Design project 2 email marketing campaign manager


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Design project 2 email marketing campaign manager

  1. 1. Designing the Email marketing andcampaigning platform :Research Findings and Design Process
  2. 2. Objectives The objective is to study the phenomenon of Email marketing holistically and design an Email campaign Manager.
  3. 3. Secondary Research- Reading online journals, papers and reviews about email marketing. Having enough knowledge base to design a system encompassing the phenomenon. Simultaneously, user research is being carried out through the same media. Systems approach- Study about system thinking, dynamicsMethodology and the relevance to selected area of exploration.(Email marketing) System Design- Identifying the main entities in the system problem, having set labels and working out the dynamics to form feedback loops
  4. 4. Knowledge workers sift through hundreds of emails per week, more than one- half of which are spam, leading to information overload- a situation when more information is not better. (Schwartz, 2004 and Simon, 1971) The bottom line is that useful email marketing messages are lost in the background noise with negativeProblem areas identified consequences for short-term ROI and long-term industry health. (Nussey, 2007) development of more efficient algorithms for distinguishing regular email from spam (Fawcett, 2003 and Gray and Haahr, 2004). less spam like messages need to be created by marketing personnel whose business now relies on email campaigning (Garretson, 2007) .
  5. 5. There are people actually responsible to design and send email campaigns, with the use of email designing software online.Design Intervention To design a responsive email campaigning manager which makes sure that email goes to the users inbox instead of going to junk folder.
  6. 6. User research in the matter is primarily dependent on secondary research techniques.User Research Customer expectations, expert reviews of products, blogs and surveys have been a good source to gather insights from actual users of email marketing.
  7. 7. Feature Set offers professional features user will need to create customer surveys, newsletters and other event emails. . Email Campaign Creation Creating an email marketing campaign should be easy, regardless of user’s skill level or experience.. Campaign Reporting Email marketing services providePrimary user expectations reports, graphs and statistics that show the user how the email campaign is doing. Help & Support Help options to get the user started, including a user manual, a wizard to walk him through the creation and monitoring of email campaign, FAQs, a blog, tutorials and articles that explain how to create effective campaigns.
  8. 8. Intricate details gathered from customer reviews.• They tend to become frustrated with providers that ask the user for extra fee for every feature they wanted to add. It’s like a promise broken, the user may switch to other services.• The initial user may pass on the job of designing the campaigns to other people like assistants after they have also got acquainted with the platform.• Customer like to have an email marketing consultant who will be your contact for your campaign. They are very helpful and easy to get in contact with.• “Choosing a solution for a new company, I needed an email application that gave me the tools I needed on a tight budget. I needed quality reporting, and a robust interface that would be quick to get up and running—after all I want to focus on marketing not the application. “• Loved features :1. Dragging and dropping sections2. Undo Button3. Creating columns in sections4. After sending an email, a map shows up pinpointing where your readers are located5. No sign up fee, pay per month for unlimited emails sent, not cost per email.6. Appreciate fast and clear telephonic support.7. Ability to send email from mobile devices8. The interface is intuitive9. to sync my mailing list to an existing CRM database— users dont have time to manually synch up data through CSV files, or work with APIs as is required with most other apps10. compatibility with Microsoft Excel to import contacts.11. To add custom made templates (by a developer).12. No restrictions of any sort on the contact lists.
  9. 9. Stephanie Gandsey Senior Marketing Communication Specialist Responsible for all internal and external communications for the company, including web management, brand management, content creation, marketing collateral design, training and IT Communication. . Russ Henneberry Content Manager | Business Blog Strategist at Crazy Egg Software Company experienced in using the Internet to drive sales,Few real user profiles: leads and referrals. My background is in content management, business blogging, analytics, conversion optimization and community building through social media. . Angela Noble Graphic designer and writer. Creates brand identities, website designs, mobile app interfaces, marketing copy, marketing collateral and more for clients both locally and across the U.S. UI Designer/Developer) working on website designs, email marketing campaigns, brand identities
  10. 10. Email Layout Structure HTML frame 100% Lorem HTML Email Client Popularity ipsum inner iOS Devices 35.60% doit table frame iPhone 25.05% suirt... 98% iPad 9.74% iPod Touch 0.81% Microsoft Outlook 20.14% Lorem Outlook 2000, 2003, Express 7.68% Outlook 2007 6.51% ipsum td td HTML doit Outlook 2010 5.96% suirt... Table Hotmail 13.57% Apple Mail Apple Mail 5 11% 4.31% td colspan 2 Apple Mail 4 3.75% Lorem Apple Mail 6 ipsum Apple Mail 3 1.70% 1.04% doit td td td HTML Table Apple Mail 2 0.20% suirt... Yahoo! Mail 9.85% Gmail 8.43% Android 4.74% Windows Live Desktop 2.34% Thunderbird 1.03% AOL 0.91% AOL Mail 0.79% Spam Filters AOL Desktop 9.1 0.12%Testing Environments • If Area of image content > Area of Non-image content Sparrow 0.19% then Email goes in SPAM. Windows Phone 7 0.14% • String Check (for specific words) Lotus Notes 6 & 7 0.07% • Email service providers> A/c Blackberry 0.05% • 1px transparent graphics> IP checker Excite 0.02% • Forms & Content (> Adobe Browser Lab Palm WebOS 0.01% • JavaScript Entourage 2004 0.01%
  11. 11. User research More number of actual user of the products in the market need to be consulted to gather pain points, a competitive analysis of different platforms. Persona Creation Having the user research going side by side, a solid archetype of the user is being created, which shall be referred to andNext steps in the process used for further design decisions of the campaign editor’s User Interface. Analysis The findings of research will be put to analysis and important insights shall be worked upon. Interface Wireframe iterations -The prototypes of editor platform -Interaction storyboards -Visual Design