Autocad Civil3d for Surveyors (Stringer)


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Describes to new users exactly what Autocad Civil3d can do for you as a Surveyor

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  • So how can Civil 3D make your business more competitive?Lets look at the typical workflow in a survey office – data is picked up in the field, then downloaded into survey software – where the surface is created and features represented. The file from the survey software is then transferred to CAD software for tidy up and annotation. This workflow is old fashioned and causes problems – such as data loss when transferring files, revision control and lost time if the cycle has to be repeated. In addition, operators have to learn 2 different software environments which increases training costs and the company has to fund and maintain 2 different software programs.Alternatively, AutoCAD Civil 3D provides an integrated environment for survey and drafting because Civil 3D is based on AutoCAD and has additional tools for downloading, surface creation, features representation and survey specific annotations. Any surveyor or survey drafter with AutoCAD skills can quickly learn how to use Civil 3D.
  • As a surveyor at Bosco Johnson, a major survey firm in Melbourne, I used Geocomp for my survey calculations program then exported the files to either AutoCAD or Microstation. I would have loved to use Civil 3D when I was working commercially.The key points that I really love about Civil 3D are:Ease of Data Management Easy Editing/Display of Points Automated Breaklines Quick Surface Creation All you need in one software program
  • During the presentation, I will make reference to a survey utility program for AutoCAD Civil 3D called Stringer.Stringer is developed here in Australia to provide support for local data recorders, automatic breaklines and 101 drafting commands for survey work.Stringer is seamlessly integrated into Civil 3D and many customer requests are included in the updates which are released.
  • Before we get cracking on the technical part of the presentation, are there any questions?The project we are going to show you today is a topo survey with around 2000 points.We are going to:Review the data prior to importing into Civil 3DImport the data and automatically create a surface with contours and featuresDo some annotations – contour labeling and points listsIntroduce breaklines to the surfaceAnd finally - export points for set out
  • Autocad Civil3d for Surveyors (Stringer)

    1. 1. Civil3D for Surveyors<br />AutoCAD® Civil 3D®2010<br />Jason Coghlan<br />CADAppsAustralia- Survey Applications Engineer<br />
    2. 2. Data is Simplified<br />Revision Control<br />Conversion Issues<br />Drafting Output<br />Survey and Drafting <br />Integrated<br />Survey Data <br />Transfer<br />Design<br />Software<br />Drafting<br />Software<br />Tidy up drafting<br />Prepare for publishing<br /><ul><li>Instant updates inside AutoCAD
    3. 3. Ready for immediate publishing
    4. 4. Easy to manage standards for display
    5. 5. No data recreation. Immediate representation</li></li></ul><li>AutoCAD Civil 3D Incorporates:<br />AutoCAD<br />Industry standard drafting package<br />Surveying<br />AutoCAD Map 3D<br /><ul><li>Co-ordinate Systems
    6. 6. Import/Export for GIS</li></ul>MAP 3D<br />AutoCAD<br />2D Drafting<br />Autodesk Civil 3D<br /><ul><li>Surveying/Civil Engineering Objects
    7. 7. Raw Survey Import
    8. 8. Point Displays
    9. 9. Label Styles
    10. 10. Dynamic Labelling
    11. 11. Lot Layout /Subdivisions
    12. 12. Instant Surfaces/Volumes
    13. 13. Survey Export</li></ul>CIVIL 3D<br />CIVIL 3D<br />GIS<br />Civil Engineering<br />Localisation/Customisable<br /><ul><li>Ability to add products and processes</li></li></ul><li>Key AutoCADCivil 3D Benefits<br /><ul><li> Ease of Data Management
    14. 14. Easy Editing/Display of Points
    15. 15. Automated Breaklines
    16. 16. Quick Surface Creation
    17. 17. All you need in one software program</li></li></ul><li>Survey Utility for AutoCADCivil 3D <br /><ul><li> Developed in Australia
    18. 18. Integrated seamlessly into Civil 3D
    19. 19. Supports local data recorders
    20. 20. Breakline automation
    21. 21. Survey drafting utilities</li></li></ul><li>
    22. 22. Survey Data (just seen)<br /><ul><li>Reduce a Raw File
    23. 23. Stringer Connect Edit Display
    24. 24. Transfer Points to Civil3D
    25. 25. Update Point Groups
    26. 26. Join All Codes
    27. 27. Show Breaklines added to the Surface
    28. 28. Show Stringer Editing Tools</li></li></ul><li>Civil 3D for Surveyors<br />AutoCAD® Civil 3D®2010<br />Jason Coghlan<br />Thankyou for your Attendance<br />