Unit 13

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  • 1. UNIT 13 Emotion and Persuasion
  • 3. RAZRAN’S (1940) STUDY
  • 4. Mood & Central Processing
  • 5. 1. Judgments of Expertise Source expertise (a more peripheral cue) carries a greater weight than argument quality when the audience is experiencing a positive mood.
  • 6. 2. Judgments of Argument Quality This is not as influential when people are in positive moods compared to when they are in neutral moods.
  • 7. Explanations (neither one has been proven better than the other)
  • 8. 1. Lack of Motivation People like their good moods so may spend more energy thinking about maintaining them than about the quality of arguments in a message.
  • 9. 2. Lack of Capacity Because positive moods activate positive memories which reduce the person’s cognitive capacity to critically evaluate arguments from incoming messages.
  • 10. Fear Appeals Appeals that emphasize possible harmful consequences that may befall the receivers if they do not make the attitude or behavioral choices recommended by the source.
  • 11. Effectiveness of Strong vs. Weak Appeals
  • 12. Messages that induce greater fear generally will enhance the effectiveness of the message
  • 13. Success at Arousing Fear Some appeals may be shocking or gory and ineffective, but not necessarily because they arouse too much fear. The appeal actually has to arouse the fear.
  • 14. Perception of what Fearful 1. Fear is different for everyone. 2. Fear appeals also work differently on different groups. -- ANTI-____ Ads aimed at teenagers and adults
  • 15. Conditions Necessary For Fear Appeals to Work
  • 16. Severity of Threat The consequences of not complying with the fear appeal must be severe enough to bring about action. - IF you don’t comply you will DIE!!!!
  • 17. Audience Vulnerability to threat (relevance) The threat must be relevant to the audience. It must directly effect the audience. -- I’m invulnerable – nothing will hurt me!!!!
  • 18. The Audience is able to do Something Doing what I say alleviates the threat!
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