30 SEO tips 2013
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30 SEO tips 2013



Mostly basic and a few advanced tips for SEO including local search and ecommerce

Mostly basic and a few advanced tips for SEO including local search and ecommerce



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30 SEO tips 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 30 SEO tips in 30 minutesMostly basics, some advanced tips, followed by Q&AJaspal Sahotajaspal@websearchone.com@JaspalX
  • 2. @JaspalX 2
  • 3. BasicsSEO is mostly Google - know the rules! Search engines have very clear guidelines: Don’t buy links and then try to hide that you’ve bought those links If in doubt, think ‘what would be best for visitors to my site’ rather than ‘what would be best for Google’ Check out Google’s webmaster guidelines (see the links in http://bit.ly/30seotips) If an offer sounds to good to be true…especially in SEO land…it probably is Image credit: ehsweb.wordpress.com Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 3
  • 4. BasicsGoogle Webmaster Tools Sign up for this at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools Alerts you to problems with your site, gives basic SEO info Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 4
  • 5. BasicsMake it easy for Google to crawl your pages Site structure, get the foundations right Try to keep all content within three clicks of home page Google is not great at finding links and content insides Flash and JavaScript Test using text browser like seo-browser.com Simpler is usually better! Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX Image credit: www.civilengineergroup.com 5
  • 6. BasicsWhy do website pages rank well? Social promotion Content (on page & site) Links (to page & site)0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% These factors account for around 70% of why a page ranks Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 6
  • 7. @JaspalX 7
  • 8. BasicsQuality content…or at the very least unique contentYou have expert knowledge and insight into yourindustry and customers….share it! Survey 25 customers – think of a set of questions Explain a complex process simply (e.g. pictures are good for this) Create a history of a product or industry If you don’t have the time to do this, get some help. Google wants to rank the ‘best’ pages, make sure your content is relevant and valuable to your audience Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 8
  • 9. BasicsContent: map your keywords to pages E.g. say you’re selling washing m/c parts Home page: ‘washing machine parts’ Bosch page: – ‘bosch washing machine motors’ – ‘bosch washing machine parts’ Try to limit yourself to one, two or three phrases per page Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 9
  • 10. BasicsMake each page relevant to the keywords you’ve targetedIf you want Google to recognise that your pageis about ‘blue widgets’ make sure you mentionblue widgets are few times on the page! Good page titles are essential! Include your keywords and variations in the text An image and/or video about your keyword is a very good idea www.seomoz.org/blog/perfecting-keyword-targeting-on- page-optimization Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 10
  • 11. BasicsUse a blog or news pages to target extra keywordsMost websites tend to be fairly static. Use a blog ornews announcements for: Time-sensitive content (Valentine’s day, Christmas, etc.) To highlight your top sellers Answer questions customers often ask Write blog posts about subsets of products or special items e.g. ‘socks with cats on’ Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 11
  • 12. IntermediateCreate keyword variations and build content for them Dad of young kids Mum of young kidsTeenagers with money (TV) sports fans PizzaPersonas: Pizza deliveryA handful of written Pizza take away Fast pizza delivery‘sketches’ of people you pizza restaurant Fast pizza delivery in Solihullwant visiting your site Pizza delivery in Knowle Pizza delivery in Dorridge Pizza for parties Seed phrases: Short phrases relevant to your searcher personas Create variations: use adjectives, adverbs, plu rals, locations Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 12
  • 13. @JaspalX 13
  • 14. BasicsLinks: they’re like votes – more are usually betterAnchor text – tells Google what your links are about. Anchor text is thebit of text you click on. Rule of thumb: two brand links for every keyword link Prefer links from high quality sites and sites that are about your industry Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 14
  • 15. IntermediateLinks: spy on learn from your competitors Use tools to look at competitor links: www.OpenSiteExplorer.org www.majesticseo.comLearn what kinds of links they’re getting andthink about doing the same/better.Note, those are paid tools, but do offer somefree data too. Not all competitor links may be valuable…prefer quality Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 15
  • 16. BasicsWhat is a ‘quality’ page? Would you trust this site or page with your credit card details? No: – It probably isn’t worth getting a link from Yes, then look at other factors, e.g.: – Does the content look unique? – Does it link to other good content? – Would you be happy if your customers saw your site mentioned on the page? Links from ‘dodgy’ sites are at best useless and at worst harmfulImage credit: wikipedia Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 16
  • 17. BasicsGetting links: the press can be great for links Don’t expect to get links if you just… Send a press release to your industry press or the papers Do Think about what you read in the media you’re trying to get covered in…is your story good enough? (Moving office is usually not newsworthy!) Pick up the phone Do mention your website or the page on your site that will support the story…don’t just ask for a link! Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 17
  • 18. BasicsGetting links: directories Generally directories are not very valuable, particularly the SEO-oriented large ‘free for all’ directories. Usually, but not always, paid-for directories are best. On-topic, curated lists are usually best. If you sell buttons and someone manages a list of online button resources, that’s a valuable site! Think about whether your prospects might actually use the directory before thinking about its SEO value Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 18
  • 19. IntermediateGetting links: outreachMake lists of bloggers or news organisations thatcover your industry, then: Review their site(s) Make sure they link out from articles/news etc. Work out what content you can give them Pitch your content, learn from rejections and refine your future pitches Make sure you meet any deadlines for providing articles/news/comment Good content earns links, but only if people know about it! Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 19
  • 20. IntermediateLinks are valuable, two main types Good for SEO Less good for SEO Followed No-follow Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, s ome blog comments, most social media sites. No-follow links can bring valuable visitors (Links in JavaScript and Flash can behave like no-follow) Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 20
  • 21. @JaspalX 21
  • 22. BasicsLocal: if you have a local business, consistency is keyMake sure your business name, address and phone number (NAP) isconsistent anywhere it appears online. 0121 222 4444 is not the same as (0)121 222 4444More consistency means your site is more likely to appear in thesemaps results: Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 22
  • 23. BasicsLocal: fill out your Google Places listing as possible Claim your listing: www.google.com/placesforbusiness Fill out your business description Use the categories Specify opening times Add images/video If you have a ‘service area business’ (as of early 2013), do not migrate to a Google+ local page Follow the Google quality guidelines (see the links) Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 23
  • 24. BasicsReviews aren’t just good, they’re very good If you have: Google Shopping feed (products) Google Places page (location) Then: Get customer reviews! Be wary of: Creating a sudden spike in number and/or ratings of reviews Reviews all coming from the same location (IP address) Product reviews: require changes to your website. Places reviews: you just need a Google Place listing Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 24
  • 25. IntermediateLocal: check how search results look in other towns Coventry Google personalises results so different people may see different results Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 25
  • 26. @JaspalX 26
  • 27. BasicsAnalytics can tell you… Where are sales coming from? Where are visitors coming from? What do people who spend more than average look at? How important is mobile? What content should I be creating? Google Analytics is free Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 27
  • 28. BasicsAnalytics: tracking visits…more important than rankings? Strongly recommend installing Google Analytics Setup goals to monitor conversions: – Admin / your site / goals Filter out your visits: – Admin / your site / filters) Find organic search visits: – Traffic Sources / Sources / Search / Organic Remember to exclude your own computer/company (filters). Check out ‘advanced segments’ in Google Analytics Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 28
  • 29. BasicsAnalytics: value of sponsorship/offers on other sites Placed an offer on another site? Look at ‘referrals’ in Google Analytics, See how many referred visits are: – Bounce rate (higher is worse) – Pages/visit and Avg. visit duration (higher usually indicates engaged visitors) You can use ‘advanced segments’ to zero in on specific kinds of traffic Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 29
  • 30. IntermediateAnalytics: use site search to identify what visitors want Use the search box within your own site to work out what content visitors want…then build it or make it more prominent! Find site search settings in GA under Admin / your site / profile settings Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 30
  • 31. @JaspalX 31
  • 32. BasicsEcommerce & product sites: stand outMake your pages stand out from thecompetition. Make your descriptions unique, don’t just copy manufacturer text Use multiple images – your own if at all possible Add customer reviews to your product pages Build up your category pages, not just the product pagesBuild links to category pages…links help individual product pages Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 32
  • 33. AdvancedEcommerce sites: use product markupAsk your website developer to help you with thedatabase: Create a product feed for google shopping Use schema.org markup to tell Google the names, prices etc. of products Encourage follow-on sales at checkout with social referrals, e.g. www.ownedit.com Data feeds Google shopping feeds can be very effective (though changes coming around March 2013)Disclosure: Owned it is a Vitis PR clientImage credit: glenn-packer.net Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 33
  • 34. @JaspalX 34
  • 35. AdvancedHow much should I invest in SEO? (I sell ‘blue widgets’) Rank Volume Visits Sales Conversion rate Value 10 1000 10 1 10% £100 Rank Volume Visits Sales Conversion rate Value 1 1000 ~180 ~18 10% £1,800 Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX Source: Slingshot SEO study 2011 of 342 keywords 35
  • 36. AdvancedGot a problem? Don’t panic about rankings If you’re rankings have suddenly dropped, and: Your site is still working fine You haven’t been engaging in any ‘suspect’ SEO You haven’t changed anything on the site Do the following: Check SEO blogs/news for any info about Google updates Just wait a week or three…it might recover If things don’t get better after two/three weeks, get some professional helpImage credit: appleinsider Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 36
  • 37. BasicsSetup alerts to monitor the health of your site http://www.google.co.uk/alerts?hl=en Create an alert like this: site:yoursite.com ("pharmacy"|"cialis"|"viagra"|”porn"|"levitra")replacing yoursite.com with your own sites address.You’ll get an email alert if any of those words appear on your website(e.g. if your site gets hacked) Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 37
  • 38. BasicsRead SEO blogsIf you want to do this yourself, you’ll need to spend some time studyingit: www.seomoz.org/blog www.searchengineland.com www.searchenginejournal.com Start here: http://www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo Google changes its algorithms hundreds of times each year SEO is always evolving Get the links at: http://bit.ly/30seotips@JaspalX 38
  • 39. Thanks Any questions about SEO, your or a competitor’s website?If you’d like a free ‘SEO site clinic’ for your website today, please addyour details to the list at the front to book a slot.@JaspalX 39