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Cust ecpectatn& zone pf tolarnce


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Education
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  • 1. 4-1 Customer Expectations of Service  Meaning and Types of Service Expectations  Factors that Influence Customer Expectations of Service  Issues Involving Customers’ Service Expectations ChapterChapter 44
  • 2. 4-2  Customer Expectations  Beliefs about ________________  Serve as reference points against which performance is judged  In evaluating service quality, customers compare ____________of performance with ____________ Customer Expectations of Service
  • 3. 4-3 Possible Levels of Customer Expectations
  • 4. 4-4 Customer Expectations of Service Expected service: Level of Expectations  ____________ service Level of service the customer hopes to receive  ____________ service Level of service the customer will accept  Customers assess service on what they desire and what they deem acceptable.
  • 5. 4-5 Dual Customer Expectation Levels
  • 6. 4-6 Customer Expectations of Service The ____________  Range or window in which customers do not notice service performance
  • 7. 4-7 The Zone of Tolerance
  • 8. 4-8 Customer Expectations of Service The Zone of Tolerance  Range or window in which customers ____________ service performance  When service falls outside the range (either very high or very low), the service gets the customer’s attention in either a positive or negative way.
  • 9. 4-9 The Zone of Tolerance Adequate Service Desired Service Zone of Tolerance  Delights  Desirables  Musts
  • 10. 4-10 Zones of Tolerance The range of expectations between desired and adequate…  can be wide or narrow  ________________________  can vary among individuals  may vary with the ____________
  • 11. 4-11 Zones of Tolerance for Different Service Dimensions
  • 12. 4-12 Factors That Influence Desired Service
  • 13. 4-13 Factors That Influence Adequate Service
  • 14. 4-14 Factors That Influence Desired and Predicted Service
  • 15. 4-15 Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Expectations  What does a service marketer do if customer expectations are “unrealistic”?  Should a company try to delight the customer?  How does a company exceed customer service expectations?  Do customer service expectations continually escalate?  How does a service company stay ahead of competition in meeting customer expectations?