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  • The average car is used for only one hour a day- RelayRidesFor every rented car, there are 20 fewer owned cars on the road ZipCarCar sharing members drove 31% less than when they owned a vehicleFrost & Sullivan
  • Fun facts: senior managers at Yoyo and Atlagit received degrees from BogaziciFleet sizes are small, ranging from two to five vehicles. Modest growth in terms of fleet-size has been witnessed across Turkey’s car-sharing industry over the past two years.http://sustainablecitiescollective.com/embarq/152996/car-sharing-picking-speed-developing-world
  • Protests story ab social media spurring protests, location, etc96% on fb17% on twitter
  • Leverage existing Avis locations, brand presence, and infrastructure:Locations: Six (6) in Istanbul: convenient locations and airports.Infrastructure:Vehicle maintenance, cleaning, staff.
  • Zip car for universities:For example: more than forty private, public and vocational higher education schools in IstanbulSchool color coordinated carsSaves parking spots given fewer carsNo trouble with gas / insuranceZip car for businesses:Cheaper alternative to traditional rental plansJoining fee: onetime setup fee, annual fee per driverUsage fee: On weekdays: (1) hourly rates (2) 7-to-7 business (3) full-dayIncluded: Gas, insurance, up to 180 miles per dayBilling option: directly billed (one credit card per firm), individually billed (each employee has a card for business or leisure use)Zipcars for hotels:Available in hotels in convenient locations; therefore,serves the dual purpose of (A) tourism/business travel and (B) regular usages
  • Dbi istanbul zip car v3

    1. 1. ZipCar Colleen Dolnik Jason Rawlins John Soroushian IlyssaStrugatz Jessica Winstein Richard Yan
    2. 2. Company History
    3. 3. Strategic Opportunities for Expansion Cost of Car Ownership Monthly (TL) Yearly (TL) Car Payment (minus interest) 725 8,700 Petrol/Diesel 192 2,304 Vehicle Tax 39 471 Vehicle Maintenance 50 600 Vehicle Insurance 27 319 Parking 15 180 Total 1,048 12,576
    4. 4. Strategic Opportunities for Expansion Cost of Car Sharing
    5. 5. 1 • Participant Cost Savings 2 • Convenience of Location and Use 3 • Guaranteed Parking Industry Analysis Top 3 Reasons for Car Sharing Growth
    6. 6. Industry Analysis Turkish Competitive Landscape •Market leader •Privately held •Strategic partnership with Partner Fleet Solutions •Recently valued at $22M USD • First car sharing operator in Turkey • Only 3 cars in its fleet • Only located between Beyoglu and Ortakoy • Offers enterprise solutions for business rentals • 15 locations across Istanbul • Fleet of smart cars • Baby seats and ski/bike racks available as add-ons • USB and AUX cables provided
    7. 7. Target Market Assessment Overview Population Under 30 Over 30 WHO? • 19-30 year olds • Urban dwellers (Istanbul) • Tech-savvy • Educated • Environmentally conscious WHY? • Avg. age 29 • 66% under 30 • Can’t afford cars • Rising income
    8. 8. Target Market Assessment Main Drivers 0 50 100 On Twitter On Facebook On Internet On Not Automobile Market • Increase in automobile demand • Low car ownership • Rising economic prosperity • 129 cars per 1000 inhabitants • Projected to rise to European levels (400/1000) Role of Tech • 85% of country on internet • Facebook • #4 in world • 30m users (39% pop) • Twitter • #8 in world • 4m users
    9. 9. Business Model Leverage Verticals
    10. 10. Business Model 3 Tiered Rollout Zip car currently partners with hundreds of universities in the US Access to cars for all eligible drivers in your campus community (faculty, staff, students 18+/21+ depending on your location) Vehicles available near office buildings On-demand for ad hoc business travels Hotel Partnership with hotels: cars for tourism and business travel Drivers may use their membership cards universally as they travelNEW INITIATIV E
    11. 11. Takeaways 1. Strategic fit for dense metropolitan city filled with a tech savvy crowd and in need of a solution for urban sprawling 2. Leverage existing infrastructure of Avis and continue to build upon ZipCar’s brand equity 3. Leverage ZipCar’s economies of scale to set up a cost effective center of operations that will allow for further expansion into Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa
    12. 12. Questions? ISTANBUL
    13. 13. Appendix
    14. 14. YoYo Car Locations
    15. 15. Mobilize Car Locations
    16. 16. ZipCar Mobile App