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Iof tech conf 2013    3 key current tech challenges
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Iof tech conf 2013 3 key current tech challenges

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my IOF Technology talk 17.05.13

my IOF Technology talk 17.05.13

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  • 1. 3Current Digital Engagementopportunities & Tech challenges they presentMay 2013Jason Potts, Managing Directorjason@thinkds.org jason.sean.potts JasonSeanPotts
  • 2. Areas we’ll cover …1.Optimisation2.Mobile3.Crowdfunding4.Heated debate …!
  • 3. 1. Optimisation …
  • 4. Landing page testViews = 3,140TOTAL GIFTS = 254 (x1.6)OVERALL CONVERSION = 8.1%TOTAL VALUE (Yr1) = £13,296 (x2.2)TOTAL LTV = £50,094 (x3.7)A pageOriginalB pageNewA test (original)Views = 3,140TOTAL GIFTS = 155OVERALL CONVERSION = 4.9%TOTAL VALUE (Yr1) = £6,000TOTAL LTV = £13,452
  • 5. What techchallenges doesthis present?
  • 6. Some issues …1. CMS2. A/B, MVT testing3. Payment gateways4. Tracking5. Data
  • 7. 2. Mobile …
  • 8. Desktop Tablet Mobile
  • 9. Google recently said that alreadyin UK 40% traffic non-profitdonations forms from a mobiledevice (and growing)
  • 10. Someorganisationshave seen upto a 200%increase inmobilebrowsingdonations bycreating amobileresponsivedonationjourney!
  • 11. What looks like 1 fieldis actually multiplefields for the cardinformation but usesinput masks to makeinteraction easier onsmall screensStep 2 – user enters card expiry• When the user gets to the end of their cardnumber they automatically move to the expirydate field and continueStep 3 – user enters card CVV and postal code• Following the expiry date the user enters theirCVV• The user finishes with their postal code or thiscan be moved to another section with theirname and full addressStep 1 – user enters cardnumber• As the card number isbeing entered the smallicon changes to matchtheir card type
  • 12. Paying for bills, products and services in the UK will be made an awful lot easierin 2014 when a new mobile payments service, based around phone numbers, islaunched by the Payments Council with the support of eight major financialinstitutions.The new service, which the council claims will be as simple as sending a textmessage, will allow users to make secure payments without typing in their sortcode and account number. Instead, the user’s mobile phone number will beused as a proxy, replacing all of the various account details that have beenstored on their device beforehand.Eight major financial institutions; Barclays, Cumberland Building Society,Danske Bank, HSBC Bank plc, Lloyds Banking Group plc, Metro Bank plc,Royal Bank of Scotland plc and Santander UK plc, have confirmed that they willuse the scheme when it launches in spring 2014. Together, these banksrepresent 90 percent of UK current accounts, bolstering its chances of beingpicked up and used by the wider public.
  • 13. What techchallenges doesthis present?
  • 14. Some issues …1. Cut down mobile wesite2. CSS for mobile3. We need an app!4. Responsive design5. or perhaps the site is fineas it is, after all you can zoom…
  • 15. 3. Crowdfunding …
  • 16. http://tinyurl.com/d4vlnqa - infographic
  • 17. ORG
  • 18. .ORG
  • 19. (ThankstoAmyWard-www.amysampleward.org)
  • 20. 9$1.6Billion$6.2Billion2009 2013http://tinyurl.com/cff56nz - eConsultancy report
  • 21. Amanda Palmer, cultUS musician, raised amillion dollars from25,000 fans onin a month to fund hernew record!
  • 22. Raised amillion whilstin BetaRoughly 2/3rdsof people whodonated arenew to thecharity
  • 23. What techchallenges doesthis present?
  • 24. Some issues …1. Build, rent or buy2. Security - Storytelling(multiple authors)3. Data4. PCI compliance
  • 25. THANK YOU& QUESTIONSjason@thinkds.org jason.sean.potts JasonSeanPotts