Are you willing to follow 3 tips to get rid of those annoying pimples


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Are you willing to follow 3 tips to get rid of those annoying pimples

  2. 2. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM Lets be honest, having acne sucks! And I know this personally because I suffered with acne almost my entire junior and senior years of high school. And believe me I am completely ecstatic that those days are long gone. I mean every morning I would look at myself in the mirror with my reflection staring right back screaming "help!"
  3. 3. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM The way we look can have an extremely large influence on the way we feel about ourselves. And if you feel bad about yourself and have low self- esteem, then acne can have a very negative impact on the rest of your life. Acne can make you feel so negative about yourself that you wont even want to get out of bed. And even have problems going to a friend’s party or even that job interview. Acne can have a very serious effect on all parts of our lives.
  4. 4. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM So what exactly is acne and why is it worse for some that is for others? You probably already know this, but acne is a skin condition which then surfaces on the skin as pimples. Now there are blackheads, and white heads, and nodules, and cysts; but in my opinion you can call them whatever you want, its all acne.
  5. 5. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM Now some people actually get acne a lot worse than others and it seems like its just because they are who they are. To a certain extent this may be true; as your genes may contribute to how acne prone your skin will be. Yeah I know it doesnt sound fair, but it seems as though some people are just predestined to have acne prone skin. I guess this is just one of the hard facts of life.
  6. 6. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM So now that you have acne; is it possible to get rid of acne easily? At last, this is why youre reading this article in the first place. In my opinion some of the easiest ways to get rid of acne is through natural means.
  7. 7. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM So how do you choose which one is the best for you? While Im not a doctor, I can give you a few remedies that have not only worked for me in the past, but continue to work for me to this day. These remedies have also work for many others.
  8. 8. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM Sandalwood Oil: This can be effective against acne marks because it can help reduce pigmentation. You can also use it as a night renewal oil if you apply it to your acne marks before you go to bed and leave it overnight. It can also be used as a moisturizer to get rid of acne during the daytime
  9. 9. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM Tea tree oil First thing I want to say is that this remedy is simply awesome. It has, literally, an uncountable amount of beneficial properties. Its not only in antifungal but also an antiseptic among many other things. But be careful when you use this as a can be quite strong. A little dab will do you. All you really need is to put a little bit on a cotton swab and apply a small amount to the problem areas. Or you can dilute it with a drop and some water. Also, you should never swallow this oil.
  10. 10. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM Yogurt and oatmeal So you can actually make homemade paste with some organic plain yogurt and some all natural steel cut oatmeal. This combination can actually make for very nice facemask and since it is all natural you dont have to worry about weird chemicals. So all you have to do is apply it to your face for at least one hour every other day. After a short time you will notice your skin looking healthier, and free of pimples of all kinds.
  11. 11. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM Over-the-counter You can also try one of those over-the-counter face washes or creams that are designed to get rid of your acne. When I was in school the choices were simply Clearasil or Noxzema. However, there are many more options today.
  12. 12. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM Proactive is extremely popular. But as your skin may be different than mine I cannot say whether it would work for you or not. Though many of these over-the-counter and prescribed choices may come with side effects; including but not limited to drying your skin out and even in some cases making your acne worse.
  13. 13. READ MORE AT WWW.THEPIMPLESOLUTION.COM In the end, it’s your choice whether you decide to use an all natural remedy or one of the over the counter products. However in my opinion its always best to go natural, as natural remedies have very few, if any, side effects and can improve your overall health and well-being. Visit www.ThePimpleSolution.Com NOW to learn more about getting rid of your acne quickly and then all natural way
  14. 14. Visitwww.ThePimpleSolution.Com Now!