve the software system, in order to achieve combining learners feedback. Therefore, Teachersthe purpose of development process, reduce the subsequent organization and guide ways have changed a lot, in order torevision of the workload. meet the needs of competent modern teaching; the teacher The related links of the fore-back ground and the must be life-long learning, master the theory of modernmultimedia transmission is the key technologies involved in education and modern educational technology, and mustthe design development of the network course, if a page cooperate variously with the education technology teachersgives a definition for the network course by using a great and computer technicians.quantity video and Flash, the transmission speed will beaffected by the narrow bandwidth during transmission at the VI. CLOSINGpresent time, so the system design will adopt streaming The network autonomous learning is an important way ofmedia transmission, and it will greatly enhance the video college students learning, which is a basic skill of lifelongbrowsing and Flash presentation fluency. learning. By network learning, a habit of lifelong learning The vivid expression of video, animation and sound is will be formed, a capacity is fostered to obtain knowledge,used to improve teaching effect. Classroom video, interactive update their knowledge and innovation of knowledge bycommunication, online consulting and testing provided by using modern information technology. With the globalizationsystem is the highlight of the course. The system utilizes of economic and the developed information technologyadequately net features such as real-time, vivid, alternately “Anyone who master the information, control the networkand image, to highlight the curriculum characteristic. will have the whole world” . However, the network learning not only needs a good earning environment, but also needs V. THE APPLICATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE the innovative management system and evaluation system. A SYSTEM more relaxed management system and more freedom should The network curriculum is to provide a good learning be provided for the students, give affirmation and reasonableenvironment for students, which not only require a system evaluation to students network learning, so as to encouragewith security, stability, reliability and availability, but also the students using web-based autonomous learning, andwith real-time, interactive, dynamic and entertaining, so as to make the network course exert true effects.really make the students learn tirelessly, to gain theenhancement of teaching quality and the teaching REFERENCESimprovement effect. [1] WAN Ming-gao.” Modern Educational Technology Theory and (1) Safety and stability. Not only the security encryption Methods”. Beijing university press, Beijing. 2007,pp.48-107.measures and user authority must be designed in the [2] QIU Wen-xiang,ZHAN Hui-yin.”The Research of Theorydevelopment of design, more important is to strengthen the Application For The design of Network Course” .CET China Educational Technology . No.236 2006, of servers and the effective management of network [3] ZHANG Yong ,GUO Run-yu.”The Use of Managing Strategies andcourse, protect the network curriculum in the normal College Students Adaptability to the Autonomous English WBL”.operation in the teaching process. Journal of Jiangxi Normal University( Social Sciences). Vol.42 No.5 (2) Reliability and availability. In order to meet the needs 2009,PP.147-153.of subject knowledge and teaching, reflect the development [4] LIU Cheng-xin,Wang Huan-jing,“etwork educationand frontier of the course, the network information must Application” ,Publishing House of Electronics Industry,have features of authenticity, scientific and times. To Beijing,2009,pp.111-148.strengthen the leading role of teachers, make a good job of [5] HE Ke-kang,ZHENG Yong-bai,XIE You-ru, “Teaching system design” ,Beijing normal university press, Beijing. 2002,pp.214-"learning navigation", and pay attention to teacher-student 218.interaction, students interaction, strengthening the real-time,interactive, dynamic and entertaining, in order to stimulatestudent interest in learning, improve teaching effectiveness. Supported by New Century Higher Education Teaching Reform Project of Guangxi China (No.2010JGB029 ).