Two insanely easy ways to get business using google


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Two insanely easy ways to get business using google

  1. 1. My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketingTwo Insanely Easy Ways to Get More Business Using Google Google+1 and Google Local Directory By Jason C. Maxwell
  2. 2. My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketingIntroGoogle +1 is one of the coolest new things out there when it comes to integrating social media into thesearch results. Well maybe you have never even heard of Google +1 so let me tell you a little bit about it.Basically over the last few years Facebook has begun to take over the world, I am only half kidding here.Social media has a draw to it that is not in other types of internet media. It causes us to want to be on itall day long. People are addicted to social media and Google and other internet media companies havefelt the hit. So how can they fix the problem?What is it How Can it Help Me?One of their strategies is a thing called “Google +1”. Basically this is a little button that is placed onsearch results or a website. When people push the button it increments by one. In the backgroundthough it does some amazing things for you. It lets your friends and family know that this is a site thatyou think they should check out. Google in their advertising compares it to your Mom leaving you a noteon the fridge or a friend giving you a recommendation about a great cookie recipe.Google +1’s are not emailed to your friends and family, nor are they posted as “status updates”. Insteadwhen your friends and family are searching for things they will see a little icon underneath certain siteswith your name recommending it. Google knows who you are when you make a search only if you aresigned in to your Google Account.So what if you site is searched by someone who is not a friend of a person who has +1’ed you. Well thenthe user will see the icon and the number of +1’s your site has received. This will become a way forpeople to know how well a site has been liked by people that came before you. It is a ranking systemvery similar to the “Like” button on Facebook which has become so wildly popular.
  3. 3. My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketingDoing It The Right WayIf you are trying to create a real web presence you will need to get the little snippet of Google +1 codeand put it on your website. If you are using Wordpress it is as easy as opening a text widget and puttingthis code inside the widget. If you have a regular HTML site you just need to put the code inside thebody tags on your site, or have your webmaster do it for you. All in all this is a great little addition to theGoogle world and will help lots of people get more traffic to their sites.Here is the link for the Google+1 code you will need for your site is a link to a video I made about Google+1 (also) Works Really Well: Google Local DirectoryWould you like to get more business? A major source of new business is the Google local businessdirectory. They are now calling it “Google Places” and it is very similar to the Yellow Pages of old. In fact,some people call it the Google Yellow Pages. When a person types in a request, like “Real Estate Agent”into Google the computer tells Google where you are located in the world so that it can give you Placeslocal results. This business directory must be a part of your local business marketing plan. One way thatyou can get higher rankings in the Places directory is to have good reviews. How can you get goodreviews on Google Places?Ask Your CustomersAsk your current customers. I have a client who owns a real estate firm. She asks all her renters to sit ather desk, log in and write a review. She did this when they all came in to pay rent. She now has tons ofgreat reviews and a high ranking. You can ask your customers to rate your service, but it is even better ifyou engage them and get them to do it right there in your office.If you want to make your Google Places profile really get noticed add pictures. You can sign into yourPlaces account and add photos of your business. Show your potential customers great pictures of yourproducts or pictures of your staff. Give an exterior picture of the building you are in so they are able tofind you easier. When people have a great experience with your business they will add reviews on theirown without you needing to ask.
  4. 4. My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketingIf you really want to get noticed on Places then find a few customers who have unique stories to tellabout your business. Video the customer telling their story and put it up on YouTube. You can then linkit to your Places account and your potential customers will see it. Keep the testimonial to less than 2minutes and make sure it is very exciting and most of all make sure that it is true.Great testimonials on your Google Places page will help you to get noticed. Having a high ranking onPlaces will help you to beat out all your competition. Get great reviews from your current customers,your new customers, and create videos so that your business will get ranked highly by Google Places.Get Started NowGetting to the top of Google can make or break a local small business. If you want to know how to beatout all your competition and get to the top of the searches at Google Take a look at my Google SearchSecrets where I give you all the pieces of the puzzle. Also when you visit you will get to see the video Imade and talked about aboveI have a super free resource that you are going to need if you want to move forward in building youronline business. You can download this resource for free here guide gives you all the resources that you need to make a lot of money online. I use these toolseach and every day to make my living online. Without this list I would be lost.
  5. 5. My name is Jason C. Maxwell, and I am the hack with a nack for explaining internet marketingSome Other Really Valuable ResourcesWeekly Free Teleseminar – Come Post Your Questions And Hear Me Answer Them Live On The Callhttp://AskJasonMaxwell.comComplete Business In A Box Mentor ProgramI have put together a program where you can get access to ALL my training for one extremely LOWprice. Not only do I give you access to all my training but I also give you access to my monthly coachingcalls, you get one on one access to me and even access to me via the phone if you need it. This isbasically a business in a box. To Make Money With Offline Marketing THIS WEEK! Your Living Using Facebook, Lots Of People Do, You Can Too! You Like To Have 100 Sites Producing You Passive Income? Me Create THREE Facebook Fan Pages For You